Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mountain view from Aston Hotel in Bogor Indonesia.

1. Bogor, about one hour's drive from Jakarta airport, gets surprisingly few tourists and yet it is one of the most friendly and attractive places in the world.

There are many traffic-free walks by the side of rivers and canals. One is reminded of a low-rise Venice in earlier days.

There are colourful little houses and gardens, children flying kites, people bathing, vendors of snacks and spectacular views of Mount Salak. On the edge of Bogor one can walk beside rice fields and fruit orchards.

Hotel Novotel Bogor Golf Resort and Convention Center
Ranked #1

Hotel Santika Bogor (situated directly opposite Bogor Botanical Gardens )
Ranked #2

Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort
Ranked #3

Pelabuhan Ratu, Java

2. Panama. "Boasting year-round sunshine, a lush coastline and exotic wildlife, Panama is emerging as the must-visit destination for travellers who want to stay ahead of the crowd. As yet uncluttered by tourists – apart from in the Bocas del Toro archipelago – Panama is an affordable, accessible destination, which can feel like a secret jewel in Central America’s crown."

Pelabuhan Ratu, Java

3. New Caledonia. "You’re in the heart of the South Pacific. At first glance, New Caledonia resembles nothing less than a chunk of France teleported directly into the tropics. Nouméa could be easily mistaken for city in the French Riviera. But beyond the très French panache of the capital and the west coast of the main island, Grande Terre, the indigenous Melanesian culture quickly comes to the fore. The rebirth of Kanak traditions has been gaining momentum for the past 30 years, and today is at an all-time high. Head to the Loyalty Islands or Ile des Pins and you’ll enter another world."

Pelabuhan Ratu, Java

4. Venice m: "It's the perfect walking city, dark and brooding at night, hidden and mysterious, and the food is once again on par with the town itself."

Bogor, Java

5. Burma h"From the seductive capital Yangon (where noise-polluting scooters and horn-honking are banned) and the mist-cloaked forests of the Irrawaddy, to the beguiling Inle Lake and stupa-studded Bagan (best viewed from a hot-air balloon at dawn), and not forgetting the grins and handshakes here, there and everywhere, Burma is Asia as it once was."


coletteonice said...

An ironic take on "hot " tourist friendly spots perhaps?I have been to a few of these places..a long time ago now!
Thanks very much aang for your site and the fantastic consistency of your posts/input.
From a very frequent visitor!

Anonymous said...

Did u know about it?

Doug Diggler said...

Venice? You can hear the vacuum cleaner taking the euros right out of your wallet as soon as you leave the train station! Also, watch out when walking at night, some of those staircases go directly in the drink!

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