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The CIA has suffered a setback.

On 5th December 2011, the campaign to change Britain's unfair extradition laws scored a success in the UK parliament.

A motion calling for 'urgent reform' to the US/UK treaty on extradition was passed uncontested by UK members of parliament.

The treaty is being used to try to send Gary McKinnon, an Asperger's syndrome sufferer, to America.

Gary McKinnon is wanted for hacking U.S military computers while searching for evidence of 'little green men'.

Conservative MP Dominic Raab led the debate in the UK parliament.

He said that the motion calling for reform was about defending 'the price we place on the liberty of our citizens and the value we ascribe to that cornerstone of British justice – innocent until proven guilty.'

The motion is not binding on the Government.

Members of Parliament want changes to both the 2003 UK/US treaty and a separate extradition deal with Brussels.


A comment in the UK's Daily mail:

"This is good news. The bad news is that the US Senate is passing a bill to allow the arrest, indefinite detention without trial, of any citizen of any country anywhere, and allowing some to be detained if found innocent by a jury."

Free Gary McKinnon


suraci said...

Any info on this:



Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

Gary McKinnon is no threat to anybody. Asperger people come accross as really super intellegent geniuses, but they can be like babies unable to even do basic things. Some of the people who are worried about Gary McKinnon have not got a clue about Asperger Syndrome. A doctor explained it to me so simply. He said it was like a plant growing in the dark. It grows super fast and spindly, but collapses with the slightest bit of wind. Asperger people are obsessive once they get an idea in their head thats all they want to think about day and night. The world is a scary place for people with Asperger Syndrome. Asperger People will sometimes do the most seemingly boring things over and over again, its not boring for them though. They will watch a film over and over again, until everyone is sick of it and especially if the Asperger Syndrome person starts joining in the film, by saying all the lines. If you take them to a play of a film production they will be sure to embarress you by joining in with the actors and annoying everyone else. They have to be told things everyone assumes they ought to know. When they learn to brush their teeth at the age of 24 without being told to, you have cause for a celebration. That is what it is like for Asperger people. They are not mad, they just have this thing called Aseperger Syndrome that makes them obsessed with things. They home in on one thing, the whole world could fall to bits, they wouldnt notice, as long as they have their gameboy or plastic farm animals or Richard Scarry books or whatever it is they are obsessed about.

They should leave that poor man alone and let him have his life. They should stop being so paranoid about him. Block Nasa from his computer then, but let him be.

Anonymous said...

Your exactly right,Zoompad!!!
"They should leave that poor man alone".
*Even though the CIA were the ones that created crack-cocaine(Gary Webb's Dark Alliance) .
Until Obama,everyone else Ronald Reagan thru Dubya(Includes Bill Clinton)got a successful presidental thru their Mena Arkansas connections.
That's what makes the Zionist-Jewish USA what it is.
The USA always loves sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.

That's why i come to DESPISE the Country was born and raised in!!!
The Mena airport was

Anonymous said...

Rallying around McKinnon. However, silence on the gross injustice faced by wog muzzie Babar Ahmad locked up for going on 7 years without charge, awaiting extradition and "trial" by yanks. UK is as racist and zio-servient as ever.

Zoompad said...

Don't despise your countrymen though. It;s the big paranoid bullies at the top who are responsible for the madness. There are lots of really lovely American people, who are fed up of the big bullies. I know a lot of people are on prescription drugs, they numb you so you dont think straight. Yesterday I had an eye operation, under local anasthetic, but I was so nervouis when I had the first one the surgeon told me to take 5 Diazapan beforehand, to calm me, so I did. I felt really zonked out afterwards, I crashed into the door when I got home and was like I was floating on air. Some of that prescription stuff is so strong, and people are taking it day in day out just to cope with pressure at work and everywhere. Theres something dreadfully wrong with the way people are so distanced to one another these days, like we havent got time for one another, and the big bullies like it like that, they want us all seperated, like battery hens in little invisible cages, they encourage us all to twit tales on each other. They want people to report people who stink up the streets with dog poo to the police, when the correct thing to do is to yell HOI! AREN'T YOU GOING TO PICK THAT UP THEN? and if they ignore you to yell "WELL I HOPE YOU STEP IN IT AND STINK UP YOUR OWN CARPETS THEN" , no need for any twitting to the police, people dont like being shamed like that, it works, because its too nasty having people shouting "HOI" at you every time you let your dog poo in the street and leave it. Of course, if the person punches you, or sets the dog on you, then it might become a police matter, but as I always have a nice hard pair of boots on when I go walking that wouldnt bother me too much as the boots would be put to good effect with a nice hard kick and a thump with my handbag for good measure, in self defence of course. We have to stop relying on the police to sort out this mundane day to day stuff. They might have more time then to arrest these big bullying criminals who are wrecking the land.

Thailand said...

The US authorities should be falling over themselves to employ Gary
Those yanks are the stupidest race on earth
What makes them think they can dictate to the world
They have invaded more countries than any other country, killing thousands
If their computers were that easy to hack, then Gary should have a well paid job with them
The US and its people are the dumbest race and are over stepping their selves

They remind me a bit of the Roman empire...invading many countries, while at home their economy is in ruins

About time the British people stood up and said enough is enough...being bossed about by gungho Americans!!
Gary is British and should not serve any sentence, instead be given a high profile job
I wish more people would hack the US...they do it to other countries...
I could go on...I was married to an American and his brain was as big as a peanut
I am a Thai girl and know more than he ever would
Good luck Gary

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