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Nazis and the CIA's MK ULTRA in Chile - Colonia Dignidad: Welcome To Hell r

A Conservative friend of Israel, with Jewish-Libyan-Italian family background- Debating Libya

Iran (unlikely to be attacked) is on everybody's mind

Kelly - 15 years old
By Rudi Roels

"Could Jews become a minority in Israel? Higher Palestinian birth rates could lead to power shift in one-state solution"

"'Hannibal' policy: Israel's plan to kill its own soldiers" I'm certain the 2006 Jewish attack on Lebanon was started by sending Israeli soldiers over the border with the intent that they be killed. The Jews are a hive, and each individual is just another worker bee.

On the road again
By pablodadiablo

Making Saudi princes rich - Eid al-Adha 2011: 3m Muslims attend annual hajj pilgrimage.

Indonesian girl dies 'for want of money'


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su said...

Worth reading

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Three million Muslims attend annual hajj pilgrimage as Eid holiday gets underway ~ this link leads me to a 404. Perhaps it is a site blocked in Canada but I thought I would let you know in case you can fix it.

Penny said...


it is good to see Kevin Annet's work getting out.

I am gong to post something on it this week myself, it is too dam important.

Anyway, I would love your opinion on this

It's alot of reading.
It may challenge some perceptions
but it has to be looked at, or at least I think so.

And isn't that what we do?
Challenge perceptions?
thanks aangirfan

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Debating Libya?

LIFG defunct?

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