Sunday, December 11, 2011


The three "who sold Libya to NATO". 1. General Souleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi 2. General Abdel Fateh Younès 3. General Ahmed Kaddaf ad-Dam.

On 10 December, the editorial in The Hindu, the third most widely read English newspaper in India, is entitled Libya betrayed

According to The Hindu:

1. Libya's interim government has failed to restrain its militias.

These militias control several parts of Libya.

These militias have been killing thousands of alleged Gaddafi supporters.

Reliable Libyan observers refer to arbitrary killings, arrests, and torture.

There have been racist lynchings of African migrant labourers mistaken for mercenaries.

2. Berber leaders boycotted the November 24 swearing-in of the cabinet.

3. Nato deployed U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 to cause violent regime change.

4. The U.N. states that the new government's forces committed atrocities during the uprising.

5. Interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim El Keib could well conclude that all Libyans have been betrayed by their so-called friends and helpers in Nato.


Gunmen have tried to assassinate the new head of the Libyan army

The Associated press reported that, on 10 December 2011, gunmen tried to kill the head of the Libyan army, General Khalifa Hifter.

The attack in Tripoli set off hours of gunbattles along the main road to the airport.

Armed men in Tripoli also attacked one of Libya's largest military bases, the Katiba Hamza base.



aferrismoon said...

The Libyan woman who claimed she was gang-raped shares her surname with one of the generals -

Eman Al-Obeidi


Anonymous said...

dognamedblue said...

there's an informative webster tarperly interview from infowars, being shown for a second time on uk sky 203 showcase2 [tonight] that backs up what you've been posting recently, plus plenty of extra juicy global info, been trying to find it on youtube but might be too soon

dognamedblue said...

following that tarperly interview there's an even better one [I don't completely agree with all he says mainly about nuclear power when we now have electrolysis of water] with a woman called isyber, she's US public school educated assistant to policy makers, travelled the world back in the 50's to all the hot spots, talks about how the UN back then sent in belgian troops to katanga to raper & butcher women & children, I thought the ones doing it now were just a new occurance but they've been doing it for decades

Anonymous said...

Congo/Katanga was notorious for the abuse and murders. It was so bad the Swedes were forbidden to ever leave their compound (worked with one who was there). There was a child-abuse ring (just the one?) with both ranking-officers and top civilians that was so bad they actually had to disband it and send the guys home. I knew guys who were there, mercs, and they were incensed they were being blamed for all that - it was THE GOOD GUYS doing it, not them!!! The UN. Who, just as in Yugoslavia, were selling the Red Cross food and medical-supplies you opened your wallets to give to charity for. Not to mention selling arms to all and sundry they day they shipped home. A lot of guys put together a good pension fund for themselves. Read a book by a Swede once who was in the Foreign Legion during WWII up in Narvik. The Legion was so hated for the rape and pillage they thought was part of their wages the locals joined the invading GERMANS to fight them off! The Brits asked the French to actually try some fighting -the Germans, preferably - to get sneered at, had to give up and sail home, beaten, couldn't hold Narvik on their own. Do you wonder why I DON'T honour and respect our armed-forces? Can't mention what I think of politicians, blue doesn't print very well and it is soon Xmas.

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