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Boy's heartbreaking letter to Santa is focus of new Christmas campaign against domestic violence


Are FAMILY COURTS run py pedophile rings?

On 8 December 2011, The Ellis County Observer reports on how, in the USA, the justice system appears to be involved in child sexual abuse and child porn.

"Children are taken away from safe parents, and forced to live with abusive parents.

"Is this because the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back?

"All involved would be local police, judges, children services, attorneys and even medical examinars."

Los Angeles California by Nserrano

The following are examples from California, listed by The Ellis County Observer:

Amador County

In 1996, the family court took three children away from their 'good' mother and gave them to their father.

This was AFTER two of the children had disclosed molestation by their father.

Contra Costa County

An 11 year old girl reported molestation by her father.

The court decided that she and her two siblings were to continue to have overnight, unsupervised visits by the father.

In 1997 the five-year-old daughter disclosed molestation by the father.

The court ordered that unsupervised visits were to be continued.

Boy's heartbreaking letter to Santa is focus of new Christmas campaign against domestic violence

El Dorado County

In 1998 a 4-year-old boy was taken from his mother and given to his physically abusive father.

Fresno County

A court took a girl away from her mother placed her with her father.

The girl had reported on-going sexual abuse by the father.

"The child cries until she vomits when she leaves her mother on week-end visits and is forced to return to the father."

Los Angeles/Orange County (Torrance)

A girl, with a violent father, was placed in the custody of her mother.

When she was seven, she was forced by a court to see her father without a supervisor.

She reported to professionals that her father was sexually and physically abusing her.

Judge F. granted primary custody to her father.

Two children were in the full custody of their mother who was a victim of domestic violence.

In 1989 and 1990, both children disclosed sexual abuse by the father.

In 1992 a court gave the father custody of the children.

Los Angeles County Superior Court

A girl reported sexual abuse by her father when she was seven years old.

The court ordered that she was to be taken away from her non-abusive mother and placed in the custody of her father.

Los Angeles/Riverside County (Torrance Superior Court)

In 1998 the court decided that a girl was to be taken away from her mother and legal father, and forced to live with a man whom she has continuously stated sexually abused her.

Dave Pelzer was born in Daly City, California. Former Georgia senator Nancy Schaefer investigated crimes, abuse, and kidnapping within Georgia’s child protective services. TED GUNDERSON: THE WHISTLEBLOWER'S WHISTLEBLOWER: ...


Los Angeles County

A two-year-old girl reported sexual abuse by her father.

A court handed the girl over to the father, not the mother.

Toddlers are ordered by the court to be taken away from their mother and forced to live with their father.

The judge ignored police reports of the father's domestic violence.

The mother is ordered to pay child support of over $1200 per month to the multi-millionaire Israeli father (who obtained a green card through their marriage).

The toddlers are being raised to speak only Hebrew.

A boy reported rape by his father; and group sex.

The boy told the court he wanted to live with his mother.

The court ordered that he was to be forced to live with his father.

A boy was taken from his mother after he disclosed that his father beat him.

The boy showed symptoms of sexual abuse.

The boy stated he wanted to live with his mother.

The court forced to live with his father.

Boys' Town - linked to government child abuse.

Marin County

A girl reported sexual abuse by her father.

The father physically abused and choked her mother unconscious.

The girl was forced, by the court, to visit her father without supervision.

The girl was subsequently re-abused.

The girl was placed in the full custody of her father, by the court.

The mother was sent to prison for depriving the father visitation, and was ordered to pay the father $65,000 in restitution.

Placer County

A girl, when she was 6 years old, was placed under the custody of her father whom she had reported molested her.

Plumas County

A girl began disclosing sexual abuse when she was 1½ years old.

She identified her father as the perpetrator.

She eventually told a doctor, counselor and school teacher about the abuse.

The court forces her to stay unsupervised with her father.

In the UK, Baby Peter was in the hands of someone reportedly linked to a top pedophile ring.

Sacramento County

A boy was placed in the custody of his mother after his parents divorce, with overnight visits with his father.

When he was less than two years old, he began reporting on-going sodomy by his father.

The boy reported the abuse to teachers, family physician, therapists, police, family and friends.

Child Protective Services substantiated child sex abuse.

The child wrote and talked to the judge, asking to live with his mother and grandmother.

The court placed him in the custody of his father.

A girl showed evidence of sexual abuse at age 4 ½ years.

She identified her father as the perpetrator.

The mother fled with the child to Canada to protect her from further abuse.

The mother was put in jail.

The child was forced, by the court, to live with the father.

Two boys were given to their father when they were 12 and 15 years old.

They reported that their father abused them.

The father had brutally abused the mother.

The court ordered that the boys were to live with their father.

Hollywood is linked to child abuse.

Three children reported sexual molestation by their father.

The court ordered that the children must have equal time with the children.

A girl reported that she was being touched by her father inappropriately during visits.

The judge forced both the girl and her brother to live with their father.

A boy's mother divorced the physician father.

The father was in treatment for addiction to pornography.

The father had a problem with violence and alcohol abuse.

The court gave custody of the boy to the father.

A girl reported sexual abuse by her father.

The court requires her to visit the father unsupervised.

Reportedly, Freemasons are involved in pedophile rings.

San Bernardino County

A girl’s mother divorced her father due to his physical abuse of the child.

The child reported physical and sexual abuse.

In 1995 the court forced the child to live with her father.

A boy was placed in the custody of his mother when he was 20 months old.

His father had physically abused his mother for 9 years.

The child returned from visits with the father with bruises, black eyes, a raw penis...

At age 4, he had sexualize behavior.

The child tried to jump out of a moving car when he had to return to his father.

The court gave full custody to the father, despite the child’s stated desire to stay with his mother.

Four months later the child again disclosed sexual abuse to the authorities.

The court forced him to remain in his father’s custody, and has denied him any visits with his mother.

Two children reported physical and sexual abuse by their father.

The father received full custody.

San Diego, California

San Diego County

A boy reported sexual abuse to his pediatrician when he was six years old.

He and his mother moved to a battered woman’s shelter due to violence in the home.

The court has forced him to live with his violent father.

A boy, after the divorce of his parents, lived with his mother.

He returned from visits to the father with symptoms of serious sexual abuse.

The court evaluator recommended full custody to the father.

The court gave full custody to the father.

A three year old girl began to reveal she was sexually abused by her father.

The court gave custody of the girl to the father.

San Luis Obispo County

A boy disclosed that he was being molested by his father when he was nine years old.

The court forced the boy to be taken away from his safe mother and forced to live with his father.

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Zoompad said...

My son was given a Cafcass guardian to represent him in the family court. She appointed a solicitor to represent him. My son was never allowed to meet this solicitor in the 18 months he was supposed to be working for him, not even once, although he asked to. He asked the Cafcass guardian if he could go to the court and talk to the judge, and was told that he could not, because there were crinminals and bad people at the court and they wanted to protect him from having to mix with them. The Cafcass guardian and the lawyer that he was never allowed to meet were involved in secret meetings, and I was accused of having Parental Alienation Syndrome, which was invented by a paedophile called Richard Gardner, It was a nightmare what they all put our family through. I was accused of stopping my son seeing his father, and what I had in fact done was to stop him molesting me. He was not my husband, he was a married man and we had never at any time lived together, but people involved in the case kept referring to him as my ex partner. They run those courts as if they are ticking off a lot of boxes. I dont think all the people involved in them are paedophiles, but some of them are. The Cafcass guardian, she seemed to be ashamed of how we had been treated in the end though, She gave me a hug the last time I saw her in court, and she tried to stand up for me and my son. The fathers rights groups are influencing the secret family courts, and some of the people in those pressure groups are paedophiles. Something needs doing immediatly, because those courts make people ill, and put children in terrible danger. Paedophiles are very cunning and utterly ruthless.

Anonymous said...

another good post keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking and almost beyond comprehension. It's as if I can hardly bear to think about it--it's so utterly horrible. I think that's what the freak, criminal pedophiles count on--that most of society's minds cannot wrap their heads around the truth of this sort of existence for our children. So I think it's our job to keep shouting about it as loud as we can to wake others up. That's the only way we can band together to stop it. If just THINKING about this happening is so awful it causes a person to deny it exists, imagine the horrors of LIVING through the actual abuse. We MUST be the voices for our children.

I read a comment the other day at a site that had posted on the hollywood pedophilia and the commenter came a couple of times trying to convince people not to hate the person, just hate the ACT--that pedophilia's are born that way just as someone is born gay or heterosexual. It really creeped me out. He/she kept saying that pedophiles don't necessarily act on their desires and so many are nice, normal people just like you and me. This sort of explaining away of deviant, criminal behavior is seeping into society more and more and it concerns me immensely. Sorry, if you lust after a child, you are not just like me and if it is in your nature to lust after children, then I do not believe most will stop as simply lusting--as is proof by all the stories that keep popping up. We need to stop making excuses for criminals and put them in jail where they belong. I am sick of these freaks ruining everything...they are human predators and we need to treat them as such and STOP THEM.

A. Peasant said...

the judges should be identified.

all these people making these decisions, making these people's lives a living hell, should be identified to the public and their connections probed.

time after time if you read news stories about pedophiles, people show up in the comments defending the pedophiles and attacking the parents and any people who are appalled by the behavior. there must be a lot of pedophiles and they are constantly trying to manage the threats to exposure.

"Paedophiles are very cunning and utterly ruthless."

and they are ORGANIZED.

dognamedblue said...

I was given the second book in the pelzer trilogy to read by a woman I knew once, don't think I should have read it

Ian Leslie said...

Had to share this Aang :)

A13 said...

Hi Aang, here is yet another attempt to gain "sympathy" and tell the "alledged abusers" side of the story..which is quite sick IMO.
I find this kind of thing highly disturbing..

ALL aquaintences and connections of pedophiles should be made public
Their vile and satanic network should be brought down with all the power of the law and rage of civilized society.

Cheers A13

Zoompad said...

"Is this because the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back?

There's definatly lots of money involved. Thats why I said, not all of them are paedophiles, some of them are money grubbers rather than paedophiles. Some people will do anything to get money. They get a lot of money from the fostering system, I know a lady who has had her child taken away because she didnt keep her house very clean, a nice lady and loving and kind mum but she suffers from bad depression because she was abused as a child, thats why she gets depressed, and let the house get dirty, so they took her child because of that. she was never cruel at all to her son, but they just said her house was too dirty, they get a lot of Government money for fostering services, and I think they are having a good share out, ACORN FOSTERING LTD offer £520 per week per child, you can see how lucrative it all is. I know people should keep their houses clean, but why didnt they help the lady more, instead of taking away her child, they could have done so many things to help that lady, I tried to help, I cleaned her house up, but she was depressed, and I was weighed down with my own problems at the time, I feel so sad, I did what I could and it wasnt enough, it wasnt my fault though and it wasnt her fault either, she was depressed, they have all that money, all those resources, £520 a week is a massive amount, just one weeks worth of that could have helped that lady and her child, but they prefer to take the children and get lots of £520 per weeks and have a good share out, it is evil.

Zoompad said...

People who arent paedophiles are deliberatly helping paedophiles to get easy access to kids. The ones who do that are as bad as the paedophiles.

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