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CIA flights used Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick.

CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) is an American information technology and business services company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

CSC was involved in the CIA 'rendition' flights to secret CIA torture prisons.

CSC has been given the job of boosting UK border security.

(The Observer, 18 December 2011 Award of Border Agency work to CIA rendition firm.)

CSC has been awarded a number of UK contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

CSC won a contract with the UK Border Agency in 2007 to implement a UK visa involving biometrics.

CSC has had contracts with Royal Mail, UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) companies and the Civil Nuclear Police Authority.

CSC was involved in the National Health Services's disastrous IT programme.

A passenger jet contracted by the CIA via CSC passed frequently through British and Irish airports, including Shannon, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London Luton. Other locations included Guantánamo Bay, Kabul, Baghdad and Islamabad.

Credit Rating Downgrade: Computer Sciences Corporation


A13 said...

CSC looked afer and maintained on contract ALL of the IT department for the NT Government ( Australia)
that means it had all access to sensitive policy material located on the Government servers..
A very spooky company and a very spooky people ..
I did a bit of contract work (IT) for the Govermnent and the people that were employed bt CSC were suss..
Cheers A13

Zoompad said...

No wonder Alex Salmond isn't interested in Hollie Greig, I expect it's this organisation that are smuggling the secret family court forced adoption victims out of the country!

Zoompad said...

Eagle Associates invited Gardner the paedophile to the UK

Zoompad said...

Number 72 Eagle International Associates New York New York

Number 79 Eagle Associates London

automation said...

owww computer sciences corporation hanya berdua aja

slozo said...

CSC is also contracted out to Estee Lauder based out of NYC, they do all the IT work for them now. We know what strong Israel supporter heads that company . . .

Justt sayin'.

Zoompad said...

"We know what strong Israel supporter heads that company"

I am learning these days not to jump to conclusions, trying to.

I have seen how Muslims are smeared and blamed for stuff, I think the same thing is happening to Jews. Likewise Christians, they have been hated, because of the apparent hypocracy of the Church - but what if there is a syndicate of criminals who are subverting any benign group and organisation for wicked purposes?

Anonymous said...

Israel is holding ever more joint exercises with members of NATO. They are also closer to training and supply in British Military. I've heard this first hand. They're up the road from me in fact, training British soldiers.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, and do war by deception.

If they're in charge of border security, we'll see a nuke take out a British city one day.

Anonymous said...

In 2005, CSC took a little interest in me.

I was back in my native land to visit, hanging out with an old mate from uni at a suburban shopping centre, of all places, when we were approached by two women from CSC. This is 11am on a weekday, incidentally.

One of them is an acquaintance of my friend. She gave me her business card, discussed the company and alluded to their military intel work. Dangling a job offer, it seems. Can you spell "inexplicable"?

Of course, I threw away her card.

Wasn't interested in the earlier magical offers at JP Morgan in Bournemouth or Deutsche in the City, so why would I be interested in Renditions Inc? (Both those were 24 hour on-call roles: great way to get someone in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, I thought.)

This was in the good old days when disappearing people wasn't as easy.

Oh, and thanks for the car crash. I had to pay for that out of my own pocket.

A bit strange how after the police officer in attendance received a phonecall, he immediately told me I'd be charged with reckless driving if I filed a police report. Nice one. "Tenez le droit" indeed.

Aangirfan, you didn't mention the infamous and disgusting DynCorp, then owned by CSC. (Now owned by Cerberus Capital.)

I imagine CSC's business will be negatively affected when the Angloamerican plutocracy finally gets its long overdue kick in the head.

I can see your future. I see the words "retroactive" and "prosecution". And it only gets worse from there.

"I'm what's hip. I'm what's happening. I'm blowing up right now."

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