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Breakfast in India.

"The differences between countries are often not as great as the disparities within them."

There are rich and poor regions in the USA, in Australia, in Europe, in the UK...

Which is richer - New Hampshire or Mississippi?

Average (median) income 2010

New Hampshire $65,028

Mississippi $35,693

The District of Columbia has a GDP per person five times higher than Mississippi.

In Mississippi only 19% of those aged 25 or over have a degree, compared 48% in the District of Columbia.

Italy - lowest level of regional inequality

"In an analysis of seven countries by The Economist, Italy was found to have the lowest level of regional inequality...

"China's phenomenal growth means that on a purchasing-power-parity basis, the municipality of Shanghai has a higher GDP per head than a quarter of the regions in Britain and Italy..."

Malta - Rich-poor gap grows wider - - Times of Malta

Where are the richest and poorest parts of Australia?

The Sydney suburb of Edgecliff and surrounding area is Australia's richest with an average income of more than $186,000 a year.


In Callaghan, New South Wales, the average income is $27,388.

Zimbabwe has rich and poor areas.

Which is richer - Ireland or the UK?

(The figures below are GDP per capita 2010, in Euros)

Ireland 34,900

Iceland 29,900

United Kingdom 27,400


Which is richer - Scotland or the majority of regions in the rest of the UK?

(GDP PPP 2008)

Scotland 28,000
East of England 27,200
South West (England) 26,100
East Midlands (England) 25,100
West Midlands (England) 24,800
North West (England) 24,200
Yorkshire & the Humber 24,000
Northern Ireland 22,800
North East (England) 22,200
Wales 21,200

Thailand has rich and poor areas.

How does North East Scotland compare with most areas of England?

North Eastern Scotland 39,300

North Yorkshire 25,900
Greater Manchester 25,700
West Yorkshire 25,600
Herefordshire, Worcestershire Warwickshire 25,300
Outer London 25,300
West Midlands 25,100
Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire 24,000
Dorset & Somerset 24,000
Essex 24,000
Northumberland and Tyne & Wear 23,900
Kent 23,200
Lancashire 22,500
Cumbria 22,300
East Riding; Northern Lincolnshire 22,000
Devon 21,800
Shropshire; Staffordshire 21,800
South Yorkshire 21,500
Lincolnshire 20,500
Merseyside 20,300
Tees Valley & Durham 20,200


It is possible to narrow the gap.

"GDP per head in Germany’s five poorest states (all in the east) fell by slightly less during the downturn than in the five richest.

"This continues the dramatic convergence of the past two decades, thanks partly to huge ... funds for infrastructure, Research & Development and education, as well as the transfer of some manufacturing jobs from factories in the western states to the east.

"In 1991, just after unification, Hamburg was five times richer than the poorest eastern region; now it is only 2.3 times richer."

Regional inequality: Internal affairs The Economist


Anonymous said...

Should we expect some bad things happening in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

You stated recently that Scotland would be the 6th richest country gdp if it were granted independence, what would the 5 top countries be?

Anon said...

Luxembourg, Qatar, Norway, Switzerland and Australia might be in the top 5.

- Aangirfan

freethinker said...

Do you think the Clearances (of the peasants) still have an effect on those Scottish GDP figures?

Anonymous said...

Casa Pia + Kids kidnapted to USA + Frank Carlucci

see > 13m

(In Portuguese)

BuelahMan said...

I am from Mississippi (altho I live across the border in TN now). I grew up in a county that had gravel or dirt roads until about 20 years ago. I remember riding thru the countryside and seeing the run-down home places and often thought to myself: "how can they live like that".

You see, I used to be one that thought he was beyond that. That somehow I was "better" than that.

I worked very hard to break that cycle. I have three college degrees... all technical and including robotics and automated manufacturing processes.

Most people believe that Mississippians are lazy. Fat. Stupid.

But I know the truth about Mississippians. I know that most are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. Most are proud to be Mississippians and still strive to better themselves.

But they haven't yet grasped the idea that they are purposefully kept poor. That their elected officials pad their own pocketbook... plan for their next Big Money job.... and truly don't give a rat's ass for them or their plight.

You see, when the few that do "make it" get their money and power, they use it to squash the others.

Mississippi is the "Third World" of the USA. It is almost the arm pit of the world (except that I have been to Juarez, Mexico).

But, never believe for a second that pride and self-reliance are things that escape us.

When TSHTF, many of these people will live. While many in New Hampshire will not know what to do to care for themselves.

When it gets to that point, we will see who the "smart ones" are.

Levantine said...

US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs:

Chinese Provinces Compared to Countries with Similar GDPs:

The Realist Report said...

"The differences between countries are often not as great as the disparities within them."

This was a concept that I thought should have been at the center of our discussions in sociology, economics, and political science when I was in college. Our discussions were always in terms of the Rich West and the Un/Under-Developed Third World. I took a course titled "International Development" where we learned all about the Washington Consensus, the IMF, and World Bank, and how these Western organizations would be able to solve the problems of the Global South or Developing World, which ever term you prefer. I always thought this analysis was wrong (aside from having disastrous consequences for the "Developing World") , and that we should instead focus on the disparities within our own country, which reveals a lot about our society.

You should see the wealth disparities in California. San Diego has an incredibly large homeless/transient population scattered all throughout the city, especially downtown.

Zoompad said...

"You see, when the few that do "make it" get their money and power, they use it to squash the others"

When I was young I remember my mum and dad telling me that if you worked hard you would do well. My dad worked really hard but ended up having a heart attack because of the excessive amount of work for a very small wage he was expected to do. He's dead now. I also remember how poor people used to help themselves a lot, by having jumble sales and raise funds for good things in the community. But nowadays all the smart charity shops take all the stuff that used to go to jumble sales and be sold for a few pence, and they sometimes sell those free donations for more than they cost origionally, and a big percentage of the money goes into the pockets of the management. I don't think it is very nice, because to me thats like stealing off the poor. Also, if you want to raise a few pounds for something for the community nowadays you have to fill in about a billion pieces of paper for permission and insurance ect and its too confusing for a lot of people to do.

Another thing that hurts poor people is that when I was young if you had no money there was plenty of casual work you could do, for cash in hand, but now if you are broke you have to fill lots and lots of forms in and if you do get a job you have to wait a month sometimes before you can get any of the money you have worked for. That might not be a problem to some people but if you are, for instance, a person trying to get away from domestic violence, its a big problem, and can leave people glued to their abuser. Although the police are supposed to help people in those circumstances, they quite often dont, and just let the person be abused, beaten up or even killed.

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