Thursday, January 26, 2012


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The old Google is no more and youtube is no more

"When you search for [young babysitter] or other keywords like it, the majority of the results, like 90%, are links to pornographic and adult oriented sites." (Website)

On 25 January 2012, Google's stock closed at $569.49, down from $670.25 earlier in January.

"Google has the world calling it evil once again."

"(That’s at least the third time in 2012. Kudos, Google.)" (Internet Freak-out Over Google's New Privacy Policy.)

"Google collects and can integrate almost anything that's already in the Google ecosystem: calendar appointments, location data, search preferences, contacts, personal habits based on Gmail chatter, device information and search queries, to name a few." - Google privacy policy is subject of backlash

"Starting in March, your search and surf habits across all of Google’s products will be combined to form the mother of all behavioral profiles.

"On March 1, Search will know the contents of your email and the videos you watch on YouTube.

"If you use Google Docs for work, Search will know which company you work for and which industry you work in.

"Via Google Reader, Search and YouTube Google will know what content you like to consume."

- Google is FUBAR

The USA's Department of Homeland Security does social media monitoring.

Homeland Security Is Reading and Recording Every Keystroke

"Google was busted by the US Department of Justice last year for facilitating the sale of illegal Canadian prescription drugs through its AdWords program, agreeing in August 2011 to pay $500 million.

"One of the biggest cash settlements of its kind in history, the sum nevertheless represented a small fraction of Google's reported $45 billion in ready cash."


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Anonymous said... is producing essentially the same search results as Google on this search.

Perhaps we can blame search algorithyms for this.

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