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Curtis LeMay, the 'Nazi' general who wanted acts of terrorism in the USA.

During the Second World War, the UK lost 0.94% of its population, France lost 1.35%, China lost 1.89% and the US lost 0.32%.

During the Korean war, North Korea lost 30 % of its population.

Pausing below the Dear Leaders - North Korea
North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

How the US Destroyed a Country. North Korea lost 30 % of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s

(By Vietnam war veteran, Brian Willson.)


"They long ago proudly rebuilt all of their dozens of cities, thousands of villages, and hundreds of dykes and dams destroyed during the war...

"U.S. General Douglas MacArthur's architect for the criminal air campaign was Strategic Air Command head General Curtis LeMay..."

Chilbo sea kid - North Korea
North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

The Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Force devised the strategy of using firestorms to kill large numbers of innocent civilians.

The firestorms are created by dropping bombs, filled with highly combustible chemicals such as magnesium, phosphorus or napalm, over a target.

The air above the bombed area becomes extremely hot and rises rapidly. Cold air then rushes in at ground level from the outside and people are sucked into the fire.

MacArthur, 'fascist general'

Robert McNamara, who served with LeMay when he used firestorms to kill civilians in Japan, claimed that LeMay could have been prosecuted as a war criminal.

On 13th March, 1962, General Lyman Lemnitzer, with the support of Lemay, wanted President Kennedy to carry out acts of terrorism in the USA.

(Curtis LeMay)

The Lemnitzer plan, called Operation Northwoods, suggested that Kennedy should arrange a terror campaign in Miami and Washington and blame it on Castro.

Kennedy summoned Lemnitzer to the Oval Office on 16th March, 1962, where they discussed Operation Northwoods. Kennedy rejected the idea and three months later he told Lemnitzer that he was being moved from the Pentagon to become Commander of U.S. Forces in Europe.



Anonymous said...

Poor North Koreans! Under insane dictatorship on one hand and under the Western shit threat on the other...

A13 said...

Hi Aang,
wasn't it the British and the Americans who used the "firestorm" effect on the populations of Dresden and Hamburg, amonst other german civilian targets during WW2
Cheers A13

Zoompad said...

the British-American Parliamentary Group.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like Pat Tillman killed in a "friendly fire"?

Anonymous said...

here an interesting report, claiming that the US used biological weapons against North Korea

here some newspapers are hinting, that the new ruler of North Korea attended school in Berne...


Anonymous said...

possible duplicate

Swiss news claiming, that new ruler of North Korea attended school in Berne..

credible evidence?? that US forces used biological weapons against North Korea


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