Tuesday, January 03, 2012


On 2 January 2012, Ron Paul was ahead of Mitt Romney in a second to last 2012 New Hampshire Primary online straw poll.

Paul got 28% of the votes (1,844 votes) for a first place finish. Romney earned 23% of the votes (1,505 votes) for a third place finish.


On 3 January 2012, Ron Paul got "a rock star reception" at Valley High School in West Des Moines.

The students offered Ron Paul their warmest welcome of the day.

Ron Paul gets rock star reception at Valley High School

Rick Santorum and the sons of Mitt Romney also addressed the kids but were not treated to as enthusiastic a welcome.

Ron Paul asked: "I'm wondering, does anyone here know the name Kelly Clarkson?"

Ron Paul told the students that the former American Idol contestant had recently endorsed him.

Ron Paul said: "Our supporters were so enthusiastic about that, that they went out and bumped up the sales of her records by 600 percent."

Ron Paul said he would bring American troops home from Afghanistan and end 'run-away inflation.'

Ron Paul Surges on Facebook and Twitter as the Iowa Caucus nears

Ron Paul getting rock star treatment in Iowa

Ron Paul Winning the Web Primary


Anonymous said...

Off topic but will be of interest:


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A13 said...

Aang, I love it when you put the hitler moustaches on these people...do it more often, it suits them, and i used to do this in my history books at high school..everyone had a hitler mo and funny pointy glasses..in my book.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Oh how clever and humorous you are. You should definitely be taken seriously.

Fungus the Photo! said...

Since we know history repeats and that the planners know this better than anyone else, is RP being used to allow the continued control of USA?

As the corrupt choices turn off voters, what is being planned for BHO, should he not follow through with the Agenda?

How will RP be used? Another JFK? Another John Paul I? Who will be his running mate? His agenda is so well known, reversal of it would be a provocation to revolution?

There is always a chance that RP gets in and accomplishes the emasculation of the USA. Will China fall for it? If they used a tsunami on Japan, how many will they use on America? Have they invested there?

The Realist Report said...

And of course he lost to Santorum and Romney anyways.

Anonymous said...

No question, the Neocon, status quo establishment turned its guns on Ron Paul, and it was effective to some degree.

Ron Paul has answered, but the deluge of ink & video has been relentless.

Getting 22% of the vote where the top two finishers got roughly 24% of the vote is enough to go on to the New Hampshire primary.

Non-intervention is a powerful idea.

Anonymous said...



Paul 21%

Romney & Santorum 25%

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