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"In tribal societies ... telepathy is accepted as a human faculty." (Telepathy)

Animals are believed to have psychic powers like Telepathy and Premonition.

"The commonest kinds of seemingly telepathic response are the anticipation by dogs and cats of their owners coming home;

"the anticipation of owners going away;

"the anticipation of being fed;

"cats disappearing when their owners intend to take them to the vet;

"dogs knowing when their owners are planning to take them for a walk;

"and animals that get excited when their owner is on the telephone, even before the telephone has been answered."

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake has written a new book called The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry

Dr Sheldrake is a biologist who has taught at both Cambridge and Harvard.

According to Dr Sheldrake's book:

1. During World War II, Mona Miller and her young kids were evacuated from London to the seaside town of Babbacombe in Devon.

But, soon after her arrival in Devon, Mona Miller "had a feeling" that she must leave Devon and return to London.

Mona says: "At first I dismissed the idea... But the feeling increased.

"The walls of my room seemed to speak to me: 'Go home to London.'

"I resisted the call for about four months then, one day, like a flash of light, I knew we must leave.

"On a Saturday in late 1942, we travelled back to London and a few days later I received a letter from a friend in Devon."

The friend in Devon wrote: "Thank God you took the children on Saturday.

"Early Sunday morning, Jerry dropped three bombs and one fell on the house where you were living, demolishing it, and killing all the neighbours on either side."


2. In 1945, Charles Bernuth, an American soldier, was driving along the autobahn one night.

He claims that a 'voice' within him warned of a danger ahead.

"I stopped.... I started walking along the road.

"About 50 yards from where I had left the jeep, I found out what was wrong.

"We were about to go over a bridge - only the bridge wasn't there. It had been blown up and there was a sheer drop of about 75ft."

Rovinj, Yugoslavia

3. In the 1970s, 16-year-old Carole Davies visited an amusement arcade in London.

She says: "While standing looking out into the night, I had a sense of danger.

"Then I saw what looked like a picture in front of me showing people on the floor with tiles and metal girders on them. I realised that this was to happen here.

"I began to shout at people to get out. No one listened."

Carole and her friends moved to a nearby cafe.

Shortly after, the roof and walls of the arcade came crashing down.

According to Carole: "We all ran down the road to see what had happened.

"It was just as I had seen. A man I had shouted at was being pulled from under the debris."


4. Sir Rudolph Peters tells of an ophthalmologist treated a severely disabled and mentally retarded young boy.

The boy was almost blind.

Yet the boy, when his mother was present, was able to read the letters on the optician's chart.

In 1968, Sir Rudolph conducted an experiment.

The boy correctly identified many of the written numbers or words shown to his mother.

Mother and son were sitting on either side of a screen.

5. Many women have reported that during the months they were breastfeeding, they'd know when their baby needed them, even from miles away, because they began secreting breast milk.

Venice, before the exodus of its poorer citizens.

6. Fields exist both within and outside magnets and mobile phones.

Our minds may have similar fields, extend beyond our bodies.

7. People often sense that someone behind them is looking at them.

When they have turned around and they have met the person's eyes.

Most people have experienced making someone turn around by staring at them.

In surveys, between 70 and 97 per cent of people reported such experiences.

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During the cold war the US discovered that the Soviet Union was investing approximately 60 million rubles a year into psychic research.

(Telepathy: From Paranormal to Normal? Quantumatters)

"In 1972, the CIA began to research telepathy for the purpose of psychic warfare and invested significant resources during the next 20 years to finance project Stargate which included hundreds of “remote viewing” intelligence gathering projects.

"One of the most successful remote viewers, Ingo Swan, stated that 'between 1969 and 1971, American intelligence sources began discovering and confirming that the Soviet Union was deeply engaged in so-called psychic research'.

"The London Daily Express actually published an article on the 25th September 1977 with the headline 'Reds Planned Psyco-Wars'.

"The US developed serious concerns that the Soviets were using telepathic capability to identify the location of American submarines and strategic military installations.

"One of Stargate’s projects involved an attempt to locate Colonel Gadhafi just before the 1986 bombing of Libya, but Gadhafi was not ultimately injured.

"Another psychic assignment revealed the location of Brigadier General James L. Dozier who had been kidnapped in 1981 by the communist Red Brigades in Italy.

"Remote viewers correctly identified that Dozier was being held captive in Padua, Italy."


aferrismoon said...

PK Dick [ author] allegedly had a psychic incident when he correctly diagnosed his child's scrotal hernia. It in his book 'VALIS'.

Marshall McLuhan claimed that technologys are the extensions of humankind -

Wheel , an extension of the Foot
Book - the eye
Computer - central nervous system

so perhaps the Radio or telephone might have 'replaced' our natural telepathic faculty.

Some instances of telepathy may be the undistracted mind subconsciously 'working out' what will happen next by sorting incoming information. It appears tha the thought just 'pops out' but perhasp we can process far more information than we are led to believe.

memorising large amounts of irrelavent crapola at school doubtless affects our mental abilities.

Aangirfan's next post will be about



su said...

I want to know why no remote viewers have been able to ascertain the fate of Madeleine McCann.

Anon said...

Strangely enough, before I read any of the comments, I was thinking of adding a question:

Which ORANGE number am I thinking about?

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

"I want to know why no remote viewers have been able to ascertain the fate of Madeleine McCann."

I believe they have been able but, obviously, they were silenced. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

aferrismoon said...


Orange , though, does have a wider range than other colours [ possibly]

Orange colour
Orange fruit
Orange phone-company [ with numbers]

I won't try to guess the orange number [ 647 hit the keyboard 3 times with eyes closed] ;)


dognamedblue said...

sheldrake was giving a lecture in the states when someone came up & stabbed him
& the last series of torchwood was based on his work

do like pkd, a lot of his books are really about his family & his friends just wrapped up in "sci-fi"
[although "confessions of a crap artist" isn't about someone who's bad at art]

when I'm asleep I wake up to find my two cats staring at me, either wanting to be fed or go out. one of them's a lot smarter than most, without showing him he learnt to open the kitchen window & let himself out & I often think I'm just playing "catch up" with him

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the lottery numbers!

Anon said...

I never actally worked out an orange number.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Cats can be snooty at times.

Dogs seem very loyal.

Blackbirds like to get close.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Statistics statistics statistics...

Cold hard statistical inference is the most useful tool we have to reason about the world.

It permits us to see physical patterns of utmost subtlety in the Large Hadron Collider or LOFAR. Permits us to assess the effectiveness of gene-targeted pharmaceuticals.

Repellent as the idea might be to certain personages, it also permits us to see anomalies in everyday occurrences. Anomalies that belie our Standard Model of reality. I don't mean Standard Model of physics, but Standard Model of perceived reality.

The nature of the world is far more consistent with it being some sort of synthesized semantic map with embedded and communicating consciousnesses. This would explain why many of the bizarre phenomena and synchronicities have a strongly ideational character to them: rhymes, puns, metaphors.

And this transcends time even. If the time you perceive is factitious, then it can be arbitrarily messed with, violating causality and commonsense.

Some have argued that this is an artifact of how human perception and reason operate, and of course this has a strong basis in truth. We are hardwired pattern recognition machines. So intensely attuned that we will fabricate order even from chaos. Our subconscious mind is also very astute and can infer in manners that resemble mystical intuition. This is why cold hard statistics is a necessary reality check.

However, it is certainly beyond that.

The human mind is either perceiving things outside of our "light cone" or those things are being manufactured in response to our thoughts and integrated into a common agreed world.

Ok, that's all a bit abstruse. Let's put it in concrete terms.

"Anyone seen Billy Hitchcock? How did we lose him?"

Let's say, for argument's sake, you could manufacture human consciousness. For example, using some sort of molar scale, 3d, memristive logic-memory "substance". Maybe simulating embryological neuromorphogenesis. Then you could wrap a world around such a consciousness, or collection of consciousnesses. Then time is whatever you decide to make it. Split off simulations? Sure. Feed future into past? Sure. Permit "non-physical" ideational communications between the consciousnesses? Sure. Create your own laws of physics even? As long as it's internally consistent, sure.

Richard Dawkins will doubtless still be selling his books even when DARPA is pursuing a new Manhattan project with exactly this goal. And feeling very clever.

This is just what we can imagine in the near future. The advent of a Singularity. Or a replay of the event.

Now imagine a hundred years hence. Or a thousand. Or a billion.

Eventually, the technologies to synthesize consciousnesses abut against the underlying laws of physics. Consciousness would end up as a scintillating wave pattern in pure electromagnetism, as efficient and lightning fast as the laws of the lowermost world permit. And these laws are childish trivialities compared to the palaces of the mind which sit atop them.

This is the endpoint of the Singularity. When consciousness and computation reach the limits imposed upon them by physical reality.

And even then, after oceans of time, the idea of Man maintains a mythic importance as the nexus, the bootstrapping compiler from animals to angels. A relic held in romantic nostalgia by a Supreme Consciousness.

This is a point so far beyond the capacity of human understanding we can only speculate.

Like ants vainly trying to surmise the thoughts of a being who leaves enormous footprints in the dust.

director [mise en scène]=
hiroshi teshigahara

nol said...

about a month ago i was focusing my attention on the back of the train ticket collectors head while he tried to give a passenger change he kept having to start counting again after the third time i stopped because his face had turned red

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


dognamedblue said...

"Cats can be snooty at times.
Dogs seem very loyal.
Blackbirds like to get close."

sounds like you've got a song inside you trying to get out Aang. :)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I had a friend (deceased now) who told me how their telepathic abilities were honed as a child.

They were encouraged as children. But the big test came about 5 to 10 years of age for those who had the latent skills.

If he telepathed to his mother the perfect meal, exactly what he wanted and she received his visions, that was dinner and a high point in his life.

By the way, this man was a firecracker psychic with amazing mindreading and speaking capabilities. We had been discussing the positive and negative ways that such skills are honed and he was speaking of the positive.

As opposed to the negative which was ghastly in other cultures, here I refer to satanic cults.

Anonymous said...

I know it works. For I knew people into it. But we've forgotten how to do it, so now only those 'born to it' can do it. Basically, I was told, by possibly the most brilliant practitioner (there were others, Bertrand Russell the top guy, but this chap kept it secret even from them how good he actually was, though they probably suspected, his nickname of 'Merlin' giving a clue) that his powers were probably due to a 'leaky brain'. He had a lazy eye, which bulged like a one-eyed Marty Feldman when he was using his powers. His 'Magick-Eye'. We seemingly have sealed-in our brains too tightly during our evolution. In the beginning it made no difference we were so powerful, but getting fat with the years we gradually lost it, even those trained to be priests. Telepathy is the way we communicated before we developed our speech and hearing.

I was involved with experiments, and once trained could be controlled by my 'Master' merely looking at me. None of this "Look at me', Little Britain stuff, no pre-hypnosis, I heard no orders in my head. He looked across at me and entered my head and I became him. I do recall seeing his 'Eye' in my head, though.

He had fun! (I know I did).

But telepathy was the only magic he could do. There were no priests anymore (magicians) for even if born to it you needed lifelong training from infancy to achieve priesthood, and the last of 'The Book of Spells' (the DOS commands, in computer-talk) were destroyed by 'The Dark Side' during the Dark Ages.

But research on the WWW indicates The Dark Side kept one book in case they had use of it sometime.
A 'mad' WWW-friend said he 'saw' a white-haired and bearded man reading a large bible-like book inside a white pyramid-style temple, chanting a language my friend had heard in other dreams , possibly Mayan, wondering what book it was. The Mayans have no recorded books. After a few emails I was certain it was The Book Of Spells.

Been researching this for years, trying to locate things, people, think all this is located to London today.

There's a lot of people out there in WWW-land into this sort of stuff.

Not all are mad.

By the way, this Derren Brown is probably fudging it. Seen him put several 'innocent' people under by a mere touch, my experience is this can only be done AFTER, like me, the person has been programmed. So they are NOT innocent members of the public.

Or he is simply brilliant, the first natural 'Chosen One' for millennium. But such a person would be under somebody's command, not running loose in the streets. If so, what is THEIR agenda?

All this is connected to the Masonic child-abuse Aangs is into.

brian said...

forget the quantam Mech double dutch! the zulu put it much more simply:

'Opening the Gates of Distance'. 'To open the Gates of Distance' is the
poetical Zulu phrase for what is called clairvoyance, or vue à distance
and yes its more common and less ridiculed in traditional cultures than those sat upon by mechanistic academics, forwhom something exists only if its peer reviewed!

brian said...

Marshall McLuhan claimed that technologys are the extensions of humankind -

Wheel , an extension of the Foot
Book - the eye
Computer - central nervous system
extension or replacement? Did McLuhan yearn for the post-human human?
Its been noticed that the advent of books has led to a decline in memory..any 'extension' becomes a crutch...are we being crippled by these technologies?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brian, we are being crippled by technology. In the old days there was none, those with the means (rich, or found a sponsor) had all-day-every-day all their lives to just think about things, not fiddle with things (just look around you at all the sheeple fiddling with their smartphones!) The Age of the Philosophers. We still think of them as the greatest minds. As they did this from birth their brains became wired differently to others, wired to their speciality. This is why you need to train psychic/telepathic abilities from birth. I'm sure not a few of the pop-stars, for example, that blow their mind and talent on booze and drugs to die early could have been natural psychics who had received no help and didn't understand what was going-on in their head, dulling the pain and confusion with the booze and drugs. All the people I knew also had trouble with 'the voices in their heads', despite the training. It's a double-edged sword. Some dealt with it by living in quiet places, others drank, some used sex, one, Bertrand Russell, now too old for sex, spent his time thinking non-stop. Not a few sought solice as officers in the Navy, the steel walls dampening the voices of the sleeping crew, the huge ocean the rest. When ashore it was popular to be gentlemen-farmers, a solitary occupation. Others sought solice by pretending to be someone else - actors - and, like the pop-stars, some of our top classical musicians stayed sane via their music (Liberace was one I knew, plus Dudley Moore and a couple of famous symphony-conductors).

It's not so much books, but our lack of just sitting and chatting about life with like-minded over a good malt! We don't socialise as we did before.

I miss it. This is the closest I get to it today. All my friends etc are dead. I'm 65 myself!

Zoompad said...

I rescued a robin from a cat once and put it in a box overnight to recover. In the morning it hopped onm my finger and I was able to walk 2 miles with it perched on my finger to where there was a nice safe place for it to go, well away from cats. Animals sometimes sense when you intend to be kind to them. I rescued a rabbit another time but that was too ill and died. Another time a prison officer found a dead hedgehog with two babies, so he let me look after the babies, but one fell in the pond and drowned, the other one used to squeal until I picked it up, and I had to have this baby hedgehog on my lap most of the time.

Anon said...

"I'm 65 myself!"

65 is not old.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

"Animals sometimes sense when you intend to be kind to them..."

Frightened sheep, stuck in fences, sometimes get it wrong.

- Aangirfan

brian said...

'As they did this from birth their brains became wired differently to others, wired to their speciality'

brains are not wired at all! Technology now is used to provide the picture of the human and natural body...this is the most insidious effect of technology....

Also talk of brains ignores the fact of out of body experience...the mind is independent of the body/brain.

Anonymous said...

I know lot of fundi-christians thi9nk such things are demonic all the time.

I think some instances could be but I also remind them Jesus coudl perceive the Pharisees thoughts..LOL That is telepathy I suppose. Anyway Jesus himself said his folowers would do greater works--so why not telepathy?

And look at all the prophets who had dreams and visions of things to come. But these things people only see in part. I think if one has a gift its never taken and it can be used under good or bad influences.

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