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Not Safe

Anonymous writes:

Schlera (white part of eyes):

Airplane Saif has lots of schlera showing above and below his iris.

Real Saif has minimal schlera showing above and below his iris cheeks.


Airplane Saif has different cheek labial lines (saggy)

Note the difference in demeanor:

Airplane Saif with bowed-subserviant shoulders.

Recall real Saif in car with Gadaffi supporters, leaning out of vehicle with demeanor of taunting the world.

Airplane Saif and prison Saif exude submissive demeanors.


Airplane Saif has different nose.


Airplane Saif 'wide' space between eyebrows.

Allegedly, this is Saif al-Islam Gaddafi after his capture. The background is strangley black.

Have a look at

Ears, Cheeks, demeanor, Nose, Eyebrows

'Saif' before capture

'Saif', after his capture.

Not Saif?

Allegedly, Saif Gaddafi has been captured in Libya.

(Gaddafi's son Saif captured! Picture shows him in prison cell.)

"Reluctant to speak at length, the London-educated heir to Gaddafi was asked about bandages on the thumb and two fingers.

"'Air force, air force,' he said.

"Asked if that meant a Nato air strike, he said: 'Yes. One month ago.'

"After the brief exchange with the heavily bearded prisoner, journalists who met Saif said they had no doubt that it was indeed him - though he repeatedly declined to confirm his identity outright."

Gaddafi's son Saif captured! Picture shows him in prison cell.


Gaddafi son denies seeking deal with Hague court

Reuters asked 'Saif' about reports in October 2011 that he had been in indirect contact with ICC officials.

'Saif' said: "It's all lies.

"I've never been in touch with them."

The ICC chief prosecutor said in October 2011 that he had received, through intermediaries, inquiries from Saif al-Islam about the treatment he might receive if he surrendered to the court at The Hague.

EXCLUSIVE - The capture of Gaddafi's son Reuters

"The rimless glasses, framing those piercing eyes above that straight fine nose, gave him away despite the flowing nomad robes held close across his face.

"Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, doctor of the London School of Economics... was now a prisoner, bundled aboard an old Libyan air force transport plane near the oil-drilling outpost of Obari, deep in the Sahara desert...

"A Reuters reporter aboard the flight approached the 39-year-old prisoner... on a 90-minute flight bound for the town of Zintan near Tripoli.

"He sat frowning, silent and seemingly lost in thought for part of the way...

"At other times he chatted calmly with his captors and even posed for a picture.

"The scenes of his flight into captivity were witnessed by the Reuters reporter and a Reuters cameraman and photographer who were also aboard the plane...

"Five prisoners, escorted by about 10 fighters in an array of desert camouflage, piled aboard...

"All wore casual, modern dress - with the exception of Saif al-Islam...

"There was little conversation during the flight.

"Saif al-Islam... every so often, holding his scarf across his mouth Tuareg-fashion, would say a few words to a guard...

"The reporter caught Saif al-Islam's eye a few times, but on each occasion he looked away...

"The other prisoners, too, did not want to speak.

"After the plane bumped down on the tarmac in the mountains at Zintan, it was surrounded within minutes by hundreds of people - some cheering, some clearly angry...

"While his companions, clearly nervous, huddled together, Saif al-Islam seemed calm...

"Asked about The Hague court's statement that he was in touch through intermediaries... he seemed to take offence: 'It's all lies. I've never been in touch with them.'

"A reporter asked, in English: 'Are you OK?'

"'Yes,' he replied, looking up.

"The reporter pointed to his injured hand. He said simply: 'Air force, air force.'


"'Yes. One month ago.'

"Later, television footage showed him being helped off the plane as people among the crowd on the tarmac tried to slap him. His captors shoved him into a car and sped off for a hiding place somewhere in town."



Anonymous said...

Saif al Islam capture: Bargaining chip in Libyan power struggle
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Anonymous said...

As usual, I have serious doubts that the one they captured is the real SAIF...

Anonymous said...

Saif on airplane, captured early Saturday morning.

Aang, do you know date/time of Saif prison picture?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

That sure looks like Saif to me in those photos. Sorry to say it, but those are truly his eyes and his fine nose.

What TICKS ME OFF is all these photos showing happy Libyans waving and cheering his capture. Little children as well. Celebrating their freedom. Dear god when does the media give it a break. He is being described as "cowering" and "scared" "son of a terrorist" yada yada yada.

One day he is an "international playboy" and celebrated, next he is damned for defending his father.

I don't believe a frickin word the media says to embellish this story. I hope he spills secrets that the elite wish to be kept under wraps....

That could bring about a hasty demise however...

WHO ARE WE to bring him to trial? What of the dictators who really DID do bad? Who left their people worse off than they found them? Oh, sorry I forgot. Those are usually the ones we are told to loathe as "filthy commies" or whatever the term of the era happens to be.

The hypocrisy and lies about this whole Libya rape and pillage is getting to me. Never has there been such a blatant pack of lies used to bring about the wishes of the imperialists...

Or is it that so many of us are waking up and see through it and have just begun to run out of patience with this bs?

Zoompad said...

If this man goes to trial and is executed for war crimes so should the ones in our country who have ordered soldiers to murder civilians in other countries. But the ones who did that in this country should also go to trial for crimes committed against their own people as well, such as the old people who have been sentanced to death and executed by hospital doctors under the Liverpool Care Pathway, and the children who have been taken from loving parents by the secret family courts using syndromes that were invented by paedophiles to falsely label the parents as emotionally abusing their children, and sold overseas and given to paedophiles and corrupt people posing as social workers.

Anonymous said...

Again, use of Saif doubles. I don't think that the real Saif is captured. But who is saturing media with the misinformation? Using the Aang real Saif/fake Saif pics as comparatives; note the difference between:

demeanor: airplane Saif with bowed-subserviant shoulders/recall real Saif in car with Gadaffi supporters, leaning out of vehicle wit demeanor of taunting the world/airplane Saif and prison Saif exude submissive demeanors

nose: airplane Saif nose tip upturned/real Saif nose tip downward

eyebrows: airplane Saif 'wide' space between eyebrows/real Saif close to unibrow

hairline: prison Saif has shiny bald head/real Saif has receded hairline but not bald

Ergo: multiple Saifs.


Anonymous said...

Additonal observation with use of double Saifs_

schlera(white part of eyes): airplane Saif has lots of schlera showing above and below his iris/real Saif has minimal schlera showing above and below his iris

cheeks: airplane Saif has pronounced cheek labial lines(saggy)/real Saif has taut cheek labial lines


Junis said...

To Noor Al Haqiqa and Zoompad: Well said.

Fungus the Photo! said...

Finger prints may not be possible if he is bandaged?

Plastic surgery to fingers?

Prints removed, scarred beyond recognition?

Anonymous said...

Lips-real Saif has full lips-upper and lower/fake Saif has thin upper lip (hidden by moustache)

Chin-real Saif has a jutting chin with cleft/fake Saif has receding chin with beard hiding idenfifer cleft

Even with beard, fake Saif chin does not jut like real Saif's chin

Anonymous said...

Saif is very handsome ,incredibly handsome.He has a good heart. I wish him the very best. I want him to free and alive.

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