Friday, December 09, 2011


"Star was happy to stay with me all day; gave me kisses on a regular basis; she was just a beautiful creature...

"I got more emotion and love back from Star than any of them...

"A fabulous, clever and very clean member of the family! Very sadly missed."

- C. Stockport

Studies on rats have been carried out at the University of Chicago.

The studies show that rats are kind hearted, generous creatures.

Professor Jaak Panksepp said: ''There is no question that all other animals have emotional feelings. The science is strong for that.''

The research shows that rats help cage-mates in distress and selflessly share their treats with them.

The research team say that empathy is not unique to humans.

Researcher Professor Mason said: 'When we act without empathy, we are acting against our biological inheritance.

'If humans would listen and act on their biological inheritance more often, we' d be better off.'


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought rats had more emotional empathy than the global fascist elite?

On the other hand... maybe it isn't so surprising...

What about reptiles?

After all, it seems that the globalists are in touch with their "reptilian brain".

What jumps off the page, both here and other websites, given the mass amount pedaphilia among the elite and their other activities, they are lacking in empathy for their fellow man and just about everything else.

No Christmas presents under the tree for the elite.

Just a lump of coal in their stocking.

thetruthhurts said...

Because animals aren't subject to corruption.
I have always raised an eyebrow at the phrase 'behaving like animals', usually the most misplaced quote in the language.

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture of the rats....

nobody said...

And that's the truth of Darwin! Darwin and the Buddha mesh utterly and have nothing in conflict.

Anyone who wants to tell you about 'survival of the fittest', or 'dog eat dog', or any of that shite that comes under the misnomer of 'Social Darwinism' is either a liar or a fool - a fool who utterly fails to understand the beauty of what Darwin discovered.

Nice one Aang, three desultory pieces and all of them spot on.

Anonymous said...

Darwinism (animals and people)....hunger drives are innate. Graphic picture of male polar bear cannablism.

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