Sunday, December 04, 2011


YouTube has redesigned its website.

70% of users do not like the changes, according to one poll (YouTube Redesign Targets Sharing, But Misses Mark)

Hours after YouTube put out a video explaining the changes, 6,703 members had clicked the "dislike" button.

2,280 clicked "like" (presumably employees of YouTube?).

"The layout is a mess! Why can't I remove vids which I've already watched?" wrote one member.

Others wrote "R.I.P. Youtube" and "Change it back".

The new design promotes:

1. Commercial entertainment (soft porn)

2. Celebrities (rich friends of Israel)

3. TV channels (propaganda).

So, we'll be seeing more Madonna, Obama, violence, soft porn...

YouTube has been attracting over 3 billion video views per day.

Will the more 'active' consumers desert when they discover it almost impossible to find their favourite type of non-commercial videos, when using 'search'.

YouTube is becoming more like a down-market TV channel of the sort that is watched only by 'passive' viewers.

We get the impression that more and more people are switching off the internet sites that are crammed with adverts and difficult to navigate.

Will the advertisers desert when they discover that most people these days have no money to buy their products.

Perhaps all the adverts will be for gold watches and luxury yachts.

We suspect that YouTube will survive, for a time.

But it does appear to be going the way of so many American companies (American Airlines, Enron, Readers' Digest...)

American corporations are useless at design; useless at listening to the customers; and useless at ethics.

We'll probably be hacked.


aangirfan: January 2010: AVOID THOMAS COOK?


November 2011: Thomas Cook shares collapse on news of bank talks.

Sell Google.


dognamedblue said...

I quickly changed back, there's a submit option which I spent a couple of minutes writing why I didn't like the new design & when I pressed send it disappeared telling me I couldn't [words to that effect] lol

Anonymous said...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

YouTube has been going down the tubes for awhile now. I have never come across so much hasbara and hatred as there. One comment the Ziobabies don't like and you are totally inundated with hate message. I keep a blog there but visit only every few days.

I have found my messages are all too frequently unaccepted when I try to post them despite my civility and end up going to the posters; comments sections if need be.

Like many newspapers on line, (MSM types) the sexy stuff along the side of the page is meant as a distraction technique if you are there for anything remotely serious.. I did tend to get peeved by the adds for Jewish or Zionist crud on my page but I think that it is designed that way.

I know, for example, when I go in everywhere I look and the pop ups on the screen are for bariatric surgery whilst my daughter gets similar stuff for men's tailoring from Singapore. Another gets modelling stuff from some site. Each of us has done a search for these things elsewhere in our PC and this seems to be a trigger.

There is a reason the young men who created YouTube are attending Bilderberg meetings and getting so much positive press about their genius, yada yada yada... do the math....

It's the information thing and I don't mean the information we can dig up on what interests us so much as the interest of Big Sis and Bro in what we say and do and think.

aferrismoon said...

RE: video - The new Justin Bieber?

Record execs have signed super-sexy toddler pimped out by his Mom.


Kieran Alexis said...


I closed my account 2 weeks ago on a whim. Decided it was Passe . . . and had been for AGES . . .

Good timing.

Soon, we'll outgrow the internet.

Very soon.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many ads like in the last couple months. It did not used to be like this. I think the company is not making enough money to survive. It sounds like we are in the make of another tech bubble like the dot com bubble. Facebook is one of the most useless sites that was ever created. That social network is not worth ten dollars. It is definetely a create source of data for the CIA/Mossad. Maybe, just maybe YouTube already had its purpose and the time to shut it down arrived.

Anonymous said...

"The FBI Tried To Cover Up Mystery Hack Into Water Systems

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI or as the Judiciary Report likes to call them FIB) is facing difficult questioning, regarding hackers breaking into SCADA water systems in America (could cause contamination, flooding, drought ect...). Initially the FBI lied to the public, claiming no such hack occurred. However, they were forced to admit otherwise, also known as the truth, when documents were made public indicating hackers did indeed break into the water supply system computers for 3 U.S. cities.

The FBI punctuated the breach by stating "no damage was done" as if that made everything okay. That’s not the point. Once again, you lied. Any breach is a serious breach, as when hackers break-in but inflict no immediate damage, it is a test run for something worse. Water and sewer department officials need to be on high alert. Something is wrong."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It was said by someone long ago that what they really want is to turn the
'Net into a great big home shopping channel.

Anonymous said...

H.R. 4175, the "Privacy and Cybercrime Enforcement Act of 2007"

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