Thursday, December 15, 2011


"Everyone I know who has a Virgin email account has had spam sent from their account."

"I just logged into Webmail - I had over 3000 messages."

Virgin Media - admit your security has been compromised.

"Virgin say that automated scripts are being used by hackers to reveal passwords."

"I have just noticed that my spam was sent using an alias email account that I never use.

"The strange thing is that Virgin Media help desk in India last week asked me for my password to this account and made me switch back and forth to this alias."

"I was given a new password by Virginmedia.

"For the WEB logon, the new password does not work, the OLD password still DOES ."

"I work in IT so take security very seriously.

"Owing to the fact everyone else has had this happen, and one other on here has had the spam mail sent out exactly the same time as mine went out, would in my view indicate as others have said that Virginmedia's security was compromised.

"I would think it hugely unlikely that everyone here got infected by the same virus/malware on their machines at the same time especially if some hadn't even logged into their webmail..."

Virgin Media - admit your security has been compromised Page 3 ...

"Ofcom's latest customer satisfaction report is out and it doesn't look good for Virgin Media, which languished at the bottom of two lists representing its core business.

The communications watchdog placed the Virgin Media in last place for landlines and pay TV.

It was second worst in the fixed broadband stakes.

"The volume of Virgin Media punters' gripes have been turned up.

"'Virgin Media customers were less satisfied than average with overall customer service,' said Ofcom."

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

"'There was an increase in the number of issues not satisfactorily resolved, and a decline in customer loyalty since February 2011.'"


aangirfan: HOW TO GET RICH LIKE Richard Branson.

aangirfan: Stagecoach and Virgin


Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan

apologies for the off topic, I am not up on the Virgin media empire...

I want to bring this one to your attention.
Important and IMO it needs a wider audience.

And you are just the schoolgirls to help me with that!

thanks :)

shortly after a deadly h5n1 virus is lab created, Novartis is busily manufacturing a "pre-pandemic" vaccine for .......h5n1

curious, very curious?

thetruthhurts said...

Branson is one of biggest crooks going, not just my thoughts but I know some people who know him and their rather telling comments synchronise with the statement that in all his businesses 'investors are left high and dry and the only person who ever makes money is Branson'. No great surprise to anyone reading this I'm sure.
The thing that gets to me is how just how dim some people can be with this guy. So it seems that if you have some kind of trendy maverick company name like 'virgin', wrapped up with making money out of the music business and align that all up with some sort of mankind enhancement space programme that only the truly rich will ever to be able to afford that this somehow means the Branson empire is above board and 'kosher'.
I find it mystifying that he's allowed to purchase a £800m state owned business for £50m allegedly of his money (which it won't be, this £50m is no doubt syphoned off from the operating capital of his group versus being his own taxed income), and about £200m from some very other dubious character, the rest of the money coming from the cash assets of Northern Rock. In other words the state has given him £500m of taxpayers money, and to cap it all even conservative estimates of Northern Rock value this at £1.3bn. It shows up a stark comparison for example with the Glazers (of whom I'm no admirer either) and their purchase of Manchester United and the hositility of the average man in the street to these guys.
Branson reminds me a lot of Maxwell, you know he's in something or other up to his neck and is always in the public limelight basking in the vanity of it all. It wouldn't upset me in the least if he has a similarly spectacular fall from grace, it is the time of year for miracles to happen I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Sir Richard Branson hosts fund raising to continue search for Madeline McCann...but...suspicions arise about Bilderberg Branson participation '...

Check out disturbing pics of 'happy McCann parents'; read comments from man who described toddler Madeline performing oral sex act

Book on 'lies and cover-ups of Madeline's death'-see YouTube video link showing cadaver dogs 'responding' to Madeline's scent and evidence of human blood

Anonymous said...

Shit, thetruthhurts, a bloody pom using american tactics - we can't have that!


suraci said...

Tricky Dicky's connected, a real throwback to the feudal lord type, though they are making a big come back in this New World.

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