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Arab citizens of Israel are growing fast in number.

On 21 January 2012, The Economist reports that the promised land needs people:

After the Soviet Union collapsed, one million Russian Jews emigrated to Israel, bringing their money with them.

In 2020, there were only 17,000 emigrants to Israel.

What would you give me for it?
Ultra Orthodox by ybiberman

Today, the fastest-growing population groups in Israel are:

A. The Arabs

B. The ultra-orthodox Jews. (Haredi) a

66% of working-age ultra-orthodox men don't work.

Signs - Black and White
The ultra-orthodox oppose Zionism

"The vast majority of ultra-Orthodox men in Israel do not work or serve in the army, choosing instead a pious and largely impoverished life of studying religious texts...

"With birthrates three times the national average, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox communities are mushrooming...

"Ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as haredim, now number about 700,000, or about 10% of Israel’s population..." (Men at work? t)

And thou shalt tell thy son
Ultra Orthodox by ybiberman. The ultra-othodox are growing fast in numbers.

In 1960, 15% of Israeli schoolkids attended Arab or ultra-orthodox schools.

Now it's about 50%.

By 2040, it will be 78%, according to the Taub Centre, an Israeli think-tank.


The Economist also reports on Israel and Azerbaijan: Odd but useful allies

Azerbaijan is a Moslem country.

Israel gets about 33% of its oil from Azerbaijan.

This comes via a pipeline through Moslem Turkey.

Azeri girl
Azeri girl by LovelyDaisy2011

An Azeri company is being allowed to drill for oil in Israeli waters.

Azeri-Israeli trade has grown fast.

One of Azerbaijan's biggest mobile-phone providers is a joint venture with an Israeli company.

In 2011, Israelis and Azeris, in a joint venture, began to produce drones.

25% of the population of Iran are Azeris.

There are reports that Israel is helping train Azerbaijan's forces.


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