Friday, December 30, 2011


Fidel Castro and Argentina's Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (above) both got cancer.

The following leftist leaders have all been diagnosed recently with cancer:

1. Venezuela's Chavez

2. Argentina's Fernandez

3. Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo

4. Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

5. Former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Venezuela’s Chavez has asked : did the U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer?

Luli Fernandez

Megrahi, blamed for Lockerbie, got cancer. (aangirfan: Megrahi to be murdered?)

"Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents entitled: Biological Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries, show that microwave frequencies similar to those of the cellular phones can cause health problems." (MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat)

In the 1970s came news that "the Russians were microwaving the US embassy in Moscow. One third of the staff eventually died of cancer from this microwave irradiation."

The UK Ministry of Defence "was involved in the offensive microwaving of women protesters, the so called Greenham Common Women."

Victims can be subjected to "pulse modulated microwaves which carry different types of madness and behavioural aberrations, encoded as ELF excitation potentials. This makes the troublesome high profile person, display manic or insane behaviour that discredits them. Examples of this technique are allegedly: David Icke, Fergie, Princess Diana." (MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat)


Anonymous said...

Gave them cancer? All is possible. Mo wonder they are killing each other victimizing others, in this case the Latin American leaders.

aferrismoon said...

Jack Ruby allegedly got cancer , possibly via the work [or work related to] Dr Mary Sherman, who was murdered in July 1964.

Lee Oswald also worked on the same project , as an intern.

David Ferrie was also involved.

Sherman was employed by an Anton Oschner who had set up a group called INCA , their main objective was to prevent communism spreading in South America.

Oschner was a friend of Clay Shaw and was strongly opposed to JFK's domestic and foreign policy.

His organisation also made an anti-Castro film called 'Hitler in Havana'

5 heads-of-state in South America , IN OFFICE, is a bit of a coincidence, considering I can't think of any other head-of-state who has contracted cancer in office.

Neverthelss - tell the people and then ridicule it.

America probably didn't do it , just acting as default 'fall-guy'. I wonder if Chavez means Israel but know that the backlash would be increased tenfold.


ventopiumoso said...

I tought the same think

Anonymous said...

ref cancer for "un-cooperative" rulers..
in the video "Defamation", Abe Foxman is informing Isaac Herzog that "there are other plans" for Hugo Chavez?? of Venezuela.. anybody any idea what exactly they had in mind??

fast forward to about 34:30 in this link


A. Peasant said...

Some relatives of Bulger's alleged victims said they're worried that he may not live long enough to go on trial. No trial date has been set.

Anonymous said...

Add Michael Jackson as ELF microwave victim; confirmed by Soviet surveillance of all things. Jackson intended to use his influence with fans and the O2 concerts as platform to inform us about NWO/Illuminati plans. Jackson also fits this targeted profile.

Zoompad said...

My solicitor Richard Wise, they said he had cancer, that he had had it a long time. He was the man who was helping the Staffordshire Pindown victims. It was a lie, he suddenly got sick, he hadn't been ill a long time, as they said, he was really fit and well, I should know, I was one of the Pindown victims he was trying to help. If he had lived he would never have let them persecute me for 7 years in the secret family courts.

Zoompad said...

I hate what Michael Jackson did, but I was stunned when I saw this video.

Anonymous said...

Hi all!

Just want to say that MJ did nothing that media bias said he did! See why here:

Peace, Love and Harmony to us all are my wishes for this new year 2012!

Anonymous said...

"Jack Ruby allegedly got cancer , possibly via the work [or work related to] Dr Mary Sherman, who was murdered in July 1964.

Lee Oswald also worked on the same project , as an intern."

As I recall, this story (Dr. Mary's Monkey) has been debunked:

Anonymous said...

Yup, the swine can give cancer to anyone. One tricky way is through trusted doctors, giving two drugs together. Another way is exposure to x-rays or microwaves. They gave Jackie Kennedy cancer and she died within five months, shortly before she was going to publish her memoirs. She had planned to publish what she knew in 1993, the 30th anniversary of her husband's murder. They killed her by inducing lymphoma.

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