Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Saif Gaddafi with straight or slightly concave nose

Saif's double?

Saif Gaddafi with straight or slightly concave nose


Anonymous said...

Not persuasive.

The problem is that over time (years), in many people, the nose gradually changes.

Also, why would these "doubles" not explain that they are not the original person?

Money? Not likely when in Saif's case, the person is looking at a long stretch in prison or being executed.

All in all, this whole line of "Doubles" evidence has not been persuasive.

Anonymous said...

What the hell were they doing there? Spying>

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Middle image does give one pause, doesn't it? Face it, (pun) no one is gonna tell us... we need facial recognition experts to deal with this, someone who has the tools to check ear points and all the rest.

Although from the photos taken when he was allegedly arrested certainly do look like him.

Considering his high connections, I would not be surprised if someone got sacrificed for his freedom, much as in the case, I believe, of Saddam.

Anonymous said...

Persuasive. I agree with Anon that aging changes a nose slightly but the nose retains the basic genetic shape during the aging process. Aging will not cause a major change in the genetic shape of a nose; a concave nose will not straighten and a straight nose will not become concave. Plus, the aging nose happens over a lifetime. The different Saifs cited for comparison are close in age which refutes your own theory about 'no doubles'.

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