Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Israel wants its Arab neighbours to be weak and divided. For Israel, the Arab Spring is going well.

There are new protests in Benghazi.


In February 2011, the CIA and its friends used 'protests' in Benghazi to start a revolt.

In December 2011, Libyans are again demonstrating in Benghazi.

"Gaps have emerged between a Tripoli-based NTC and the people," says a doctor, quoted by Time.

"Benghazi is not well represented (in the new government)"

Many in Benghazi complain about the worsening economic situation.

Benghazi, which was prosperous under Gaddafi.

Abd al-Basit al-Fituri, a clerk at the local courthouse, is quoted as saying: "the banks are still closed and that we can't even get our money out. The situation is worse now than it was before."

According to Mohamed Bayu: "We don't know where our money is going. We don't know how the NTC is choosing new members. The NTC must stand up and say what it stands for."

An anonymous government official says of the new government: "We don't know how the new members were chosen, what the criteria used to select them was. I see only judges and lawyers and people good at lying."

Benghazi Political Science Professor Salah al-Sanussi says: "They have failed to answer the demands of the people and violence against the politicians is possible."


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james said...

I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you!

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