Friday, January 27, 2012


Bomjon, aka Palden Dorje

In 2006, Discovery Channel showed a 45-minute documentary about Ram Bahadur Bomjon.

Ram was filmed continuously for 96 hours, day and night, "during which time he did not change his position and did not drink any fluids or eat any food."

Discovery Channel's commentator concluded: "After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive."

Buddha Boy

The Christian mystics, and Buddha, and some scientists who study quantum physics - all have had similar ideas about consciousness.

According to 'Quantum physics' a solid-looking wall is nothing but empty space, held together by 'a string of energies'. (Syntagma)

If you bang your head against the wall, you will get hurt.

Unless you are able to have an out of body experience, and are in the form of a spirit or ghost?

According to Buddha, everything is of one substance.

"That substance sometimes known as spirit or, in modern times, consciousness." (Syntagma)

"When we see houses and fields in dreams, we think of them as being external objects that are not created by the mind, even though they are nothing other than projections of our mind.

"All that we see when we are awake is also nothing other than a creation of the mind." [xviii]

According to the Buddhists, "things ultimately have no independent substance."

Things with no independent substance cannot have "conflicts or antagonisms" - Śūnyata.

This may sound weird.

But, according to the Buddhists, "describing this non-dual experience in words is not really possible, as language is based on duality and contrasts." - Buddhism)

According to the Taoists, everything in the universe is single whole, but composed of opposites.

Taoists try to avoid the extremes and attempt to balance yin and yang in everything they do.


A13 said...

when i'm asleep my dreams are lucid and as real as the day..
when i'm awake my reality could be a dream but awareness is the key..
discerning between states is obvious but how?
sometimes i have control in my dreams and not in my awaken state and sometimes vice does this happen..
It looks like bomjon has copied my hairstyle too.... :)

aferrismoon said...

Buckminster-Fuller had a fine definition of Universe/God.

' Universe is finite but not simultaneously apprehendable '.

All = waves which I guess are electro-magnetic.

Perhaps hitting a wall is akin to getting an electric shock.


Anonymous said...

JESSICA BUCHANAN story a hoax:

Zoompad said...

Sorry to sound so cynical, but I reckon this guy is jostling himself into position for when everything falls apart. Wery Umble

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