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British spy boss John Buchan wrote the spy novel Greenmantle in 1916.

In Greenmantle a shadowy Moslem figure threatens to spark an Islamic jihad against Britain.

"The Germans and their Turkish allies are plotting to cause a great uprising throughout the Muslim world, that will throw the whole of the Middle East, India and North Africa into turmoil..." (Greenmantle - Wikipedia)

In real life, it is Britain's MI6 and the CIA who reportedly control the shadowy Moslem figures.

King Idris, leader of the Sanusi, and his British handlers

The Sanusi is a Moslem group in the Benghazi area of Libya.

It has at times worked with the British.

It is said to be the inspiration for Greenmantle

The Sanusi was founded in Mecca in 1837 by someone called the Grand Sanusi.

The Sanusi fought the Italian colonisation of Libya, beginning in 1911.

(The Grand Sanusi's grandson became King Idris of Libya in 1951.)

The Italians bombed Libyan civilians and set up concentration camps. A large part of the population died.

During World War I, Britain was on the side of Italy, the country that ruled Libya, with excessive cruelty.

During World War I, the Sanusi fought against Italy and Britain, and were easily defeated.

Making Modern Libya: The King and Anderson

After World War I, Britain and its allies ensured that Libya remained under the control of the hated Italians.

In 1922, Mussolini came to power in Italy.

Idris, the leader of the Sanusi moved to Egypt, ruled by the British.

Within the Benghazi area of Libya, the Sanusi's Omar al-Mukhtar led the resistance to Italy (See 1981 film, Lion of the Desert, starring Anthony Quinn.)

During World War II, Italy was Britain's enemy and Idris and the Sanusi became tools of the British.

Spooky evangelical Anderson

A spooky British evangelical Christian called J N D Anderson got Idris, and other Libyan tribal chiefs, to organise a secret guerrilla unit known as the Libyan Arab Force (LAF).

Making Modern Libya: The King and Anderson

The idea was for Anderson to use Idris to ensure British control of Libya, just as Lawrence of Arabia had used Faisal to ensure British control of parts of the Middle East.

The Libyans in the area around Tripoli were not keen on Idris.

However, in 1951, the British ensured that Idris, the British puppet, became King of Libya.

Under Idris, Libya was the poorest country in the world.

In 1969, Gaddafi came to power, allegedly backed by the CIA.


(The CIA reportedly supplied weapons to the IRA which reportedly was run partly by MI6)


CS said...


Essentially, what you are saying is that the Brits have played the game of real politic with considerable skill, as have all nations of any durability throughout the ages.

The novel factor today is that "the people" of the "democratic" countries can, through the kind of research reported here, learn something of what is going on.

Such information creates a divided society. Many approve the game of real politic and just want their country to be guided by the most cunning, Machiavellian, son-of-a-bitch available.

Others, whether humanists or those brought up in the belief that Jesus or other saintly religious leaders revealed to mankind the will of God are conflicted, and generally want to see international conflict eliminated through reasonable negotiation based on universal principles of justice.

We thus have a divided society and a fraudulent democracy, since the ruling elite have no intention of abandoning the great game and thus resort to every means of deception to keep the masses out of the game except as needed to shed their blood or pay the bills.

It is the fraudulence of the official narrative that primarily drives anti-war and anti-elite movements. Thus democracy creates a public debate driven largely by emotion, not reflection on the public interest, national interest and practical means of maximizing long-term security and welfare.

We live in a world where the ten thousand plus year old history of human struggle for power by all available means continues without any significant impact of democratic processes.

Anonymous said...

hatch said...

Funnily enough, John Buchan's Greenmantle was to be the BBC Radio 4 'Classic Serial' broadcast on the evening of 7th July 2005.

it was pulled...

Genie said...

Interesting post the photos and the video was fantastic! When Gaddafi said (in the video) he wants Libya to weep, he took that from a hadith of the prophet who told a giddy, aloof group of people, "If you knew what I know you would laugh little and weep much!"

Genie said...

Adding to my previous comment, it really irks me to hear a translation of Islamic principle by westerners who can't understand by their superficial sense of value and lack of culture. What Gaddafi did was kick out western corruption as did Castro and Ahmadinejad. And there's that Shariah hysteria attached to the western translation. What "freedom" means to the westerner is nothing less than hedonism to old world values, not just Islamic. They were demonizing Gaddafi from the start like Castro just because they got kicked out.

Anonymous said...

So we are today supposed to believe the shit hiding his face was telling the truth.

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