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Zardari, who was once indicted for orchestrating the sudden death of Murtaza Bhutto.

In 2009, the US ambassador to Pakistan discussed with Pakistan's army chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, the possible removal of President Asif Ali Zardari.

(Asif Ali Zardari 'determined to resist pressure to quit')

On 7 december 2011, we learn that Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari, 56, is in the American Hospital in Dubai after becoming ill, with a suspected heart attack.

The American Hospital is where Osama Bin Laden was treated, just before 911.


There are rumours that Zardari will resign.

In November 2011, Zardari's ambassador to the USA, Husain Haqqani, resigned due to a leaked memo about seeking US help to sack top military figures in Pakistan.

Allegedly, Zardari was behind a plot to weaken the power of certain Pakistani generals, including Kayani.

"Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz made public a secret memo, which he claimed he had drafted and delivered to the US military on the instructions of Husain Haqqani.

"The former envoy has denied these charges.

"The 'memogate' scandal took a new turn recently when Ijaz claimed that Haqqani and Zardari had prior knowledge of the US military raid that killed Osama bin Laden on May 2 2011."

(Asif Ali Zardari's in Dubai hospital; talks of resignation rife - World ...)

Kayani - man of mystery.

The CIA's Bruce Riedel says: "I think the bottom line here is that Pakistan is slipping into its fifth military dictatorship."

(Pakistan officials dispel 'coup' rumours as Asif Ali Zardari)

It is too early to say what exactly is going on.

Zardari may swiftly return to continue as president.

Or there may be a coup in progress, orchestrated by either the military or the CIA or both.

General Kayani is a graduate of the General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in the US.


Anonymous said...

According to Webster Tarpley, USA wants Pakistan's nukes. Given US financial crisis, it's a logical strategy for the CIA to raid Pakistan for nuclear weaponry. The CIA just needs to empower the right puppet. Zardari has a track record of proven corruption.

Anonymous said...

Zadari meets Sarah Palin...

Zoompad said...

This might be off topic, I am not sure, but its unfinished business

Tony Ryals said...

I recommend that anyone interested in this story to remember that Mansoor Ijaz is himself a fraud and money launderer who the City of London has allowed to run the blatent stock fraud called Crescent Hydropolis(that claimed to build underwater hotels in Dubai,etc.) on the London Stock Exchanges's AIM PENNY OR PENCE STOCK PUMP AND DUMP MARKET.Both the US as well as Great Britain protect this known CIA connected money launderer and his paL ex CIA Director JAMES WOOLSEY AND LT.GENERAL ABRAHAMSON,ET.AL. TO RIP OFF AND DEFRAUD SMALL STOCK INVESTORS.
Mansoor Ijaz was a Fox News-Rupert Murdoch 'Middle East Expert'who immediately jumped on the 'bin Laden did it' bandwagon after 911 with his partner in war ands stock crimes ex CIA James Woolsey.HE WAS also RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHEADING OF Dabniel Pearl in Pakistan by providing the contacts that did the beheading.Both Mansoor Ijaz and Asra Nomani of 'Danny Pearl' fame know that Pearl was in Pakistan to do a story on Richard Reid the shoe bomber even though both also know Reid was also in Israel as a guest of Israeli ICTS International who also guarded Logan Bostion airport a month before the shoe bomb scare on flight out of De Gualle Airport France that ICTS was also responsible for !

9/11,Daniel Pearl ,Barack Obama,Mansoor Ijaz
Tony Ryals, 01.01.2009
Barack Obama received the maximum legal campaign contribution from Pakistani-American Mansoor Ijaz who was the person responsible for introducing Wall Street Journal reporter to his killers in the first place !And Joe Biden met with Pakistan ISI General Mahmud Ahmed who ordered the British-born and Pakistani intelligence connected Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh,to wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta, in Venice,Florida just before 911!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

WWS said...

Is Pakistan the Target?

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

Events are moving at a dramatic pace in the region. Siberian winter has set in Russia. This winter would choke many of the routes in NATO's northern distribution network. Already NATO is under tremendous logistical pressure and a gallon of fuel is causing them 400 dollars. This is result of just 11 days of blockade! The blockade of entire season would certainly decapitate the Americans, InshaAllah.

Inside Afghanistan, Salang highway is a critical road for sustaining the NATO supplies, but it becomes useless in winter due to heavy snow falling in North. NATO remote bases use generators which are fuel hungry as well. Within weeks this will turn into a complete disaster for NATO, InshAllah.

Iran has gone on red alert expecting attack from US/NATO. Pakistan is already on high alert. If the NATO dares to attack Iran or Pakistan, the region would ignite in a massive total war against Zionist invaders. Pakistan army is still resisting the massive US/NATO pressure to open the supply lines despite the fact that the PPP regime has collapsed under presure already but dare not open the supply routes fearing the rage of the nation and the army. 140,000 crusaders now face death and decimation, alhamdolillah.

Zardari has suffered a heart attack and has been rushed to Dubai. He already has three stunts in his heart and InshAllah, Allah will give more barakah in this stroke. Hussain Haqqani has been put on the ECL and now he cannot leave the country as the army and the Supreme Court prepare to move decisivly aganst the most severe treachery against Pak Sarzameen.

The shahadat of 24 officers and men have now become a nightmare for the most powerful states of Kuffar. An entire Muslim nation has risen in arms and is now a solid wall of steel against crusaders, zionists and Kharjees. Alhamdolillah, now they will see the wrath of Ummat e Rasul (sm)!

Morris 108 reads the message here:
Pakistans new Independence - End of US in Afpak

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