Friday, December 16, 2011


South of France

You can't live properly on $16 an hour.

"The Center for Automotive Research ... said it expected the Detroit automakers to hire 14,750 hourly employees in the next four years.

"They would receive entry-level wages of $16 to $19 an hour.

"Workers hired before 2007 earn about $29 an hour."

2-Tier Pay.

U.S. Poverty: Census Finds Nearly Half Of Americans Are Poor Or Low-Income

French cafe

Shortly after a deadly h5n1 virus is lab created, Novartis is busily manufacturing a "pre-pandemic" vaccine for h5n1.

Deadly H5N1 created in Lab: 6.5 million Prepandemic H5N1 vaccines produced

BS labs

English Channel

Co-Op wins bid for Lloyds

Nice in France

Libyan Liberation Front News -14.12.2011.]

Repsol, Total, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Conoco Phillips, Saras,BP, Galp and Exxon Mobil.

Libya names 10 winners for its 2012 oil supplies

South of France

Palestine before 1948, and other links

Northern France

Emma West, an Angry Woman With Much to be Angry About.

Paris, France

Gingrich has an unusual connection to Larry Silverstein

I'll Never Do It Again

Paris France

Israeli soldiers lined up, shot and killed 3 little Palestinian girls

French people

"A youth is thrown off one of Britain's cattle-class trains by a thug passenger who looks like he does that for a living, possibly police or military.

"The cattle in the truck cheer this because they immediately and naturally side with authority, as they've been trained to do."

Odd event

French wedding

Indonesia's 'green governor' OKs plan to clear forests that shelter orangutans.

President orders probe into beheadings of Indonesian farmers


subrosa said...

Sometimes I despair at bloggers who make no effort to ensure their facts are reasonably accurate.

The writer of 'odd event' has so much wrong that I've just had to comment. Pity he didn't hear the 'interview' on Radio Scotland earlier this week between the student and the public.

Also, all he had to do was google and find out the incident was filmed by a 27 year old teacher who started filming it after 5 to 10 minutes of the standoff.

But we can all get things wrong sometimes. I'm as guilty as anyone. :)

A. Peasant said...

thank you for the link, aan.

dognamedblue said...

thanks :)

slozo said...

It is actually amazingly easy to live off $16/hr, especially in the US. That's living quite well, in fact - solid middle class, if - and it's a big IF - you know how to spend and save and live within your means.

Too bad that counts as a high wage in the states though.

suraci said...

Subrosa, if you just check your facts about Afghanistan you'll learn what that war is really about, mainly heroin. You can start with this blog or mine, which states it clearly.

Your blog is also full of posts about the military sacrifice, which is one of the deceptions being played on the public; worry about the soldiers, not the validity of the wars or the civilians. Your home page has a link to military charities, so how about one for the real victims, the civilians, in Palestine and everywhere else.

Can I suggest you also stop regarding politics in Scotland as being carried on by Scots serving other Scots. Politicians there are the same as everywhere, bought and paid for when they reach high office. By talking about right and left, you contribute to the illusion of democracy in Scotland and everywhere else.

To end, my blog is not reportage, it is the instinctive thoughts of someone who regularly picks up on the occult nature of what is going on. For example, the second I saw the "big man" I had a feeling he did not work in a shop somewhere, but was in some way part of the NWO, as indeed turned out to be the case. He's a banker.

In this strange event, I still see an occult commentary, possibly even deliberate, as that is how forces you may not believe in actually operate. It's a tricky and illusive subject, but it is at the absolute core of what is going on.

Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan!

Thank you profusely for the link over to my blog.

I am so glad you did it.

That was important stuff, IMO, anyway
There is a follow up post
check it out
and if you wish to link to it
Please do!

This story is cause for some serious concerns...

It appears as if the US wants the lid put on how this was created.
Which definitely gives me the impression we are looking at a bio weapon

stop on by!

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