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The Barkey-Michell house, expropriated by the government in 1972. In the basement, a contractor found a recently-built room designed to hold someone captive.

17 March 1995,

After a party, six teenage boys from Pickering, disappeared and were never seen again. (Lost Boys of Pickering)

3 June 2006

A group of Canadian teenagers and young men in their 20s, accused by police of being members of a suspected homegrown terrorist cell, appeared in court to face accusations that they plotted to attack Canadian targets.

The men attended `training camp' according to sources

Led by the RCMP's anti-terrorism task force, more than 400 police officers from across Ontario made the series of arrests, taking as many as a dozen suspects into custody at a heavily guarded Pickering police station.

19 December 2011

In the Toronto suburb of Pickering in Canada, police found a ‘confinement room’ in an abandoned farmhouse

In the basement of the abandoned farmhouse on a secluded country road northeast of Toronto, a contractor made a discovery: a recently-built room designed to hold someone captive.

Police talked of a 'confinement room.'

"The actual construction of this room is fairly new," said Durham Regional Police spokesman Dave Selby.

The building was due for demolition, and the owner hired a contractor to inspect it, Mr. Selby said.

He would not say who owns the house or for how long it had been abandoned.

The building lies north of the Toronto suburb of Pickering.

20 December 2011

A government-hired security guard and four police officers rushed to the Pickering farm house to deal with a curious Star reporter. (Website)

6 January 2012

A suspicious fire has destroyed the abandoned farmhouse east of Toronto that contained a room designed to hold someone captive.

The Dungeon house, cleansed by fire, stands no more.


Toronto Hearings Represent A Major Step ... - Set You Free News


Zoompad said...

Looking at the picture of that house reminds me of Chadswell Assessment Centre/The Wissage (they kept renaming it), the hell hole Children's "home" where the Staffordshire Social Services put me as a child, on a "Place Of Safety" order (I had been raped)

It is the ordinary look of the house that strikes me. It just looks like someone's home.

People who don't understand look at pictures like this and they don't realise what sort of things went on - and are still going on - behind closed doors.

This is the reason I am so against secrecy, and laws that let Governments and Local Authorities keep secrets. There shouldnt be, for example, any secret courts anywhere at all, and I don't see how a country can boast about it's judicial system if it allows secret courts and superinjunctions and D notices about things that ought to have nothing to do with military secrets, such as the Dunblaine massacre.

aferrismoon said...

Considering how quickly the security and police found the reporter it does make one wonder how a containment room, apparently of some expertise, can be built without anybody knowing anything.

Perhaps the heavy doors, locks, and crow-bar proof window glass can be traced. They'd have to be installed by an expert, I guess. And the installer I assume would be the 'Ask no questions' type.

On Brock Road [ the parallel road] there is a company SUPREME LOCK AND DOOR which sounds like a likely company, close by too.

Wonder if it'll go that far though.


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Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan
thanks for the link over, want you to know I have added a video.

John from Paintings Art Etc.
had brought it to my attention.

Areporter from the TO Star had gone out to the house after the dungeon was discovered but prior to the fire
He just gives a survey around the property
What is interesting is that you see it is in a wooded area.
Not sure how far from the road...
Check the video out!
The whole thing just creeps me out- alot.
I sent the link to the blog post to Dave McGowan... will it grab his attention?
who knows?

Anonymous said...


Penny said...


there is now a part 2


give it a read

Anonymous said...

Owned by transport Canada.

Rundown and unimportant enough to enable 'someone' to come in and build this room..........yet important enough to protect from media with a swift effective response from the private government security guard and the police.

CBC and other corporate media did a nice job downplaying the sinister aspect of this house. Their collective choice of 'confinement room' instead of torture room or dungeon being one small example.

How far is Pickering from CFB Trenton, home of Colonel Russell Williams?
Not very.

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