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Norway's king and the Nazis

There is a new book about Norway's monarchy by Tor Bormann-Larsen.

It reveals that, in the 1930s, Norway's Crown Prince, Olav, wanted Britain and Norway to cooperate with Hitler and Nazi Germany.

It reveals that Olav did not want to leave Norway when the Nazis invaded.

Olav became King in 1957 and died in 1991.

Sir Francis Laking and Norway's King Olav

Norway's royal bloodline is 'British'

Tor Bomann-Larsen claims that Olav's real father may be the British doctor, Sir Francis Laking, or Laking's son.

Olav's British mother, Queen Maud, may have been made pregnant by Laking, to cover up for King Haakon's infertility.

Laking was one of the British royal family's doctors.

Haakon and Maud had been childless for six years when Olav was born on 2 July, 1903.

Bomann-Larsen says that in the 10 months before Olav was born, Haakon and Maud met only once.

"At the time when the fertilisation normally would have taken place King Haakon was on a marine vessel in Denmark and Queen Maud was lying in hospital in England," says Bomann-Larsen.

Bomann-Larsen suggests that Queen Maud, a British princess, died in London in 1938 as a result of euthanasia administered by her British doctor.



Anonymous said...

"Horrifying story to escape Russian censorship

Russian Guven control the bulk of television, which can not or news broadcast that question the government's policies. The story of a man tortured by Chechen authorities escaped somehow part of censorship, writes Time.

A Russian NTV television program broadcast on Sunday a report horrifying abuses the victim of the authorities in Chechnya, a subject generally prohibited the media who does not want to have problems with the government in Moscow. "The censors asleep? Journalists have gone mad?" Asks people at Time magazine.

Banned story was broadcast immediately after the usual propaganda on television present Russian propaganda images included Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the wheel of a combine harvester with a few tons of corn.

Story once again offering evidence of torture practiced by Chechen authorities, under the wing of Vladimir Putin, was released in only half of the country. Transmission reached regions of Siberia and reached the Ural Mountains. Western half of the country but could not watch the same story.

The inhabitants of Moscow, for example, received a ballet.

What they saw other Russians? A young Chechen Islam Umarpa┼čaev, bloody nose covered by a bandage, told reporters how he was kidnapped from the house of people in uniform after criticizing the Chechen police.

He told that he was held for four months, tied to a radiator in a basement, beaten and electrocuted. When he refused to declare that he is guilty of acts of terrorism, an accusation frequently in Chechnya, police prepared plan B, giving the beat and giving young food.

It was a goodwill gesture and said that Russian journalists. Chechen police were to prohibit young to shave. Bearded increased Umarpa┼čaev Islam as fitting that stereotype showed Islamic terrorists. Later, police would have simply shot and had reported the incident as another victory against terrorism.

The young Chechen was finally released after an NGO campaigning for human rights, Russian Committee Against Torture, to put pressure on police officers next.

Abuses committed by authorities under the leadership of Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov, the man appointed by Putin to lead Chechnya, no longer subject to interest television channel in Russia in the early 2000s.

Some articles on this topic appear now and then, but their authors, journalists and human rights activists, were subject to retaliation. Last victim was journalist Natalia Estemirova, kidnapped and murdered in Chechnya in 2009.

It remains a mystery why NTV was able to broadcast a story so explicitly. Private NTV television was, before being bought by a state company in 2001, which ruled the dismissal of all critical journalists.

A journalist quoted by Time speculate that Russian officials have realized that too harsh censorship of the press may have undesirable effects and showed that recently aired on state television and an interview with the enemy of Putin, the former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

"The Kremlin understood that censorship was simply too hard, because nobody can breathe. The situation began to spoil our image in the eyes of the West," said the journalist, employee of Channel One, the most important channel of state television."


Anonymous said...


Loss of military USB stick

This sounds like anti-Pakistani propaganda: "the Pakistani military is engaging in cyber-espionage, blah blah blah".

Firstly, why would a senior military official do something so unutterably stupid as to check in a USB stick with classified information? --- even if encrypted.

Secondly, any remotely competent foreign intel service would take an image of the drive, not steal it outright and make known the compromise.

If this is a genuine loss, then it betrays an astonishing level of incompetence in military intelligence.

Actually, it may really be incompetence. A policy that permits a classified USB key to be used on an arbitrary device is utterly insane. Can you say "hardware keylogger"? I dread to imagine what their AAA policy is on encryption keys.

Man, next they'll be telling us that video datalinks from US drones are unencrypted.

"Hi. Excuse me. I'm actually supposed to be getting out of prison today, sir."

Russia said...

C, the text you quote points to colour revolution efforts.
Like most efforts coming from the NeoCons it is clumsy and betrays notorious liars playing with their lies (they think they are smart):
"The Kremlin understood that censorship was simply too hard, because nobody can breathe."

Hu Bris said...

Read The Seven Sisters: The Great Oil Companies and The World They Shaped

throughout, the book the author emphasizes, sometimes overtly and sometimes one has to read-between-the-lines, that the Oil Companies main concern is to keep a cap on Oil Production.

Most people think that "The more Oil you extract = more sales = more profits" but that is not how the oil Co's look at it - they want to keep production at or slightly lagging demand so as to maximise demand and extract the most profit from every drop of oil.

So taking Iran, or ANY other oil supplier not fully controlled by one on the major Oil co's off-line for a while fits very neatly into that scenario.

small independent Oil Co's spring up from time to time and upset that lucrative little applecart (such as happened in Libya after Ghaddaffi took over) but they are usually dealt with (as we have recently seen) by way of a coup where the new Gov't reneges on deals signed by the previous Gov't

This is why I think 'Peak Oil' is a con designed for two reasons
1) to help justify massive hikes in the oil price - as witnessed over the last 10 years

2) to help provide a justification for all these wars we've been having - one may not agree with the wars but when convinced of 'Peak Oil' the wars make some sort of sense to these people and they ain't about to give up oil, so they accept the murders in far away places as long as the oil keep flowing - the Western Population will slowly be brought to see the 'necessity' of mass genocide, using this rationale.

3) to disguise the fact that Oil appears to be abiotic in origin, and that rather than being a 'made one time only' resource it is in fact constantly being produced in the Earth

Back to Iran: Reading that book it became obvious to me that the US backed Mossadegh in order to remove Iranian Oil from British control (BP was/is half owned by the British gov't)

Once Mossadegh had kicked out BP, in a way that the US could not be openly blamed for, the US then set about kicking out Mossadegh, since his only use to the US was as a method of wresting control of Iranian oil from BP.

Then after the Shah was installed, US Oil Co's gained a large share of the Iranian oil market, previously denied to them due BP's dominance in Iran and control over the Gov't there.

Anonymous said...

@Hu Bris, nice summation of complex root cause.

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