Thursday, December 01, 2011



Dilsat Aktas is a young lady who climbed onto an armoured police-carrier in Ankara, in Turkey.

She was protesting against the death of an activist.

The police broke Dilsat's hip.

Turkey and human rights: bad

It is claimed that over 500 students are now in prison for demonstrating against Recep Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development (AK) party.

Around 76 journalists are now in jail.

Around 47 lawyers have just been arrested.

The CIA wants Libya, Egypt and Tunisia to copy Turkey.

Turkey and human rights: bad

Why is The Economist telling us this?

Have they turned against Erdogan?

In 1974, the CIA arranged for Turkey to take over Northern Cyprus.

The sea between Cyprus and Israel-Palestine-Egypt is reported to have vast reserves of natural gas.

Oil and gas for Cyprus and Israel: Where there's gas, will there be a pipeline?

There is talk of co-operation between (Greek) Cyprus and Israel to construct a pipeline to transport gas to mainland Europe.

This would compete with pipelines from Russia and central Asia.

Turkey says that (Greek) Cyprus has no authority to search for oil and gas while Cyprus is divided.

Turkey is doing its own exploration off the coast of (Turkish) Cyprus.

The Turkish military is guarding the exploration.

Reportedly, Turkey and Israel are not the best of friends.

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