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Nordine Amrani, aged 33, was born in Belgium.

At an early age, Amrani was orphaned.

Amrani was brought up in foster homes.

Amrani was not a Moslem.

Amrani was about to get married.


Amrani had convictions for possession of illegal weapons, drugs and sexual assaults.

Amrani has been accused of carrying out the shootings in Liege on 13 December 2011.


According to Richard Cottrell, former European MP (Conservative) and author of Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe:


Amrani is "the stereotype patsy ... exactly like Breivik in Norway...

"In the early 1980s, a group of heavily armed gunmen terrorized supermarkets and other shops in the Brabant region near Brussels.

"The gunmen fired at random at bystanders during a series of robberies between 1982 and 1985, killing 28 people and injuring many more.

"The victims included unfortunate shoppers who were cut down in cold blood by machine gunners in busy supermarkets and parking lots.

"The official Belgian parliamentary inquiry... concluded the perpetrators were ...associated with Belgian secret services...

Top Belgian politician Andre Cools knew too much about top US politicians' links to Belgian crime and was assassinated in Liege.

"In 2006, the guns and the ammunition used in the Brabant massacres were finally traced, to the ... branch of the NATO Belgian stay-behind army of secret soldiers called 'the Special Intervention Squadron' - the one known within the Gladio command structure as the 'Diana (from the Hunter) Organization'"

The King of Belgium in Liege. His name was linked to the Dutroux affair.

Belgium has just got a new prime minister.

"The European Council’s president is the Belgian political retread Herman von Rompuy.

"He is busily, not to say obsessively, involved in trying to push through fast-track European currency union on the back of the wholly artificial and contrived euro currency crisis."

The Liege shootings are "subliminally intended to cement support for the infant government which has just been formed...

"Secondly, the attack concentrates attention once again on the presence of 450,000 immigrants or long term residents of Islamic origin."


Dutroux was released from prison early. Reportedly the Belgian police helped him to kidnap children so they could be abused by top people, including police and judges.

In 2003, Nordine Amrani was given a two year suspended sentence for rape.

In 2007, the police visited Nordine Amrani's home and found rocket launchers, powerful rifles, and ammunition.

The police also found thousands of cannabis plants.

Amrani was sent to jail in 2008.

Amrani was on parole when the Liege shootings took place.

Why was he not under closer supervision?

He managed to obtain a FAL Belgian assault rifle, grenades and other weapons soon after his early release from prison in October 2010.




Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Video of panicked crowds after gunman attack.

How is it that this video captures panoramic view of panicked crowds and zoom focus on bridge,etc????

Video seems to be convenient media 'plant' to me, especially reference to 'two year old children'. Psych ops...more psychological terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Unsure if I attached correct url for Belgium psych ops video; here it is:

Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan

Yup, this guy has manchurian candidate written all over him.

Also noticed the media was attempting to create the perception that this guy is a muslim

Reports such as this

"He is of Moroccan descent"

And the relevancy of this statement?

Other then to connect him to muslims?

Oh yeah, there is no relevancy!

The man is a Belgian, born and bred.

Anonymous said...

Liege...interesting name for site of Belgium psych ops massacre. Liege is feudal term and refers to allegiance to the British Crown, "Nemo potest exuere patriam".

Anonymous said...

Connections: Leige and City of London

1) The City of London boundaries "...have remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages...and is considered to be "..a major business and financial centre, ranking above New York City as the leading centre of global finance..."
2) David Cameron vows to 'protect' City of London from EU attacks
3) Belgium founding member of EU and host to NATO headquarters
4) Leige is Belgium city, site of psych ops/Gladio style massacre
5) Leige is also feudal term referring to allegiance to British Crown, "Nemo potest exuere patriam"


Anonymous said...

further to Leige as tactical strategy/psych op/Britania rule: WWWI, German (Prince Phillip) invasion of Leige

starviego said...

And let's not forget numerous reports in the first hours of at least two additional gunmen.

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