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William Stanesby

12 year William Stanesby was found dead at his retired naval officer parents' home in June 2011.

An inquest in September recorded an open verdict.

In December 2011, this verdict was overturned and the coroner recorded a new verdict of misadventure.

The second inquest came after William's classmates, at the Judd School in Tonbridge, Kent, told teachers that he had 'previously played the choking game' and that he had shown them what he did.

The game has reportedly killed at least 11 other children in the UK.

Detective Inspector Simon Davy told the inquest that classmates had told a teacher that William had been 'experimenting with what they called the fainting game'.

Pathologist Dr Simon Poole said the cause of death was hanging.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Simon Davy referred to "local speculation" that "behaviour" at Judd School in Tonbridge could have contributed to William's death.

William had been under the care of the NHS Children's and Adolescents Mental Health Service and discharged after a "satisfactory assessment".

'Fainting game' claimed life of tragic 12-year-old This is Kent



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Kieran Alexis said...

you'd be amazed at what boys will do at an all boys school for kicks. i know, i went to one. and we used to do this fainting thing ALL the time [hugging from behind, not with ropes]
same sex schools are awful.
fuck you right up for life, whether you [i] realise it or not.

communal shower time was the worst.
the queer masters always watched you all.
i was never abused, not physically.
apart from being caned for playing the fainting game.
or being punched in the face for 'running' by the queer history master. he really enjoyed it, the sadist - lucky not to have broken my nose.

then there was the queer history teacher at the next school who took the boys out to iron maiden concerts and let them ride pillion on his motorbike. just like the history boys.

ah, memory lane.
lost men . . lost boys. . .turn into lost men . . .

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