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What is a psychopath?

New research suggests that:

1. A psychopath doesn't have just one condition, but a blend of conditions.

2. The psychopath is shaped partly by his or her environment.

3. Psychopaths can be helped.


According to the article "Psychopathy: A misunderstood personality disorder":

"Psychopathy appears to be a complex, multifaceted condition marked by blends of personality traits reflecting differing levels of disinhibition, boldness, and meanness.

"And scientific findings also suggest that a sizable subgroup of juvenile and adult offenders labeled as psychopathic are actually more emotionally disturbed than emotionally detached, showing signs of anxiety and dysphoria (depression)...

"Psychopathy is not just a matter of genes - it appears to have multiple constitutional causes that can be shaped by environmental factors...

"Recent empirical work suggests that youth and adults with high scores on measures of psychopathy can show reduced violent and other criminal behavior after intensive treatment."

Hitler, Stalin, Bush / SECRET BACKERS

Jennifer Skeem is Professor of Psychology and Social Behaviour at the University of California.

She is one of the authors of the new study of psycopaths.

The study is to be published in the journal Psychological Science.

According to Professor Skeem: 'Psychopathy tends to be used as a label for people we do not like, cannot understand, or construe as evil.'

'However, there is increasing evidence that it is a confluence of several different personality traits.'

'It appears to have multiple constitutional causes that can be shaped by environmental factors.'

Does the CIA create psychopaths with its MK ULTRA brainwashing of children?

Prof Skeem emphasises that psychopaths often have no history of violent behaviour or criminal convictions.

She says: 'Psychopathy cannot be equated with extreme violence or serial killing.

'Psychopaths do not appear different in kind from other people, or inalterably dangerous.'

Read more:

"The literal explosion of 'schizophrenia' in the US in the early seventies was clearly due to a massive expansion of the Monarch Program here.

"I worked in a mental hospital before that and in the entire state there were only fifty or so people who were institutionalized with this diagnosis.

"Three years later there were at least ten times that number and the state mental hospital had been closed in the meantime." - Don Croft (Continued here: Paranoid Schizophrenia or Mind Control?)




A. Peasant said...

the psychopaths must be laughing their asses off over that study.

Zoompad said...

Jesus can cure anybody but they have to want to be healed. And if you've done bad things to people you have to accept the consequences, like, if you have to go to prison or if you have murdered lots of people and they are going to hang you for it. Thats what I think anyway, but I'm a Christian and believe in eternal life.

I think psychopaths are always wriggling out of unpleasant things. You can't do that all the time, unpleasant things happen to everyone, wether you want them to or not. Psychopaths always try to blame other people to wriggle out of things, and are very clever at telling ties and being believed. I suppose thats why God put dont tell lies so high up in the 10 commandments, because if you start telling lies and get good at it you could end up turning into a psychopath. Thats what I think anyway.

I don't think the school Tony Blair went to was a very nice school though. There seem to have been some very perverted men in charge of the boys from what I have read about it.

Anonymous said...

"Prof Skeem emphasises that psychopaths often have no history of violent behaviour or criminal convictions".

Clearly, Skeem has not been targeted by a psychopath. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Can be cured with 'intensive treatment' eg. electric chair intervention, lethal chemical dosage or severance at the neck.


Anonymous said...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I grew up with a psychopathic younger brother. None of us were perfect (there were 5 kids) but his actions totally threw off family dynamics and made for many problems for us all.

His childhood behaviour was textbook. Pity on the next brother, a year younger, a sweet kid, who had to prove to every teacher he had that he was not cut from the same class. ("You're X's brother, sit at the front where I can watch you") He was also recipient of the most of the physical violence.

Even at a very young age he would give his little brother to his friends to bully. (But he's only my brother, HE's my FRIEND.)

My folks did everything they could but nothing really helped. At the time.

Now he is 59. He is wealthy and a pillar of his community. He got there through a lot of hard work but his foundations were based on a forged university degree, a skill learned behind bars. From then on great conman skills and a lot of sincere hard work made his fortune, and he has done very well for himself in a field that has benefited all including his clients. His career has been stellar...

He does international travel tied in with major humanitarian work and I think that has made a difference in his outlook even if his behaviours sometimes fall back into old patterns. Traveling through the subcontinent helping bring vision to the impaired seemed to bring about a great change in him, but he was by then into middle age and a made man, not beset by the same old devils.

Two days spent in his company, however, and the old ways are apparent.... the aggressiveness, the lies, etc etc etc and he does wrestle with his demons a lot.

The only thing for sure was, as an adult he adored Mom and did everything he could to spoil her and she really believed he had changed. To be honest, we kept urging her to write her biography because her life was so exciting but she refused because she did not want to speak of his younger days and ruin his current success.

Over the years he has worked hard to gain spirituality and grow. I think that psychopathy comes in degrees. I also believe that it is worse in those for whom no effort is made to help them... or for those in whom it is encouraged.

Who knows where my bro would have ended up if he had not had all the help and attention and the amazing childhood our parents provided?

It manifests itself in a million different ways not always at all obvious. I know my bro would be horridly upset to see what I have written here.

I don't think it can be cured but it can be moderated.... but rarely is. Of course now they just drug anyone, if we had grown up today I am sure he would have been forced onto an extremely drugged regimen.

nobody said...

Hullo Aang, nice to read a nuanced view of the subject. I've never much cared for the whole 'ponerology' there's-nowt-to-be-done-but-kill-them vibe. It was big as Smoking Mirrors. Probably still is.

In this regard, my touchstone is Pu'yi, the last emperor of China. Go watch Bertolucci's Last Emperor and watch the deprogramming that takes place with Pu'yi under the communists. I declare that that would work for anyone, even a Rothschild. Whomever it is is merely locked in a prison with a single task: to write a truthful account of their life. The jailer's task is to be implacable in refusing to accept bullshit. The 'psychopath' may not leave the prison until he has fully fessed up. To the jailers, sure, but mostly to himself.

That's all there is to it.

andie531 said...

This can be caused by issues with the frontotemporal area of the brain

Such damage can be caused by substance abuse as well as by some sort of trauma.

Zoompad said...

I'm one of those who has yelled "STRING THEM UP FROM LAMPPOSTS". It's the pain they cause, you say things like that when you are in agony, because psychopaths cause so much damage and are so utterly ruthless.

You say things in pain that you would never ever say when you are in your right mind, like women screeching "NEVER AGAIN" when they are in labour with their first child (then go on to have another 2 kids!)

It's actually catching the psychopaths that is the difficult part, because they are so slippery, like eels, catching hold of them is just like trying to pick up an eel. They disarm people with their charm, they ooze charisma. They leave a trail of disaster wherever they go, but somehow come out of it without the muck actually sticking onto them.

But I agree, now that I can step back, bow I am not being torn apart in those blasted evil secret family courts, it's not right to be wanting to execute people. The Lord God is the author of life and its not our right to take life away from someone else. That idea of forcing psychopaths to fess up, that is a good one.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is whether psycopatholoy can be cured or healed and is that done both through behavior modification and spirituality.

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