Monday, December 12, 2011


In Egypt, some Islamist candidates and religious scholars want to:

1. Destroy ancient monuments - seen as a form of idol worship

2. Ban mixed sex beaches

3. Ban bikinis

4. Ban alcohol

5. Ban gambling

Egypt's Islamists and tourism

The Islamists are expected to win two thirds of the seats in the Egyptian parliament.

Nader Bakkar, spokesman for the Salafist (Islamist) party says:

"We do want to see a type of Halal tourism ... such as segregation of beaches."

Not surprisingly, Egypt's economic woes mount

AFP reports:

"The fall of foreign currency reserves and the decline in tourism seriously complicates the economic situation," says Samer Suleiman, economics professor at the American University of Cairo.

"The large scores of Islamist parties in the first phase of elections will make investors nervous," he added.

(Egypt's economic woes mount)

The Muslim Brotherhood party and the fundamentalist Al-Nur (Salafi) party have won two thirds of the votes so far.

Both are committed to having sharia law.

Foreign investments have fallen from $6.8 billion in 2010 to $2.2 billion this year.

Foreign reserves have fallen from $36 billion at the beginning of the year to $20 billion.

By February, they are expected to fall to $15 billion, a level at which it will be difficult to pay for imports such as wheat, analysts say.

Egypt is the world's biggest wheat importer.

The army has recently lent the central bank $1 billion to help shore up its finances.

Inflation has reached 9.1%.

(Egypt's economic woes mount)

Expect more violence.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

The thought of the destruction of the great monuments of Egypt leaves me almost speechless. It is bad enough that these repressive organizations want to take the people back beyond the stone ages for Egypt has always been a liberal and brilliant culture.

The world was aghast when the arrogant Talibani blew up the ancient Buddhas. It was shocking although personally I have never felt much connection to Buddha, but this, Egypt, monuments that fuel the country's tourism and still hold so much knowledge to yet be understood, is a crime against all of humanity.

Last week the "naked blogger girl" was badly assaulted when she was seen in public at Tahrir. Her actions had previously caused a reaction taken as she intended, a political not a pornographic act a la Lady Godiva. But she was badly set upon by those who took the strict Sharia mindset and barely escaped.

THIS is the new Egypt thanks to those Masonic NWO assets, the Brotherhood whose aim is to continue growing the rift between East and West, to feed the "clash of civilizations" mindset and create more fanatics, just as it is the task of the Arabian Wahhabis from whom arose the Taliban.

My Arabian male friends are unhappy about this.They are good practicing solid Muslims with strong values, they like the mystery of the scarf, but not the whole repressive burga or abaya mindset. Their problem is, despite being highly educated, and under employed, is saving enough $$$ to leave the country because for every step you take there are official fees as well as baksheesh to ensure the paper does not "get lost in the shuffle".

A world without the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the temples, the great carvings of Ramses, etc etc would be much impoverished on all levels. These things have been especially dear to me since my childhood, always been into Egypt. As a young woman my idea of a romantic afternoon was being stuck in the Royal Museum of Ontario with my sweetie, (usually a snowstorm) and having a small picnic in front of the Wall of Hatshepsut trying to decipher just what we were reading. The wall has since been returned to Egypt. What a waste .....

This would not be the worst thing to happen to the world, but it would impoverish humanity unbelievably... And Egypt would lose its most important tourist assets, the things that set it apart from every other culture on the planet.

Anonymous said...

disconcerting juxtapose of burqua and beach

Franz said...

So typical.

Western Masonic types have always wanted PARTS of the Ancient World erased, lest the unwashed start to think for themselves.

So they get hick locals to do their dirty work whenever they can.

Here in Ohio a consortium of morons with more money than brains tried to reconfigure, and privatize, the Great Serpent Mound. It was to become a golf course/resort. It took activism and money to chase them away, but they (or someone like them) will be back.

They know what they don't want us to see, which is why seeing becomes all the more important.

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