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All the pictures are of Southern Italy.

"Critique of Ron Paul's Austerity Plan" with Webster Griffin Tarpley:

"Ron Paul's 'Plan to Restore America' includes $1 trillion in cuts to the federal budget in one year.

"We take a look at what this would mean for the American people"

"When criticizing Paul's welfare cuts, Tarpley grossly overlooks the fact that the states would pick up the slack since it's not a Constitutional function of the Federal gov't.

"The cuts don't mean they would do without, just that the distribution would be more localized.

"Tarpley said, "Where are the empirical examples historically of letting a depression burn itself out?"

"Perhaps he should study the Depression of 1920?"

"The decision to attack Syria was made at a meeting at Camp David on 15 September 2001"

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [29.12.2011.]

Report on Libya [29.12.2011.]


Story of spectacular mass escape from Benghazi prison

Dollar Dump by China and Japan, US Dollar Collapse Imminent

Thatcher's ministers opposed Trident

Tensions flare as Egyptian military raids CIA groups

Turkey: Thousands Grieve After Botched Airstrike

Baloch Assembly Asks If Pakistan's Rehman Malik Works for US, India or Israel

Japan: US-NATO Gateway Into the Asia-Pacific Region

baby gang
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Turkey Has Given Russia a Final Permit To Build the South Stream Gas Pipeline

Understanding North Korea

Throw at bulbs ! - Napoli '50

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Fidel Castro and Argentina's Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (above) both got cancer.

The following leftist leaders have all been diagnosed recently with cancer:

1. Venezuela's Chavez

2. Argentina's Fernandez

3. Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo

4. Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

5. Former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Venezuela’s Chavez has asked : did the U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer?

Luli Fernandez

Megrahi, blamed for Lockerbie, got cancer. (aangirfan: Megrahi to be murdered?)

"Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents entitled: Biological Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries, show that microwave frequencies similar to those of the cellular phones can cause health problems." (MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat)

In the 1970s came news that "the Russians were microwaving the US embassy in Moscow. One third of the staff eventually died of cancer from this microwave irradiation."

The UK Ministry of Defence "was involved in the offensive microwaving of women protesters, the so called Greenham Common Women."

Victims can be subjected to "pulse modulated microwaves which carry different types of madness and behavioural aberrations, encoded as ELF excitation potentials. This makes the troublesome high profile person, display manic or insane behaviour that discredits them. Examples of this technique are allegedly: David Icke, Fergie, Princess Diana." (MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat)

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Doctor Ron Paul - Caleb O'Connor painting (Caleb O'Connor : Fine Artist.)

On 31 December 2011, The Economist, read by top people worldwide, mentions Ron Paul.

Among the Directors of The Economist are Sir David Bell, a trustee of Common Purpose, and Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

The Economist's opposition to Ron Paul suggests that Ron Paul must be one of the good guys?

Ron Paul and wife

According to The Economist (The Republicans Into Iowa):

"The best organised campaign, by all accounts, is that of Mr Paul...

"His unstinting advocacy of much smaller government and sounder money goes down well with local Republicans.

"His calls for an end to foreign entanglements and the legalisation of drugs are popular with the young.

Ron Paul

"At an event on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, throngs of giddy students leap to their feet when he appears and drown out most of his rambling stump speech with rapturous applause...

"But his isolationist foreign policy makes many Republicans wary.

"It puts off evangelicals in particular, according to Steve Deace, a prominent Christian radio host, for fear that it might undermine Israel’s special place in God’s scheme."

According to The Economist, recent polls show Obama an average of two points ahead of Mitt Romney, eight points ahead Ron Paul and nine points ahead of Newt Gingrich.

Book signing

The columnist 'Lexington' has written about 'Ron Paul's big moment' (in The Economist)

According to Lexington:

Ron Paul, the 76-year-old libertarian from Texas, has "a worldview so wacky and a programme so radical that he was recently discounted as a no-hoper.

"Even if he wins in quirky Iowa, Ron Paul will never be America’s president.

"But .... a substantial number like a man who wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, introduce a new currency to compete with the dollar, eliminate five departments of the federal government within a year, pull out of the United Nations and close all America’s foreign bases, which he likens to 'an empire'...

"During the candidates' debates of 2011, Mr Paul won plaudits for integrity...

"Mr Paul insists on the rule of law and civil liberties and due process for all...

"Mr Paul has no great love for the Jewish state, even though this hurts him with the evangelical voters of Iowa.

"He opposed the Iraq war from the start and wants America to shun expensive foreign entanglements that make the rest of the world resent it...

Ron Paul

"Born in 1935, he remembers the tail-end of the Depression..."

He has "a preoccupation with the money supply and a lifelong conviction that governments must be prevented from debasing the currency.

"Not all of Mr Paul’s positions are unpopular. Like other conservatives, he defends the God-given right to keep and bear arms... He is pro-life, which he believes begins at conception. He champions home-schooling.

"But only he combines a general dislike of the overweening federal government with a particular, obsessive hatred of what he considers the corrupt system of money at its secret heart..."

He "has come to see the operations of the Fed - indeed the entire banking system, with its reliance on paper money no longer backed by gold - as a dangerous confidence trick.

"The Fed has 'ominous powers that Congress barely understands,' he says. 'Trillions of dollars can be created and injected into the economy with no obligation by the Fed to reveal who benefits.'

"Though ending the Fed would take time, this is his panacea: it would end dollar depreciation, remove America’s ability to fund endless wars and stop the growth of government...

"He has served a dozen terms in the House of Representatives, failing to find allies for his radical measures.

"He cannot expect actually to win the nomination, let alone become president.

"His real aim appears to be didactic: he wants the widest possible hearing for his ideas...

"Though the nomination may be out of his reach, he has dedicated supporters and the ability to raise lots of money through small donations.

"That could ... perhaps give him enough delegates to shape August’s nominating convention in Tampa.

"Or he could run as a third-party candidate.

"But that would help Barack Obama...

"It is true that in recent years Mr Paul has stuck to his core principles: sound money, small government, individual liberty and bringing the troops home...

"In the end, Mr Paul’s obsession with the Fed is an anti-government conspiracy theory.

"And in America, anti-government conspiracy theories attract a lot of wingnuts..."

Photo by Jason Bell - Official Website


Sao Paulo in Brazil (

The quotes below are from the January 2012 edition of the UK's Money Observer.

1. The world economy has been growing very fast.

"The world economy... is set to reach $70 trillion by the end of 2011."

"Only a decade ago, the world economy was only $32 trillion."

- Iain Murray


"The people of Asia are motivated and driven."

- Jim Rogers.

BBC News - the Brazilian economy has overtaken the UK's

By 2020, Britain's economy is likely also to have been overtaken by Russia and India.

By 2028, Brazilians will enjoy a per capita income equivalent to Britain's.

John Kampfner: Brazil's success heralds the new world order

A favela in Niterói city, Brazil by Zimbres

2. Countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Brazil may see pressure for big wages rise.

"China has been growing at 9 - 10% a year...

"I suspect the sustainable growth rate will be 4 - 5%."

- Bruce Stout.

China - Website for this image

3. The US economy is in trouble

"The Chinese have plied the greedy and gullible American public with temptingly low-cost goods and supplied the cheap finance which has lured the US government close to fiscal ruin."

- Barry Riley

"The US is the largest debtor in the history of the world."

"The US will default one way or another."

- Jim rogers
Website for this image

4. The problems of Europe may not have too big an effect on the USA.

"US companies only have 15% exposure to Europe (revenues coming from Europe)."

- Ruth Emery

"The US is a fairly closed economy - exports account for just 10% of its output."

- Heather Connon

Website for this image

5. In the long run, commodities such as timber, silver, and wheat may be a good investment.

"Reserves of all commodities are falling by 6% a year."

- Jim Rogers.

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill.

The Pentagon takes an interest in economic warfare.

And BP may have been a US target.

In March 2009, the Pentagon sponsored a war game focused on economic warfare. (Pentagon preps for economic warfare - Eamon Javers -

"This was an example of the changing nature of conflict," said Paul Bracken, a professor and expert in private equity at the Yale School of Management.


In February 2010, Wayne Madsen reported that "the Obama administration authorized the anti-Toyota campaign as a warning shot to Japan over its reformist government’s insistence that the U.S. pull its military troops out of Okinawa." (Obama waging economic warfare on several fronts, including Japan)

therearenosunglasses/ asked Is the US Waging Economic Warfare Against Corporate Foreign Competitors.:

"It would seem only logical... for a puppet president to order covert attacks upon foreign competitors. GM (government motors) has now pulled ahead of Toyota...

"BP has fallen from its formerly unassailable status as world's top oil company and may be subject to "hostile takeover."

"The fact that the Deepwater Horizon explosion has been blamed on faulty sealing work on the seabed drill hole done by Halliburton (Cheney's company) should set-off alarm bells.

"It is worth recalling here that Halliburton was at the center of another international/environmental catastrophe, the Kuwaiti "cross-drilling" operation that ignited the 'Gulf War' and the resultant hundreds of oil well firings."

Was BP sabotaged?

We will see more economic warfare.

We have just seen the fast growing economies of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya wrecked by the CIA's Arab Spring.

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Professor Ola Tunander is an expert on security politics, naval strategy, submarine operations, geopolitics, the dual state, psychological operations (PSYOP) and Cold War history.

On 14 Dec 2011, we read that a Swedish professor has written about an Israel link to the 'Breivik attack'

Swedish-born Ola Tunander is a professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo.

Ola Tunander has written an article suggesting that Israel played a part in the 22 July 2011 massacre in Norway.

Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift, an academic journal, published the article.

In the article, Tunander writes that such terrorist acts are usually carried out by government agents, "and we can't rule out that being the case this time too."

Tunander details the diplomatic relationship between Norway and Israel in the months before the massacre.

Norway indicated it would be willing to recognize a Palestinian state.

Tunander notes the significance of the date of the attacks.

He mentions 22 July 1973, when Mossad spies were arrested after an operation in which they assassinated the wrong person on Norwegian soil.

He mentions the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by the Zionist terrorist group Irgun.

The King David Hotel attack took place on 22 July 1946.

Tunander writes: "We have discussed the right-wing extremist Israeli and Judeo-Christian side of Breivik's network, Israel's interest in disciplining Norway, and Israel's celebration of bomb attacks.

"In this respect, Breivik’s attack appears to resemble a new king David Hotel attack: July 22nd."

Norwegian writer Øyvind Strømmen, writing in Minerva, says of Tunander: "Does he insinuate that Israel was behind July 22nd, or was in some way involved? The answer.... is yes."


Tunander helped develop the concept of the 'dual state' - made up of the ordinary government and the hidden 'deep state' run by the CIA and its friends.

The 'deep state' controls the government, when it comes to certain issues, such as carrying out coups in Greece or Italy.

The 'deep state' carries out acts of terrorism as part of the "strategy of tension".

Ola Tunander - Wikipedia



Both Alagabalus (above) and Obama "had to leave the countries they would one day come to rule.... They were raised in a foreign states, Obama in Indonesia and Elagabalus in Syria. Obama and Elagabalus's fathers disappeared from the scene at an early age. Both were raised primarily by both their mother and grandmother." (ancient worldz: Elagabalus is back!.)

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, also known as Elagabalus, became Roman Emperor in 218 AD, at the age of 14.

He was said to be a remarkably handsome boy.

After his death, at the age of 18, a propaganda campaign began, to smear his name.

Edward Gibbon (1737–94) wrote:

"It may seem probable, the vices and follies of Elagabalus have been adorned by fancy, and blackened by prejudice.

"Yet, confining ourselves to the public scenes displayed before the Roman people, and attested by grave and contemporary historians, their inexpressible infamy surpasses that of any other age or country."

obama roman+emperor pics on Sodahead

Reportedly, Elagabalus had various male lovers and used whoopee cushions at dinner parties.

Reportedly, he had a relationship with a blond slave named Hierocles, whom he referred to as his husband.

Elagabalus reportedly painted his eyes, wore wigs and prostituted himself in taverns, brothels and the imperial palace.

Allegedly, he would stand nude at the door of a room in the palace, "as the harlots do, and shake the curtain which hung from gold rings, while in a soft and melting voice he solicited the passers-by."

Elagabalus (also known as Varius Avitus Bassianus)

The family of his mother were hereditary high priests of the god Baal at Emesa, in ancient Syria, worshiped in that locality under the name Elah-Gabal (thus Elagabalus).

"He tried to impose the worship of Baal upon the Roman world...

"The first crisis of his regime occurred when he divorced his wife to marry the Vestal Virgin Aquilia Severa...

"He was persuaded by (his grandmother) Julia Maesa, the real power in the government, to adopt his docile cousin Alexander as his son and heir and to divorce Aquilia in favour of a match with a descendant of Marcus Aurelius, Annia Faustina.

"When Elagabalus changed his mind and sought to depose Alexander and resume his relationship with Aquilia, the Praetorian Guards mutinied, killed Elagabalus and his mother, and made Alexander emperor." (Elagabalus — Articles)

Martijn Icks has written The Crimes Of Elagabalus

According to Icks, Elagabalus had a very bad reputation:

He harnessed teams of naked women to his chariot.

He let poisonous snakes loose at the gladiatorial games.

He set leopards and lions on his dinner party guests.

As a young boy, Elagabalus, as high priest at a temple, had performed dances and other rituals while wearing fancy robes.

Elagabalus was rumoured to have considered having a sex-change operation.

A Roman

Elagabalus insisted that Romans should worship his god, Elagabal.

Every morning he made sacrifices of various creatures to this little-known god.

The entrails, placed in golden bowls, were rumoured to include the remains of young boys.

In 222 AD, Roman soldiers grabbed Elagabalus as he hid in a latrine.

After killing him, they dragged his body through the streets.


All the pictures are of Java, Indonesia.

The Apollo Moon Hoax - The Audio Delay Problem: Earth-Moon Delay: Wrong?

The Cloud Will Kill The Free Internet

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [26.12.2011.]

"The U.S. can still stir up lots of trouble in Baghdad by siding with and financing this or that political faction, religious community or ethnic group — a practice at which it has become adept. It has the entire country under intense air, sea and land surveillance, with spies and informants in every branch of government, political party and the military. Key telephones are tapped and computers are hacked. The entire region is encircled with U.S. military might." - Iraq "After" the War: What is Iraq's Future? What are America's Intentions?


Gruss Vom Krampus


"Most Of Us Don't Have Very Many Blessings To Count!"

Who Killed the Soviet Union?

Who controls the Arctic, controls vast resources

The Economic Optimist: One American Still As Good As Ten Chinese

How far is heaven, part 3

Actors and Artists for 911 Truth


Ronan Parke - A Thousand Miles

WHO, according to the powers that be, are the following people ?

1. Officially, this is David Headley (but it could be a Mossad double)

2. Officially this is Anders Breivik (but it is more likely to be a spook)

3. Man on the left - Officially this is Anders Breivik (but it could be a double)

4. Patient in bed - Officially this is Mohamed Bouazizi (but it could be anyone or any thing).

5. Officially this is Barack Obama's father (but some people have doubts)

6. The man to the right of Albert Preziosi is Gaddafi (reportedly)

7. The man who appears to be Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares was supposed to be Osama bin Laden (but it is Gaspar Llamazares)

Bagram air base Abbottabad

In April 2011, the US military reportedly made a full scale replica of the 'Obama compound'. (SEALs Rehearsed in a Full-Scale Replica.) "They replicated the one-acre compound at Camp Alpha, a segregated section of Bagram Air Base." (the Atlantic)

aangirfan: FAKE 'OSAMA' HOUSE?
aangirfan: 'OSAMA HOUSE' RAIDED IN 2009


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