Saturday, December 10, 2011


According to The Economist (The cracks appear):

"Putin still seems pretty popular, with approval ratings of around 40%.

"Nothing is likely to stop him winning the presidency in March."

There have been allegations of vote rigging in the recent parliamentary elections in Russia.

According to The Economist (Russia's election: Losing their grip):

"Opinion pollsters say that across the country this kind of rigging rarely changes the outcome by much more than 5%.

"The irony is that United Russia could probably have won 45% of the vote anyway."

The main opposition party in Russia is the Communist party.

The CIA may want them to return to power.

A former Indian ambassador, M K Bhadrakumar, at Asia Times, has recently written about Russia.

Bear nettles the eagle, dragon smiles /Bear nettles the eagle, dragon smiles

From this we learn:

1. Putin's United Russia has just won 238 seats in Russia's 450-member parliament.

2. Putin has alleged that 'hundreds of millions' of foreign money was used to influence Russia's elections.

3. China is supporting Putin.

China and Russia are supporting Assad in Syria.

"The Russian-Chinese coordination is at an all-time high level. Their 'joint' veto in the United Nations Security Council over the resolution regarding Syria has no parallel."

4. China and Russia are blocking the US moves to impose additional sanctions on Iran.

5. China and Russia both oppose US-NATO military bases in Afghanistan.


Zoompad said...

Max Keiser of RT. Thats not his real name, his real name is Timothy Maxwell, and he is an American film producer and stockbroker. He hosts On The Edge for Iran's Press TV. I am trying to find out if he is related to Jordan Maxwell. Jordon Maxwells videos are on sale at all the UK Column (Brian Gerrish) conferences, and Brian uses Edge TV as well. I am very worried about the agenda of the UK Column, as I have been abmonished for trying to show people what 2 American paedophiles Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager were influincing the secret family courts all over the world. I was shocked to get told off for doing that, and have posts removed from the UK Column. I also had a big bust up recently over John Hemming, who used to post on MFJ along with people from Real Fathers For Justice and Families Need Fathers and other mens rights groups, but they were all verbally abusing me on there because I was posting the truth about Underwager and Gardner. Sorry if I am like a broken record about this, but I want to get at the truth.

I was on RT, a video with me very prominantly holding up the Magna Carta in front of a big orange banner at the Stafford conference Child Stealing By The State. I have written to Max Keiser from RT and pointed this out (I only found out I was on TV by another anti child abuse campaigner telling me) and I am surprised that I have had no response at all from anyone involved with RT so far. I wrote about that and the fact that Stuart Syvret is in prison, which I thought they might have been interested in.

Anonymous said...

WTF, what an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:19 Suspicious

Anonymous said...

Putin warns USA/USA $$$ to stay out of Russia domestic politics

dognamedblue said...

if you have facebook max keiser has a page with some family history on it about his maxwell heritage [if I remember rightly he can even be a clan leader here in scotland]

rt had some interesting footage of a man trying to change the ballot papers at a counting station in russia

dognamedblue said...

oh & for the record, max has never hidden what his name is, who his family is, what he used to do & what he does now, it's all on public record

Dragon Face said...

@ZOOPAD it's unlikely that Max Keiser aka Timothy Maxwell could be related , the reason being that Jordan Maxwel's real name is Russle Pines.

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