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Robert Gates with Egypt's military boss Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, no friend of Israel. The 'powers that be' are plotting to topple Tantawi.

Tantawi didn't respond to Netanyahu, Barak during crisis.

Young lassy

"A rich man is far poorer than a poor man" - Diogenes Teachings




Bush and Blair - War Crimes Exhibition, in Kuala Lumpur


Syria and Libya - a contrived "clash of civilizations," closely following the 1982 plan of Israeli strategist Oded Yinon. (


“My Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!”


China is a corrupt mess - China's health care system

Taj on a dull day.

Britain's FBI 'abandoned chasing crime Mr Bigs - Daily Mail

India - suede shoes

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is sex-obsessed, he beat me and took drugs



Teddy Forstmann had met Diana when he sat next to her during a black-tie dinner thrown by the banker and grandee Lord (Jacob) Rothschild during Wimbledon fortnight in 1994. Billionaire who beguiled Diana... and could have saved her life


Dagan Gerrity: Family claim 5-year old son is haunted by the 'man with grey skin'...

South East England


aferrismoon said...

Re: Penn State - these posts may interest u.

thanks for previous 'worth reading' link , had put it in previous posts comments but it didn't post [ thus the odd 'Oh' at the beginning of Breivik comment]


Anonymous said...


Oliver Stone criticizes the US at Algiers International Film Festival

Yes, this is the same Oliver Stone who made the fantasy films World Trade Center and JFK

Maybe he's never read anything by Christopher Bollyn or Michael Collins Piper. Maybe. Maybe not.

Where does Monsieur Stone get off reviling the American people? They've been lied to, murdered, deindustrialized, impoverished, degraded and brainwashed. And done far more than their fair share of the above to others, mind you.

Unless I see evidence to the contrary, Stone is just another Chomsky. An Insider-approved poodle. A peddler of lies. A pied piper leading the American people down a path no longer even paved with good intentions.

All I can see is America being used up as a disposable rabid attack dog, the American people being consigned to moral and financial destitution. And blamed for the evil of their leaders. By the likes of Stone.

"Clothes, videos, toys, cheeseburgers, cars, a functioning economy."

dognamedblue said...

german super-state: goering set up the "european economic community" in 1940, the first meeting was held by ribbentropp in 1943

Anonymous said...

Strange goings-on Aang:

2 days ago a man caught fire in the Gothenberg (Gbg) Sweden, railway station. Simply caught fire. People stood there, just looking at him. A passing tram-driver was the first to react and douse the fire, calling help. Taken to hospital badly burned.

A small notice on a paper website said the Stockholm train (bullet express) from Gbg was stopped at Alingsas station East of Gbg and a man suspected of carrying a bomb was detained.

Nothing since. Total silence.

There was also a separate small notice they are now fairly sure there is a Scandinavian/European terrorist organisation based in Denmark, the Danes have seemingly arrested people.

Breivik might not have been alone.

Keep an eye on this spot, guys, there might be something up.

Anonymous said...

German super-state: too true!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Germany will not gonna be any superstate (again). Too much demonization for the Holohoax - first and foremost - have taken its toil.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Just a technical note...

Many if not most of the links in your blog are via Google. That is,

Apart from being unwieldy and ugly, they're also allowing Google to track all clicks by your readers. That is, they know the IP of the person clicking on these links, not to mention much more specific cookie/browser information, permitting quite precise identification.

You're making it very easy for Google to keep detailed tabs on your readers.

My attitude is this information is none of Google's 'king business.

Google has been getting more and more invasive and nosy through the years: they added the irritating "via-google" links; they added bloated client-side Javascript doing who-knows-what; they've been manipulating and even censoring search results for both financial reasons and what can only be surmised as "government" reasons; I suspect the odd honeytoken even.

To avoid these convoluted "via-google" links, you could use the Google Shell instead,, and then just cut-and-paste.

Of course, Narus and Cisco devices tap into Internet core routers to snoop on traffic anyway as part of the Echelon system, but why make it easy for them. Especially now when the NSA is increasingly drinking from a fire hydrant. Ditto whatever your national NSA-equivalent is.

This is all a two-way street, of course.

If the Google-Facebook-NSA-GCHQ-etc machine got too big for its boots, their agents and employees could very easily be tracked, their ranks infiltrated. Same applies to mobile telephony. Take a pleasant stroll down to the nearest Network Operations Centre. Where is it? A friend of a friend knows. These people are not strangers: they're your old postdoc buddies from uni, a guy you play bridge with, a contract realtime embedded programmer you drink with, a third level support techie from your local ISP, a CV-padder on LinkedIn, a friend from national military service, some guy you bought a car from. They're everywhere.

The technical functionaries of surveillance and their acquaintances are just like you and me.

The wonders of reciprocity.

They'd know who's doing it, but so what.

"As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr Anderson."

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The link to the piece on Saif is unavailable. Of course that just might be Canadian censorship.

TY for the link.

And as always, great images. That photo "Suede" is just another of your wonderful images of children around the world.

They add such a human touch to the horrors of our planet such as we speak.

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