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English schoolboys - Photoshopped

The Global Debt Crisis: How Things Got This Screwed Up

Greg Palast on where the money went!

Jesse Ventura: How Corrupt Republicans and Corrupt Democrats Ruined America


The Looting: The Libyan Circus Continues


So the Abbottabad raid was a soft coup?

Your average back garden in the 1950s.


Mud - Buitenzorg

Britain’s Cover-Up of Inside Job in Fatal RAF Chinook Crash


Libya now has concentration camps where prisoners are tortured.

"Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained" according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

"Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment."

"Up to 7,000 new 'enemies of the state'" have "disappeared" into the concentration camps.

The report says that "an estimated 7,000 detainees are currently held in prisons and makeshift detention centres, most of which are under the control of revolutionary brigades, with no access to due process in the absence of a functioning police and judiciary."

Of particular worry is the fate of women and children who have been locked up.

"There have also been reports of women held in detention in the absence of female guards and under male supervision, and of children detained alongside adults," says the report.

A number of black Africans have been lynched.

The report says that "Some detainees have reportedly been subjected to torture and ill treatment. Cases have been reported of individuals being targeted because of the colour of their skin."

The document continues: Some Libyans are reported to have been "taken by armed men from their homes... and hospitals, and some allegedly later abused or executed in detention."

Ban Ki-moon "presents a grim scenario of the growing power of the armed militias" who control Tripoli and many towns.

These militias are involved in continuing "gun battles resulting in deaths and injuries."



Anonymous said...

Ian Leslie said...

Hi Aang,

Wonder if you could help us out with our E-PETITION to help Stuart Syvret?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Getting a tad racy with Betty Page (the animal print gal)?

The one with no caption reminds me of something that happened when I was a kid. My best friend was an amazing seamstress and she was sewing a bikini for a beach party with her lah dee dah boyfriend and his family.

To kill time we were reading aloud a Harlequin Romance and hooting at the horrid grammar and writing... I mean we were literary geniuses LOL and this was fun. Too much fun, she left one side of the panty part only basted, not finally stitched.

Well Jen finished her suit somehow... she was an ample busted young woman btw. Filled out that bikini beautifully.

One problem. She was at the party, took a swim and when she surfaced and was wading out of the lake, the basting just came apart and.... well... you can imagine her embarrassment when the bottom dropped to her feet in front of his whole family.

So, I have no caption, but a funny little story to accompany that pic. This would have happened about the same time as that photo was snapped..... early 1960's from the look of it.

nobody said...

"I can't find my soup ladle. You don't mind if I look in here do you?"

And three cheers for Betty Page! Was there ever a girl like her?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous@8:25,

Your link, the Russian Bear is Back, is very much worth reading for some purely factual content.

However, the article's slant is completely insane.

We live in a world where the US and NATO powers have for the last decade been engaging in a frenzy of false flag terrorism, invasion, mass murder, economic warfare, financial subversion and destabilization. A world in which the NATO powers are actively encircling Russia and China with offensive nuclear missile systems and aggressively encroaching their buffer zones. We are already far beyond the danger level of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Russia is all that kept us safe from total planetary subjugation by NATO powers. China's military is still too weak and undeveloped.

Not that the Russians are angels. What they did in Chechnya was murderous folly. Instead of leveling Grozny, they should have carefully excised the cancer. That is, judiciously eliminated the Western-backed warlords in Chechnya and left the ordinary Chechen people themselves in peace. To the credit of the FSB, they emptied apartment buildings in Moscow before detonating them to get their casus belli for an invasion of Chechnya. Again, stupid and they're not fooling anyone. Leave the false flagging to the NATO demons.

Maybe the author of the article lives in some fictional fantasy world where the US and NATO are not guilty of the most monstrous and evil crimes imaginable. Am I crazy or is he?

Hopefully Russia will remain (mostly) a force for good. Or at least a counterbalance to unspeakable evil. If not, the world will enter an even darker place than we can already foresee.

"I'm not afraid that you're crazy anymore. I'm afraid that you're right."

james said...

hey anonymous, i checked out your link to 'endoftheamericandream' article.
There's quite a bit of disinfo in it. This quote gives it away best-
"While the U.S. has been making strategic mistakes like helping al-Qaeda take over Libya, Russia has been developing devastating new weapons systems."

Strategic mistake my aunt Fanny! This author can only be extremely naive or a shill. Either way, i think you would do better reading somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Yep, I know. You're right.

However there is quite a bit of worthwhile factual information in the article too.

The best disinformation always contains a majority of truth, often even useful truth.

Still, it is repellent to read this sort of American propaganda even after these vile monsters have laid waste to so much of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, murdered their children, poisoned future generations with depleted uranium.

Nonetheless, any truth is still truth. Can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

"You taught him to swim when he was two. He called you papa."

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