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'In a recent interview ... in Australia , a past ambassador to Syria has even stated that it is "outside" forces perpetrating the violence, and that Assad is popular and well liked.' - Syria + Assassinations = Mossad + CIA

"He was often bullied by older kids and even grown-ups. We bought some biscuits for him but the older kids and grown-ups came to rob him every few minutes when we were not beside him. So I stood by him and told the invaders that the biscuits belonged to him. I protected him until he finished the biscuits. That last day, when we were leaving, that boy saw me in the minibus and waved his hands excitedly." By kingdomany

Report: Swede Blames Mossad for Bangkok Arrest

Mafi kids
Papua, Indonesia - Mangiwau

"The (treasury) governor shows himself perfectly happy in the spectacle of Britain possessing the finest credit in the world simultaneously with a million and a quarter unemployed.

"Obviously if these million and a quarter were usefully and economically employed, they would produce at least £100 a year a head, instead of costing up to at least £50 a head in doles." - Winston Churchill, as chancellor, in 1925


JESSICA BUCHANAN story a hoax:

Ex-Navy Seal Says Bin Laden Was Dead Before 2011.

When we were young #2
Turkey by eyecatcher

'Free' Libya shamed by new torture claims

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [26.01.2012.]

Report Libya 26.January 2012.

Torture and Abuse in Libya

Doctors Without Borders has suspended its work in prisons in the Libyan city of Misrata because it said torture was so rampant that detainees were brought in only to make them fit for further interrogation

Nice, France

Alex Salmond's question over independence gives poll boost to SNP.

ACTA: The Corporate Usurpation of the Internet

RT - Poland - anti-ACTA protest march


A13 said...

Thanks for the link over Aang :)
have a good weekend.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Will watch the ex-Navy Seal interview when I have time.

Sounds like it is explosive.

Every shoulder to the wheel on 911 Truth and the extent of U. S. covert operations in the Middle East helps stop the reckless, and, in my opinion, disasterous drive for U. S. dominance in that part of the world.

Great find, Aangirfan.

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