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Tomb of Tutankhamun

Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass moved two child mummies from Egypt's Bahariya Oasis to a museum.

Hawass was haunted by the children in his dreams.

The haunting continued until the mummy of the father was re-united with the children in the museum.

Hawass reported that a sick young boy had a "miracle" cure in the Egyptian Museum when he looked into the eyes of the mummy of King Ahmose I.

(Curse of the pharaohs - Wikipedia)


In 1922-1923, Howard Carter opened the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor.

More than 20 people linked to the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb died in strange circumstances, six of them in London.


Lord Carnarvon was the financial backer of the search for Tutankhamun's tomb.

He was the first to die - on 5 April 1923.

His death in Egypt was said to be due to blood poisoning (progressing to pneumonia) after accidentally shaving a mosquito bite infected with erysipelas, a bacteria.

His son reported that back in England his favorite dog howled and suddenly dropped dead.

When the mummy of Tutankhamun was unwrapped in 1925, it was found to have a wound on the left cheek.

This wound was in the exact same position as the insect bite on Carnarvon.

(Curse of the pharaohs - Wikipedia)

Historian Mark Beynon has written "London's Curse: Murder, Black Magic and Tutankhamun in the 1920s West End" (The History Press).

Beynon writes that certain deaths attributed to the 'Curse of Tutankhamun' were actually murders by satanist Aleister Crowley.

Six deaths attributed to the 'Curse of Tutankhamun' were murders /
Satanist Crowley 'was responsible for deaths blamed on Curse.

According to Beynon, Crowley masterminded a series of ritualistic killings in 'revenge' for Carter's opening of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey, a 23-year-old Egyptian prince, was photographed visiting Tutankhamun's tomb.

On 10 July 1923, he was shot dead by his wife, Marie-Marguerite, in the Savoy Hotel in London.

According to Beynon, Crowley and Marie-Marguerite had been lovers and Crowley persuaded her to carry out the shooting.

Raoul Loveday, a 23-year-old Oxford undergraduate. was a follower of Crowley's Satanic cult.

Loveday died on the same day, 16 February 1923, and at the same hour as Carter's opening of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Loveday had drunk the blood of a cat sacrificed in one of Crowley's rituals.

According to Beynon, Loveday was deliberately poisoned by the drink.

Crowley and family

Aubrey Herbert, the half brother of Lord Carnarvon, returned from a trip to Luxor.

He died on 23 September 1923.

He died of blood poisoning after a dental operation went wrong at a private hospital in Park Lane in London.

Carter's personal secretary was Captain Richard Bethell.

On 15 November 1929, Bethel was found dead at a posh club in Mayfair, in London.

His symptoms led to the suspicion that he had been smothered to death as he slept.

Crowley was in London at the time and was often a guest of novelist W. Somerset Maugham at the club.

Bethell's father Lord Westbury reportedly kept artefacts from the Tutankhamun tomb in his St James's apartment in London.

On 20 February 1930, the elederly Lord Westbury was believed to have thrown himself from the window of his seventh floor apartment.

Beynon suggests that Crowley threw him off.


Edgar Steele was in charge of handling the Tutankhamun tomb artefacts at the British Museum.

On 24 February 1930, Steele died at St Thomas' Hospital after a minor stomach operation. Beynon speculates that Crowley was responsible.

Sir Ernest Budge had been keeper in the British Museum's department of Egyptian and Assyrian antiquities.

On 23 November 1934, he was found dead in his bed in Bloomsbury, in London.

Beynon says there is evidence that Budge and Crowley were associates, involved in the occult.

Crowley was a fan of the ancient Egyptians and their beliefs.

Crowley wrote in his diaries that the sites of five of Jack the Ripper's murders in Whitechapel in 1888 formed a pentagram.

Beynon claims that the locations of five of Crowley's 'murders' form a pentagram.


Anonymous said...

Lots of the number 23 in this posting. 2+3=5 and 5 is the number of sacrifice in the occult, I believe.

I was wondering if you could do a story about the penn state scandal involving the rape of young boys and the coverup over many years to protect criminals in high places not to mention to protect their precious football reputation.

While doing some reading, I found this post by michelle malkin and she links to several different sports scandals involving coaches and the abuse of young boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic. I have done some research, inclusive yet, and learned that the Egyptians were heavily into 'black magic'. I am interested in the ROYALTY connection; Eypytians/European royals....and the Illuminati/Bilderbergs. Contemporay 'black magic' example was the Dodi and Diana 'sacrifice'.

Franz said...

I think Michael Bradley nailed this "mummy's curse" business years ago. Crowley was not involved.

What really happened:

"Carter had found papyrus records in Tutankhamun's tomb that disclosed the real story of Moses and the Exodus. This was a secret that Howard Carter kept during his lifetime at the request of British Government officials.

"Although the exact contents or present location of these papyrus records are still not known, archaeological and linguistic discoveries since 1922 have made it increasingly clear what the Exodus was all about. It seems that the deaths caused by this supposed "curse of the mummy" had a purely earthly and mundane origin in Zionist assassins trying to preserve a Jewish and Zionist claim to part of "Palestine". The 1920s and 1930s were a critical time in the development of modern Israel.

"Just five years before the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the British Government had committed itself, in a 1917 letter to Lord Rothschild, to the so-called "Balfour Declaration" establishing the principle of British support for a "traditonal Jewish homeland in Palestine"...."

The Usual Suspects. The Usual Reason!


SWA said...

This allegation against Crowley is simply nonsense. Learn the complete truth here:

Anonymous said...

It's curious that most of the Ripper prostitutes were slashed on the cheek similiar to Tutankhamun. Also the reports stated that the Ripper was a foreigner yet the letters sent to the press were written in a style of someone typically working or possibly lower class British. There appear to be blood spatters on the letters. Why hasn't there ever been an attempt to DNA test it.

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