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The reportedly gay Michael Rockefeller who died mysteriously during an expedition to New Guinea.

The people who 'rule the planet' are not always united.

Reportedly, 'extreme-right authors', such as Eustace Mullins, "were promoted by the conservative establishment to attack the Federal Reserve, the Rockefellers, and Henry Kissinger's d├ętente policies."

Reportedly, Iran-Contra, the BCCI affair and Lockerbie were exposed by people tied to the liberal establishment, "most notably Time magazine, Bilderberg steering committee member Bill Moyers and the Jesuit lawyer Daniel Sheehan." (updated)

At wikispooks, we find a new model of international covert politics:


According to this model there are three (fascist) factions.

There is:

a Zionist (fascist) faction,

a Conservative (fascist) faction

and a Liberal (fascist) faction.

"The basic model and some key points are published here to give people something to hold onto when they are investigating the jungle of covert politics and conspiracies."

Ted Shackley

Some key points:

1. The conservatives moved from a rabidly anti-Israel policy to one in almost complete support of Israel.

2. The conservative establishment is seemingly run by total psychopaths.

Le Cercle, run by the CIA and Ted Shackley among others, had links with Europe's fascists, Franco, Salazar, the P-2 Lodge, stay-behind networks, the apartheid regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa, and people from the Pinochet government.

Various Cercle members were closely affiliated with death squad leaders and drug dealers.

Various American Security Council members have advocated the use of nuclear weapons during the wars in Korea, Vietnam and the first Gulf War, as well as a preventive attack on the Soviet Union before it developed a significant nuclear strike capability.

The Conservative faction has intricate links to the Moonie cult and pedophile entrapment networks (also be tied to the other two establishments).

3. The liberal establishment was very friendly with the Shah in Iran, Mobutu in the Congo and Suharto in Indonesia, "but in general is much more concerned about public opinion and won't associate itself very openly with questionable regimes and opposition leaders."

JFK (right)

4. John F. Kennedy was opposed by all three establishments by the time of his death.

5. Ted Shackley was "with almost no doubt" a high-level insider to the Kennedy assassination.

He had ties "to the conservative establishment and maintained a relationship with the Mossad."

One of Ted Shackley's low level employees at the time of the Kennedy assassination, Porter Goss, has been tied to Venice Airport operations from where the most important hijackers operated.

Goss and his friend, Senator Graham were meeting with the alleged ISI financier of the hijackers on the morning of 9/11; both friends then proceeded to head the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry.

Goss finally became the new CIA chief.

6. George Shultz, and the Pilgrims John Whitehead and Caspar Weinberger, were undermined during the Reagan administration by CIA-linked conservative establishment figures as William Casey, Ted Shackley, General Poindexter, Oliver North and others.

Mark Lane

7. The conspiracy community "has been completely infiltrated by different establishments".

◦Mark Lane: JFK assassination researcher alongside Jim Garrison later became the lawyer for the Jonestown cult and was evacuated along with the CIA's Richard Dwyer when the killings began.

◦Regnery family: owners of Regnery Publishing and members of the American Security Council. Regnery Publishing was allegedly financed by the CIA in the early days of the Cold War. Regnery Press published the works of famous UFO investigators, a book in defense of the Moonie cult, and an early and controversial book on multiple personality disorder.

◦Clay Claiborne: writer for the Daily Kos. Supposedly is a left-wing activist but used to sit on the extreme-right ASC board with half a dozen high level CIA spooks. Claiborne also sat on the Religious Roundtable of Jerry Falwell in the 1980s.

◦Terry Arnold: a reported "State Department/CIA spook" set up the now defunct Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth. He is also a long-time columnist for the conspiracy site Rense, where he writes in opposition to Israel and neoconservative policy.

◦Greg Palast: "We spent a long time very carefully looking at that [controlled demolition] and that just didn't happen."


Anonymous said...

Excellent summation of NWO agendas. The 'Anonynous' hackers are from one faction and exemplify the internal Nwo darwinian battles for power and control.

Anonymous said...

"The people who 'rule the planet' are not always united"
The PTB like to use the 'Hegelian Dialectic'. To use the dialectic you need opposing factions (real or contrived) not unity. It's also useful for obscuring the real agenda.

Anonymous said...

Yes, from what I've read and researched, there does seem to be different fractions of the Globalist (fascist) elite.

Previously, in the comment section from an earlier post, I suggested the idea that there are two fractions: Zionist and non-Zionist, but I'm willing to consider evidence of more fractions, all trying to gain power & control at the Global Level.

But, definition & identification of the different groups is harder to come by.

Aangirfan, deep research into this subject and presenting results would be very helpful to the readers' understanding of the Globalist (fascist) New World Order drive for world governance.

And, also, understanding & interpretation of world events as they happen and unfold would be enhanced.

(This knowledge is the best tool for defeating the New World Order.)

By the way, Aangirfan, you are quite right in my opinion to label all these groups "fascists".


Because the only way, in my opinion, to have Global Governance and a New World Order is through fascism.

Transnational corporations would love to control a single "world" government beyond the checks & balances of nation-state democracy or any other kind of nation-state control.

Only a very hierarchical and non-democratic power structure would work and, of course, the global elite, wouldn't settle for anything less, in any event.

The elite don't want world governance that would diminish their power, only world governance that would enhance their power.

Yes, Nationalism and independent & sovereign nation-states stand in the way of any true One World Government for the entire globe.

Effective nation-states are zealous to preserve & protect their sovereignty & independence if their leaders are patriots to their nation.

But today, those patriotic leaders of nation-states truly dedicated to their country, who have not been compromised and/or bought out by the Globalists are few & far between.

nobody said...

Hey Aang,

Well, you know my head is there. I don't know about this list though. Where's banking? Which of these three are the owners of the Fed, the IMF etc? Whoever those people are... they're your top dog. Not only do those people control a nation's economy but must necessarily have to the ability to crush all discussion of themselves.

Which is to say, the media. I've always said this - banking and the media are the two most crucial mechanisms of control. Certainly the MK/conservative faction is present in the media but it's the Jews that own it all.

Which leads us to the question: What's the difference between the Conservative crowd and the Zionists? Why would the conservatives give a damn about the Shitty Little Country? Apart from the fact that the SLC has them by the balls? This by way of owning their video collection natch.

And then there's this so-called liberal faction. Is it just me or are they piss-weak? When was the last time they held sway over anything? And why is the following in their column? "NYT, Time, Newsweek, WaPo, Reuters, FT" Nuts! These all clearly belong in the conservative/zionist column.

So, me, I'd write off the liberal column as not worth a pinch of shit, and declare that the conservative column is almost wholly owned by they Zionists. Mind you, I wouldn't call them zionists, I'd called them one-world bankers. Technically we could call them Jewish, but clearly they're of that atheist, self-worshipping variety. I'd say they have more in common with satanists than anybody else.

Speaking of satanism, how many of whatever column you care to mention come under the satanist pyramid structure? All of them possibly? Okay, so how now for individual factions striving against each other?

What if I was to say the factions are a sham - a means by which the monkey is mistaken for the organ grinder? They're a means of dividing those who might oppose, each of them battle each other with none strong enough to take on the bankers. And we the little people dutifully pick sides - we shake our fist at one faction or another, and of course at ourselves. If you were top dog you'd be fool not to do something like this. And... they ain't fools.

Anyway, it's a worthy discussion regardless.

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments. All three factions seemed to work as one in the case of 9 11?

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I don't like it that the Zionists have hijacked the word Zion. I read the word Zion in the Bible and it means sonmething completly different to me, in my heart, to what they seem to see it as. Zion means to me a spiritual place of peace and harmony and good will. How can Zion be bought by money and bloodshed? It's ridiculous, an oxymoron.

A13 said...

the three factions = The UNholy trinity

Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Your three-faction distilation/simplification of the (supposedly) contesting power elites, Aang, is quite reminiscent of Rayellen (Russbacher) Allen's long-touted (and still insular) worldview. (Even though she seemingly discounts the "liberal" faction as currently too weak to even merit much disdain.)

Are you familiar with her "Rumor Mill News" operation? Your latest posting certainly suggests you are.

Or is it just Kismet???

If not, then check her out (and her substantial community of web acolytes) and let us know your reaction.

BTW, I'm not endorsing her entire Zeitgeist. In fact,I think it suffers from a few serious blind spots. But I'm really curious to learn your veiws on her strident-but-intriguing mantra about "THE FACTIONS".

Andy Tyme

Anon said...

I like Rumormill news but don't agree with Rayellen's view on factions.


- Aangirfan

Fungus the Photo! said...

This is really just an extension of pyramid theory?

All sectors of society start off cleanly separated, but as one ascends the pyramid, the faces and edges get closer together.

It may be deceptive to look at things as them and us in any way. The bankers were more aware of the likelihood of what has happened than anyone? Whom do we think will suffer most?

As regulation can be perverted, or laws bought, we need more investigative efforts. Look at Australia, which has suffered least and regularly uncovers corruption.

I am most disappointed that the UK monarchy and the rest, allowed this depression to occur and will no doubt get richer as will all those who have a brain. They seem to be nailing home the lid?

Anonymous said...

@Zoompad - "I don't like it that the Zionists have hijacked the word Zion."

They often do this. The word GAY used to mean something completely different - happy, merry, joyous.

nobody said...

Ha ha, the zionists hijack everything, from the six-pointed star to the swastika. Not forgetting Judaism. Nor Palestine. Nor your hard-earned by way of their usurous reserve bank scam. Face it, they're just a pack of thieves and liars really.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you lot are slowly awakening.

Zionist faction,
Conservative faction
Liberal faction.

# 'The three factions = The UNholy Trinity'.

The 3 top factions/clans are:
The Abrahams.
The Jacobs.
The Isaacs.

Thought to mull over - as I don't know! :
Which clan is which faction of the above?

These are the 3 factions ruling this Earth. Most don't use those names anymore.

The other sub-tribes/clans are affiliated to the various factions, there being 10-12 Tribes Of Israel?

'God' is The Holy Trinity:
The Father.
The Son.
The Holy Ghost.

Each was being held separately by one of the above 3 factions, to avoid one faction holding complete power over the others.

# 'The people who 'rule the planet' are not always united'.

No, each clan have always been trying to get their hands on all 3 of The Trinity, to take total power. To BE God. Hence all our wars etc. They are STILL at it, but trying other ways than war, as the weapons-systems we now have can kill them, too.

# 'I don't like it that the Zionists have hijacked the word Zion.'

I would suggest the Zion-faction are what we know of as The Illuminati (Fleming's Spectre). My research suggests they took the name of the ORIGINAL Illuminati, to lure the slaves into thinking they were the good guys. No. The original Illuminati, assembled by God to do his work, were individuals taken from ALL factions (the 10-12 tribes) and were teachers, healers, scientists, construction, engineering etc. Their brief was to educate mankind, to 'illuminate' them, so one day they could do it all themselves, so God and his merry-men could whisk-off somewhere else and start again.

That means there has to be a spaceship out there, somewhere?

The original Illuminati were used by God for communication, as he could only do this via telepathy (though 3 solid objects he is a spirit and doesn't have a mouth to speak with!) and many in this group were born with this ability.

(An observed trait in people with telepathic ability was a genius in mathematics, music, medicine, and the arts. Some say it's all the same thing).

As they were close to God, the others, basically simple crew-members, gofers, muscles-for-hire, became jealous of them, imprisoned them, controlled them. They liked it here, Earth was turning into a nice place, better than some crap spaceship.

And, as he wouldn't like that: ditto God. Hence them splitting him up and encasing him in granite.

The original Illuminati clan escaped during the violent Jesus/Roman's period, to hide from the others, who, after themselves escaping being slaughtered by the Romans, went on a hunt themselves. To find and kill the escapees, who were by now living in GB and known as Camelot. Thus they had to split and flee and hide even deeper.

For 1,500 years.

Then during the industrial revolution (which they probably started) when 1,000's were moving all over the country to find work, they began to use this exodus as cover to re-group.

And look for the Trinity, to recover it.

You know of The Father as The Holy Grail.

They roughly located The Father to London, back in '62, the Anson family were it's custodians (The Lords Lichfield) as it was too obvious if the Abrahams physically had it (as they actually do). It was moved from Shugborough Hall 250 years ago, to London.

My research indicate the Dali Lama has one (I'm sure the Chinese invaded when they realised the Tibetans had it) the other was stolen by the Nazis in WWII from Ascension Island (Indiana Jones film with Sean Connery loosely based on this). The custodians were the Gandhi family (hence a lot of the troubles that family has had). But the uboat with the hit-squad onboard was sunk with all hands by the Brit Navy on Ascension (who probably didn't know why the Germans snuck ashore).

Deep water there. Sailed passed there on the Achille Lauro 40 years ago.

I have one heck of an imagination, don't I! Maybe I should write a book.

Fungus the Photo! said...

Those other tribes do appear to be more successful at passing .....

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