Monday, December 26, 2011


In the USA, a study by Boise State University found that 60% of heterosexual women have been sexually attracted to other women.

In the USA, the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) has found that sexual activity between teenage girls has increased.

And, teenage pregnancy has gone down.

In 2002, 5% of 17-year-old girls claimed to have had sex with other girls.

Figures from 2006 to 2008 showed that 11% of 17-year-old girls claimed to have had sex with other girls.

In 2002, 63% of 17-year-old girls claimed to have had sex with males.

Figures from 2006 t0 2008 showed that 46% claimed to have had sex with males.

Same-sex contact among girls on the rise

Boys will hate me if I come out gay


Zoompad said...

I remember when I was 11 having a crush on a female teacher at my school. It wasn't sexual, I thought she was really pretty and liked being near her, but I didn't know about sex, that was before I got raped. I do remember the agony aunt in teenage magazines talking about teenage crushes though, and the advice was always that the crush would wear off when the girl started noticing boys. But those were the days when childrens heads were not constantly and deliberatly being filled up from morning to night with sex from all media outlets and when childrens programs were more varied. Then the Saturday childrens adventure programs seemed to dissapear and pop music seemed to be the only thing tv producers seemed to think kids would be interested in. Wether deliberatly or not I am not sure, but they have rammed sex down the throats of young people for decades, and it all seemed to start in the 70s, they wont let them be kids, they wont let them have an innocent childhood, they force them to deal with issues like sex before they are mature enough to do so. No wonder so many kids are confused and depressed.

Anonymous said...

Girls being attracted to other girls is very common in our present society, i personally enjoy being playful around girls and checking out female teachers. i think its hot.

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