Thursday, December 01, 2011


No Iran strike 'for the moment' says the Israel defence minister

"Under present circumstances, a military strike against Iran is not strategically possible for the United States."

Iran Threat Is a Tactic: Main Goal Is to Checkmate Syria

Syria, Iran's ally, is to be dealt with first

Iran Threat Is a Tactic: Main Goal Is to Checkmate Syria


A13 said...

Hi Aang, I was thinking this same scenario:

Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Who funds the wars? Is it the Fed Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank? Is the Fed part of the World Bank, or the IMF? The same '?' for IMF and WB. Who is funding NATO, and the nations of NATO. I know how the banks get their money, but what banks are rolling out the credit for these wars, or the military industrial complex? Anything, from anyone would be great.

Doesn't Iran already have a central bank? I know Libya did not, among other things it did not have.

Anonymous said...

One last question...

The White Dragon Society/ White Hat Society.

Any truth to this actually being a society that is opposing the NWO, or is that just BS.

Anonymous said...

China will start WWWIII to protect Iran

Ron Paul warns of trade war with China-says US foreign policy 'over=extended'

Iran, Rissia, China friendship-NWO chess games-military strategy for power and control

Penny said...

thanks for the link too aangirfan!
much appreciated

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:09, I have read that there are various factions fighting to wrest global power attempts from corrupt Illuminati/NWO. Apparently, there is BIG money behind these 'good' factions. Heretofore, I knew of no direct named groups so White Dragon means the fight is open and so this is great news! Thanks so much for sharing as a quick glance showed White Dragon overtly engaged in global political negotiations. We may just win this fight. Best news and cheers to you!

nobody said...

Says I, there's a dozen or so families, all intermarried, and the sundry banks, such as they are, all belong to them. Effectively they operate as a single entity. Underneath this are various coat-tail riders who are free to do as they wish as long as none of it goes against the families. If things appear chaotic then everything is as it should be.

Lê Thanh Đức said...

Solutions 'nuclear' Iran

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