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Railway Children, Indonesia.

Google Admits It Will Track Everything Its Users Do, No Opt Out

Soros Mouthpiece Calls On Google To Police “Conspiracy Theories”

Gen. Sinclair, Santiago,, 1988
General Sinclair by Marcelo Montecino

xymphora - The Koch-Paul conspiracy


The Canadian Holocaust: Hidden No Longer

India by tijen

Scottish Independence Is Being Watched

BBC Biased? You Bet!

Rio de Janeiro, 2011 - A beautiful night
Rio kiss by Gaetano_Fornelli

At Global Research, on 23 January 2012, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has written about the importance of Iran for Russia and China.

Zatzka, Hans (Austrian,    1859-1945)  - The Amourous Visitor  -  s.d.

Report Libya: NTC doesn't control the situation in Libya! [24.01.2012.]

Look at these kids
Photo from Heidi246

Saudis rally against Al Saud rule - Voltaire Network, 22 January 2012,

The Duchess of Fife and  the Princess of Wales with the children Alexandra and Edward
By Miss Mertens

Dr Afia Siddiqui gets pregnant, contracts cancer in US jail

By michaelwrose


Who are they?


The German Emperor Wilhelm II. and his son in law Ernst August of Hanover
From Miss Mertens

Tony Ryals left the following comment on GOOGLE DOWN:

Aangirfan, Google deserves criticism and I sure screamed as best I could when my google blog was temporarily closed down.

However I note that while criticizing them that you almost did a free ad for ... Bill Gates by posting his Bing logo without a word of criticism.

I wish to give you just one example of Google's good side by comparing my post regarding Guatemala's UN Ambassador or permanent Representative to the UN, Gert Rosenthal.

If you google his name my criticism which appeared near the top of Google search at first dropped to the top of the second page for awhile but has since returned near the top of the first.

But if you search his name on .... Bill Gates' Bing,or Yahoo or even Ixquick that some recommend - you would NEVER find it no matter how many pages you look at UNLESS you ad either 'israel' , 'zionist', 'Maya holocaust', his name!

Also I am aware of what you of written about the personalized search - but doesn't this biased search occur only when one is logged in ? Or you saying that Google gives everyone a biased search even when one isn't logged in ? If you 'google' the name Gert Rosenthal do you get a different result than I do when I am logged off or do we get the same results ? I believe we get the same results but please correct me if I am wrong.

And PLEASE do another article and tell us what you think of Google's competitors Microsoft or 'Bing' as well as Yahoo,Ixquick or any others you may know of...

Already people who have run stock frauds and have CIA and Israeli etc. connections have very high Google search ranking...

I am still wondering if any free speech loving programmers might create an alternative search engine that might be able to work through file sharing and use individual volunteer computers to store caches in order to keep or make the big guys honest but I am still a computer software illiterate - By Tony Ryals on GOOGLE DOWN on 23/01/12

Thomas Faed - Last of the Clan
Gandalf's Gallery

Anonymous left the following comment on RON PAUL BACKED BY CIA 'DISINFORMATION AGENT'? on 19/01/12

Hello. I have child by a nephew of #### who served ##### on the #### board.

1. They kidnapped my daughter and put her in that Penn State Childfucker ring....

Tried to "frame" me as a terrorist because I dreamt about Iraq war before it happened and other "secrets".

2. The nephew of ##### is ##### he stalks, rapes women and his family thru steal babies.

He is part #### mob...

He told me he met the highjackers. He is crazy makes threats to bomb places and stick people w/ needles full of viruses while bragging about Top Secret file access. Another CIA brainwash operative.

3. #######'s former in-law is ##### who runs ##### Church of Christ with Penn State elders.

His wife is related to #####.

They steal the babies and drug them. So the Pimp ring at Second Mile is probably project Monarch or whatever you want to call it.

4. The ##### are alleged to be smuggling weapons still w/ Iranian and Pakistanians. They also smuggle drugs in NH to CA thru Canada for years...




subrosa said...

Thank you for the links. I'm sure you have your beady eyes on the referendum debate issues too. :)

Zoompad said...

I hope the new Google Blabbermouth policy will enable the Pindown survivors to find each other, as the county councils have kept us in isolation. And yes, I have also been falsely labelled as a terrorist, for complaining about being abused as a child.

CS said...

There is something fundamentally misleading about Kevin Arnette's Canadian holocaust story.

Atrocities no doubt were committed against Canada's indigenous people, but there is no convincing evidence of a consistent national program of extermination.

There was an effort to bring the first nations of Canada into the mainstream immigrant community via the residential schools. The motivation for this was not necessarily contemptible or, in all cases, detrimental to those affected by it. But in any case, the effort to extinguish native cultures has been acknowledged by the Government of Canada as a crime (cultural genocide) and in compensation, there are many publicly funded programs in Canada to encourage the preservation and use of the hundreds of native languages and to enable first nations people to live, so far as they wish, in accordance with their ancient traditions.

The greatest losses in native population as a result of European contact were the result of disease and the greatest epidemics occurred before the era of large-scale settlement, pathogens from Europe spreading among native peoples faster than the first waves of European settlers.

Those unfamiliar with the history of Canada should also be aware, that approximately 85% of the land area of Canada has never been alienated from the government and most of it is now held in trust by government pending settlement of Indian land claims. (The Innuit, of Canada's Arctic territory already have self-government (Government of Nunavut) within the Canadian Federation.

Some Indian bands have reached land settlements with the Federal and Provincial Governments. Others have huge claims under negotiation. For example, the Algonquins of Ontario and Quebec, who comprise 7 bands with a total population of 11,000 people are claiming 660,000 square kilometers of land, an area greater than the United Kingdom, including the cities of Montreal and Ottawa.

In British Columbia, it is virtually impossible to alienate crown land (91% of the total) because it is subject to native land claims.

There are about 700,000 first nations people living on their own lands in Canada. They have the highest birth rate of any ethnic group in Canada and receive direct payments from the Government of Canada in excess of $27,000 per person. What is earned by first nations people on the reserves is not subject to taxation.

On the whole, therefore, I would say that the prospects for the future of Canada's first nations is considerably better than that of most European peoples in Europe, who are under a relentless drive to extinguish their genetic, cultural and religious heritage through mass immigration in the interests of lower wages, higher profits, i.e., the plutocratic drive for complete globalization. This is a conclusion rather different from that implied by Arnette's accumulation of hearsay evidence of atrocities alleged to have occurred a generation or more ago.

Anonymous said...

From the link on Ron Paul:

"Which side are you on, Ron? Part 1'The big smoking-gun evidence that Ron Paul is just a front for the Koch Brothers . . . Ron Paul was once at an event at which David Koch gave a speech! Hell, they are also both old white American men. Isn't that proof enough of the Koch-Paul conspiracy?'"

[Obviously, that's a bit of sarcasm. But the link within the link is more interesting and speaks to the motive and mind-set of some anti-Ron Paul people, at least from the putative left.]

From the link within the Ron Paul link:

"What seems unambiguous is that Paul is fundamentally part of what is called the paranoid right, a movement that spans from the Freemen of Montana and the Michigan Militia to the John Birch Society to Pat Robertson and on and on. The basic theme of the paranoid right is that there is a gigantic conspiracy, often dominated by shadowy forces like the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Communists to take away American freedoms. The completely open conspiracies, such as that of corporations to dominate speech and of Republicans to deny people the right to vote are overlooked in the quest to find a conspiracy so immense that it doesn’t quite fit into the human universe."

So, what do you think, Aangirfan, is there a larger Globalist conspiracy?

So many posts on this website document that there is a Globalist conspiracy. Or scheme, if you will -- to be less inflamatory -- to diminish soveriegnty & independence of all Nation-States in favor of a trans-national Global Elite.

In my mind, these links reinforce the idea that Ron Paul stands on the side of the American People, as expressed by The United States Constitution.

In my book that's a good thing.

Why are people from the putative left of center, in the left-right paradigm, seemingly so in favor of world governance and trans-national organizations run & controlled by the Global Elite?

With the overwhelming amount of facts & evidence supporting the fact that there is a drive for global governance, this denial, expressed in the link, seems purposeful, so as to keep their readers in the dark and uninformed.

A world governance structure is not going to do anything to support individual rights -- you can bet on that.

If there is one principle for which Ron Paul stands: Individual rights as guaranteed in the Bll of Rights in the U. S. Constitution.

Again, a good thing.

That Ron Paul is willing to "take names and kick ass", as the saying goes, is also a good thing.

Paul certainly isn't going to get a lot of money from the Powers That Be for kicking the Globalists in the balls.

Anon said...

Globalist conspiracy?


The mainstream media attacks Ron Paul, so he may well be one of the good guys.

- Aangirfan

CS said...

Ron Paul's greatest weakness is the flakiness of his economic ideas.

The problem is not with fractional reserve banking but with the control of money supply, which with banking deregulation has been left essentially a matter for the banks, whose preference, obviously, was to create as much money, i.e., credit, as possible thus creating an asset bubble.

Going to a gold based currency would likely have the opposite effect: it would result in deflation making debts impossible to repay.

What is needed is honest bank regulation that insures the optimum quantity of money -- as discussed by Milton Friedman.

Paul is also disastrously wrong in talking of social programs as entitlements, when in fact these programs are paid by a massive social security tax on wages. These programs are not entitlements at all, they are property of the taxpayer. Problem is, the government collected the tax but failed to fund the programs.

In other words, the
American people were scammed, as has happened most other countries. For Paul to believe or pretend that this has not happened and that social security programs should be trashed is preposterous.

Maybe he is just ignorant as Paul Craig Roberts argues here. But he needs to wise up fast if he wants genuine popular backing.

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