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Norway comes top. The village of Reine in Lofoten, Norway by Petr Šmerkl, Wikipedia.

1. Which country is more developed - The USA or Ireland?

Norway comes top in the UN's Human Development Index.

Australia comes second.

Ireland comes seventh.

The UK comes 28th.

Libya is the top country in Africa, followed by Mauritius and Tunisia.

Playing at the beach
Sweden comes third in the IHDI. Sweden by Jom Manilat

The United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) measures a country’s development performance based on three main indicators, economics, health and education.

The Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) accounts for inequalities in the distribution of those indicators across the population.

(Income Inequality Lowers U.S. Rank in U.N. Human Development Index /UK worse than Czech Republic as place to live‎)

In the IHDI:

The USA ranks 23rd.

The UK ranks 24th.

Israel ranks 22nd.

Canada ranks 16th.

Yes Mum...
Australia comes 2nd in IHDI. Western Australia - By squid697

In the IHDI:

Norway ranks 1st.

Australia ranks 2nd.

Sweden ranks 3rd.

Ireland ranks 7th.


2. After its People-Power revolution in 1998, how is Indonesia doing in terms of the HDI?

Indonesia is slipping.

In 2010 Indonesia came 108th.

In 2011, Indonesia came 124th, behind the Philippines.

Indonesians have to pay for schooling.

Indonesians spend only 5.8 years at school on average.

Indonesians have to pay for medical care.

Indonesian children die for lack of medicine.

The CIA's People-Power revolt of 1998 has not helped the ordinary Indonesians.

But, the rich elite are doing well, and grabbing more land from the poor.

3. How will the CIA's Arab Spring affect Libya, Tunisia and Egypt?

We can expect those countries to sink in terms of human development.


Anonymous said...


the truth hurts said...

I live in the UK but have spent quite a bit time in Norway over 15 years. However you want to measure it in Norway there is undoubtedly a higher standard of living .You notice the general 'happiness' the moment you go throught the airport terminal. I wonder if you should mention in your article that they are hugely suspicious of any foreigners, largely borne out from the Germans in WWII and the ever constant threat they perceive from Russia. Is that taken into account in the index you discuss?

A13 said...

I don't know about Australia being # 2?
Just go to darwin and the northern territory, kimberly region and arhnem land and ask the Aboriginies.
The quality of life is a slow kill and cut off from the spiritual connection they have with "country".
It's not all "sydney and "melbourne" here i'm afraid..
It seems to be a NWO agenda of the most desirable places to IMMIGRATE to..as immigration is big time here and now, like where you girls are...
The grass is always greener hey.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...


Travellers rob €200k that spook gave Libyan freedom fighter living in Ireland
He has told cops that the cash was a gift from US secret agents to aid the war effort in Libya.

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