Saturday, January 14, 2012


Google is no longer the best search engine.

Type in 'Prabowo' and you get 'Primark'.

On 12 January 2012, Mat Honan writes that Google Just Made Bing the Best Search Engine

"I just switched the default search engine in my browser from Google to Bing...

"Google changed the way search works this week.

"It deeply integrated Google+ into search results.

"It's ostensibly meant to deliver more personalized results.

"But it pulls those personalized results largely from Google services - Google+, Picasa, YouTube.

"Search for a restaurant, and instead of its Yelp page, the top result might be someone you know discussing it on Google Plus..."

One thing we don't like about Bing is these pictures.

"The internet is being used not to link everyone together, but to isolate each person in their own worldview.

"The history of what you click decides what you see.

"The net is ruled by algorithms.

"We are being isolated, and our ability to think and join as one is being progressively removed.

"As a Tap Blog person, for example, you will be fed a news feed which others don't see..."

Google does not like competition.

Google's Results Get More Personal.

You may find your blog appears in your Google search, but, not in most other people's Google search!

"Google has had personalized results since June 2005, results from across the web that are given a ranking boost because they are deemed especially of interest to someone, based on their personal behavior and interests...

"Separately, Google has had social search results since October 2009... based on the people you know...

"Google’s social search results were blended into regular results in Feburary 2011 and expanded to include not just content created by those you know but also content shared by them through a variety of social networks.

"With Search Plus Your World, by default, there’s a new “Personal Results” view that appears. The view personalizes the listings you get based on both your own behavior and social connections, similar to what previously happened. In addition, content that’s been shared with you through the Google+ social network now also appears...

"To summarize, personalized results include:

"Listings from the web
"Listings from the web, boosted because of your personal behavior
"Listings from the web, boosted because of your social connections
"Public Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos (all of which are also listings from the web)
"Private or “Limited” Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos shared with you


Tabloid Hypocrisy said...

Why be a tabloid style hypocrite with your links embedded in Google redirects for monitoring us ?

Anonymous said...

Off topic-Friday 13th in 1307, the
French King,in agreement with the Pope, arrested the Knight Templars as heretics and burned them at the stake.

Thus, Friday 13th considered as unlucky day. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"Off topic-Friday 13th in 1307, the
French King,in agreement with the Pope, arrested the Knight Templars as heretics and burned them at the stake."

Thus, Friday 13th considered as unlucky day. Cheers!

Stupid superstitions poisoning our lives.

Anonymous said...

Ixquick is my favorite search engine, but don't tell nobody.

Anonymous said...

Hitler and Google

Anonymous said...

Google Panda Update

Anonymous said...

Yes, google works with us terror organisations like CIA, NSA et cetera. And this "Eric Schmidt" is with mass-torturer Obummer: or .

This is why I use "scroogle" like You, aangirfan, use "bing".
But they give you what you don't need. And what you need they don't give you:
What do I not need? I don't need "bing"s filter for pages unapt for kids (i. e. pornographic stuff). If I was I kid I would simply use another search-machine - and not "bing". This filter makes no sense! Also I am not a kid.

And what I need is a TIME-filter. If I want to read latest news of "Afghanistan" I give this word in to google and then I don't click on "news" - because what you find there is manipulated/censored. Instead I click on "last 24 hours" or "last week" or even "last month". And neither my "scroogle" nor Your "bing" are able - or prepared - to allow you this TIME-Filter.

Anonymous said...

Google (or Bing) "Paulsterity" and what do you get /where do you go?

Anonymous said...

Bing is boring; better engines listed above. Cheers!

Maria Carla Canta said...

Try this serch engine, it is the one that gives more both personalized and not personalized

bill said...

you get faster results on google bing is no match

areximut said...

until now I still more comfort with Google because bing have a heavi load

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