Monday, December 12, 2011


On 12 December 2011, the BBC reported on the 'Cleansed' Libyan town spilling its terrible secrets

1. The 30,000 people living in Tawergha, a town in Libya, have been driven from their homes.

2. Gaddafi forces had been based in Tawergha.

3. Tawerghans are scattered across Libya in camps.

4. Human rights groups have described this as collective punishment possibly amounting to a crime against humanity.

Wamis, south of Tripoli, after a recent rocket attack blamed on fighters from Zintan.
Libyan Army Clashes With Militia in Tripoli

5. Tawerghans are mostly descendants of black slaves. They are generally poor.

6. In Tawergha building after building is burnt and ransacked.

The possessions of the people who lived here are scattered about.

7. In one refugee camp, Umm Bubakr says there are nightly raids by Misrata militiamen on the camp, to take away young men.

They are not seen or heard of again.

"They drove us out because they want our land and homes," she says.

8. In Misrata, workmen are converting a government building into a prison.

About 60 men from Tawergha are held here.

Riyadh says no-one has yet investigated his case or charged him with anything.

Osama shows what he says are scars from a beating with a heavy electrical cable.


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