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NATO Special Forces Led Takeover Of Tripoli

12,000 US troops are heading from Malta to Libya

Dump Site in Mae Sot - Thailandia
Thailand by lucachizzali

Israel warns Thailand of possible terrorist attack

Papua girl by dapiiiiit

"The political classes of Edinburgh and Glasgow would be able to feast on Brussels money. But every important decision would be taken by the EU." - A free Scotland? No, it's being fed into the Euro-blender

Ron Paul Placed 2nd In New Hampshire DEMOCRATIC Primary - Congressman proves once again that he has a broader appeal against Obama than Romney does.

Ron Paul’s Version Of “Truth” Is Complete Nonsense

Girl with lamb
India by Dick Verton

The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11”, by Peter Dale Scott, Voltaire Network, 14 January 2012,

Haitian boy - Jérémie -
Haiti by C.Stramba-Badiali

Haiti: Two Years After the Earthquake, Where Did the Money Go? 99 percent of the US money spent went back to the US military.

Colorful .
's-Hertogenbosch by Franc Le Blanc

Syria: Nato 'planning direct military intervention', Russia claims

Aceh by Mangiwau

He promotes homeschooling, and specifically unschooling.

John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling

Happy kids - Makassar
Indonesia by Roy del Vecchio

"At least 107 people set themselves ablaze in roughly the first six months of last year, according to the BBC, citing figures collated by the head of a trauma center in the capital, Tunis, where many burn victims are taken.

"While the report did not provide statistics on the number of self-immolations in the second half of 2011, a series of recent episodes appeared to indicate that the pace of such protests had not substantially abated since the toppling of the Tunisian president last January ushered in a more democratic government." Spate of Self-Immolations Reported in Tunisia

INDIA5317//Portrait of cement worker
India by GLOSACK

Ben Ali feared betrayal by CIA-financed inner circle

Beach Trip with Centro de Artes.
Cuba by Robin Thom

Party chief offers undercover reporter prime minister David Cameron's phone number.

Chuna Nagar
Calcutta by Jonathon M. Lewis

Briton in Guantanamo Bay says MI5 officer was in room as he was tortured.

Richard O'Dwyer extradition: Student faces 10 years in US jail.


Anonymous said...

And they never will, more than sure...

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

dognamedblue said...

in funding from arms manufacturers for their election Obama received $112,000 & Ron Paul received $50,000 & the people most likely to benefit from a gold backed currency would be the ones holding the gold, which won't be me, how about you? got gold? as always, follow the money

CS said...

You think Ron Paul should sink his Presidential campaign by committing to "9/11 was an inside job" as a higher priority?

You know the limits of public intelligence. You know the media would destroy any politician who openly stated the obvious reality about 9/11. Yet you promote the idea (link to it, anyway) that Paul is a retard and an idiot for refusing to talk about 9/11.conspiracy theories.

If there's a case against Paul for President, it must be better than that.

CS said...

Some good links here.

But this important link to Peter Hitchens explanation of the New World Order plan that underlies Scotch independence does not work.

Here's the correct URL

A free Scotland? No, it's being fed into the Euro-blender

Anonymous said...

I take the points raised about Ron Paul seriously.

However, even for a political insurgency, politics is the art of the possible.

Coming out for 911 Truth would be political suicide, if your goal is to actually win the U. S. presidency. Even Paul's ideas would take a big hit because all the people opposed to Paul and his ideas would relentlessly hammer Paul and his supporters (who's numbers would be greatly reduced in any event) as "tin foil hatters".

I state this as a firm supporter of 911 Truth.

As for Paul's budget.

The U. S. government is broke. Three years running at well over a trillion Dollars in the red. So, real cuts have to be made. Those that don't think cuts are necessary aren't living in the real world.

Yes, I believe in limited government that protects individual rights.

But even those who support expansive government need to recognize Dollar collapse would threaten government as we know it (which is expansive and intrusive).

An argument can be made that those who say Ron Paul doesn't go far enough and is not pure enough are people who will never be satisfied with any viable candidate and, thus, in effect, are political nihilists or anarchists.

They will always be outside the political process and never contribute to changing political reform (because nothing and nobody will ever be good enough for their political sensibilities).

As I stated near the top of this comment: POLITICS IS THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE.

Ron Paul is politically possible.

For some people the bus will never come -- it's political oblivion sitting at a bus stop where the bus never stops.

Anonymous said...

The last commenter misses the point of my complaint (what else is new): a 15% cut to military WILL NOT do the things he says he will do (end the wars and Empire). But a 63% cut to Foodstamps will STARVE people.

Speak of priorities.

majestika said...

Hang on, I thought the Oblahama dude was gonna CHANGE everything & make everyone like totally free or something? I guess that didn't quite work out.. so now you've got limited-hang-out-grandad... sweet! What's his motto? Are there gonna be T shirts & cool stuff again?

Anonymous said...


I understand your point. However, I disagree with it.

Am I allowed to disagree with you?

Let's discuss the two points you make in your response to my comment:

buelahman wrote: "a 15% cut to military WILL NOT do the things he says he will do (end the wars and Empire)."

If all Ron Paul wanted to do was make a 15% cut without a philisophical change in America's foreign policy, buelahman, you would be correct. But actually, the 15% cut is the lesser part of Ron Paul's foreign policy platform, the greater part of his platform is non-intervention and using diplomacy to settle disputes rather than militarism. Also, that the United States doesn't have to dominate the world, instead it can peacefully engage in economic intercourse with other countries in the world. And, the United States can respect other nation-states, even those that refuse to be dominated by the U. S.

And that's a far cry from the present course of America's foreign policy.

buelahman wrote: "But a 63% cut to Foodstamps will STARVE people."

That is the point -- not that people will starve -- but that people have become dependent on government for sustanence, and that government policy has created an economy where people become dependent on government for sustanence.

America has over 40 million people on food stamps. That tells you something is terribly wrong with America's economic system.

Believe me, not all, likely, in fact, none of those people on food stamps would starve if the food stamp program budget was reduced.

(Don't forget the budget is in the hands of Congress who has the final say.)

buelahman, please don't assume that because other people disagree with your opinion, it means they don't get your point. It may simply mean they see the world differently than you or have different priorities or draw different conclusions from the facts & evidence.

I read some of your blog. Judging by the names you label other people, it seems you have little tolerance for people who see things different than you.

Not a promising premise for being able to persuade other people that you views should be adopted.

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