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Pennsylvania by Lewis Hine

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of:

Hershey Childrens' Home sexual abuse

"The Milton Hershey School, the wealthy and nationally acclaimed free boarding school for disadvantaged children, quietly paid $3 million earlier this year to compensate for the sexual abuse suffered by five former students, The Inquirer has learned." (What ever happened - Page 2 - Milton Hershey Alumni Forums)

The Kids For Cash, judicial corruption scandal

In Pennsylvania, former Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr was sentenced to 28 years in prison for taking $1m (£617,000) in bribes from the builder of two juvenile detention centres in a case that became known as "kids-for-cash".

The Pennsylvania supreme court overturned about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008. ('Kids for cash' judge gets 28 years in Pennsylvania bribery case ...)

Bush in Pennsylvania. The Second Mile Foundation was recognized as one of President Bush’s 1000 Points of Light. Marvin P. Bush is on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Directors (Jerry Sandusky, Second Mile Foundation and Penn St... )

Child abuse in foster care and adoption

Nathaniel Craver was adopted by a couple from Pennsylvania.

Nathaniel died on 25 August 2009, from complications from traumatic brain injury. The emaciated child had some 80 wounds to his body, 20 of which were to his head. (Craver)

The False Memory Syndrome, to protect those who abuse children.

This was designed at the University of Pennsylvania, by people linked to the CIA. (False Memory Syndrome Foundation. / A Brief Overview Of The Founding Members Of The False Memory ...)

Dr Earl Bradley, a pediatrician from Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Bradley was indicted in February 2010 on 471 charges of molestation, rape and exploitation of 103 child patients. He was charged in April 2010 with an additional 58 offences. (Earl Bradley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

'Murdered' prosecutors PA Gricar and Jonathan Luna

On 4 December 2003, Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan P. Luna was found dead, lying in a stream and stabbed thirty-six times, outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Death of Jonathan Luna -

Child worker in Pennsylvania, by Lewis Hine

At we read about Bedford, Pennsylvania and mind control. /
5000 Pennsylvania Children Stolen and Abused ... /

"According to Fritz Springmeir, after the war Josef Mengele was smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA's main mind control programmers. The author of Mind Control The Ultimate Terror credits Mengele with development of the MK Ultra mind control program."

"Pennsylvania has by far the highest number of child-trafficking organizations."

The Penn State scandal is a 2011 child sex abuse scandal.

This involves allegations against former Pennsylvania State University football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Currently there is an investigation of "a rumor that Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed to serve underprivileged youths, was "pimping out young boys to rich (Penn State) donors."


It also involves allegations of a coverup of the scandal.

A 2011 grand jury investigation reported that a graduate assistant told head coach Joe Paterno in 2002 that he had seen Sandusky performing a sex act on a 10-year-old boy in Penn State football's shower facilities.

In November 2011, Sandusky was arrested on 40 counts of molesting young boys over a 15-year period.

Sports and the sexual abuse of childrens

In 1998, district attorney Ray Gricar chose not to prosecute Sandusky after reports about Sandusky and boys surfaced.

In 2005, Gricar went missing.

There was an abandoned car and a laptop recovered months later in a river; the hard drive was missing from the computer.

Gricar's body was never found.

Disappearance of DA tied to Sandusky allegations

Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, have six adopted children.

Anonymous left the following comment (which I have slightly shortened and edited):

This scandal is much more than it appears to be at the current moment.

1. The travesty of child abuse started in 1977 when former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky of Pennsylvania State University, began the "Second Mile Foundation."

This organization has the following mission:

"The Second Mile challenges young people to achieve their potential as individuals and community members by providing opportunities for them to develop positive life skills and self-esteem as well as by providing education and support for parents and professionals addressing the needs of youth."

2. The Second Mile Foundation has a multimillion current budget.

It has a board of directors, plus three regional boards, of highly prominent citizens.

3. The foundation lists the services it provides on a map on page 4 of the 2010 annual report.

There are several hundred thousand at-risk children served in the many counties of Pennsylvania.

The services offered are not medical or counseling, they are "leadership training," retreats, and other nebulous activities for the mostly poor families and their children.

4. Disappeared prosecutor Ray Gricar was the prosecutor for Centre County, the home of Pennsylvania State University.

In 1998, he refused to prosecute charges brought by one of the early victims.

In 2005, he left town never to be seen again.

This map on page 4 of the pdf version of the 2010 annual report has a major anomaly. 20,000 individuals were served in Centre County, total population 153,000.

23,000 individuals were served in Allegheny County with a population of 1.2 million.

Why the disproportionate service ratio for Centre. That number exceeds the number of youth in the county!

5. Allegedly, Sandusky anally raped two boys in the Penn State showers.

Reportedly, "he was seen doing so. No one stopped him. He was given an office after retirement in 1999 and continued to bring young boys to the campus. He was untouchable."

6. Looking at that map of children served indicates a heavy service load and, maybe, a method of systematically recruiting at-risk children for sexual abuse.

This story is about the abuse of power by one well-placed coach, Sandusky, as it stands now. It could be about much, much more.

N.B. On the Second Mile Foundation Web site, the listing for the board of directors has been removed and replaced with this statement

"Comprised of concerned and caring adults from across the state, our boards help shape the direction and future of The Second Mile." (See tab "Our Team" - top menu). The members are listed on the pdf listed above.

Anonymous comments:

The President of the Second Mile Foundation, Jack Raykovitz, PhD, received direct information on Sandusky's abuse.

He did nothing.

Raykovitz is a licensed psychologist, as indicated by his bio among other foundation board bios here.

Raykovitz has been with the foundation since 1983, seven years after Sandusky started it.

Anonymous comments:

Second Mile Board of Directors:

Don Carlino, Chairperson President, Airgas Safety, Inc.

Lauren Shank, Vice Chairperson Community Volunteer

George Lavin, III, Secretary Attorney, George J Lavin, III, & Associates, P.L.L.C

William F. Anderson, Regional Sales Director, OptumHealth

Terrance Bowman, Vice President/Technical Operations Lead, Corporate Internet Group, JPMorgan Chase

Gregory Elinsky, Senior Managing Director, Co-Founder, Keane Advisors, LLC

Tom Knepley, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Techbldrs

Jacqueline Martin, Community Volunteer

Stephen J. O'Connor, Operations Manager, Gilbane Building Company

Patrick T. Padden, Jr., Regional Sales Director, Philadelphia Regional Office, HM Insurance Group

Tom Padden, Consultant, Pennsylvania School Districts

Ray Roundtree, Vice President of Finance, Keystone Region, Comcast Cable

Randy Southern, Senior Vice President/Senior Client Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


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Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania Sex Offender Directories-each community (global)should have a sex offender directory to enforce transparency. School children should be taught 'to report' and 'how to report'

aferrismoon said...

Comprehensive round-up.

Made me think of the new trend of buying teenage and younger footballers by the EPL


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Anonymous said...

Apologies, off-topic but I wanted to share this unique portrayal about global recycling issues; a picture is worth a 1000 words.

A. Peasant said...

this is excellent information Aan. good to see the lid pulled back.

Anonymous said...

Amish culture of paternalism hides incest as acceptable societal tradition dating back to 16th century.

A. Peasant said...

possible linkage to Franklin scandal here:

Anonymous said...

So this guy has six adopted children...Hmmmm, and the psychologist that did not report his child abuse acts was a Jew.

If you want to cover up your sick acts, do some charity work. I see this type of thing all the time in the sports scene.

Pan is doing his work in the dark florest playing his flute.

The Realist Report said...

Wow, great stuff Aangirfan, and lots of great links. The very first link did not work for me, and the link about the statement released by the Second Mile Foundation didn't work either. FYI.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation reeks of the CIA and other spooks. Question: are the Freyd's Jewish? Are the other founding members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation Jewish? All seem to have Jewish names. Just curious.

I have zero doubt that this pedophile ring involving Penn State went much, much deeper than just that university. The Second Mile Foundation reminds me a lot of Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. We all remember the Franklin Scandal, and how far that disgusting operation went. All the way to the White House!

That is how these perverts work: set up charities and nonprofits to "help" disadvantaged youth, meanwhile the main purpose is to identify vulnerable children and exploit them. is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing that one with us!

Anonymous said...

aanfirfan, excellent summary of the bigger picture in Pennsylvania. I recall the FMSF. What a collection of zealots in search of absolution. They punished their "research" in forensic psychology journals. No other journal would carry the research because it was dreadfully conceived and solely for the purpose of citation in court. Prosecutors and judges got the drift and Eliabeth Loftus, PhD, and the other quacks testi-lying were declared anathema as experts. To his eternal credit (and it's one of the few), US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald reduced Loftus to ashes at the "Scooter" Libby trial. Loftus was permanently finished.

The False Memory cause was officially launched by Time Magazine's Leon Jaroff on Nov 29 1993. It propped up the FMSF and began four or five years of serious damage to victims and their families. Jaroff is one of those professional skeptics (ugh!).,9171,979691,00.html

FMSF was the most high profile media assault. The other instances of sexual assault you present are a huge superstructure for one state. They involve the University Pennsylvania, medical and legal community, law enforcement, and the corporate world.

I'm sure the various strains that you presented are entwined with the Second Mile. That's why the scandal is so dangerous to the well heeled "Johns" that (we can presume) used Sandusky's foundation as a pool of victims.

Sandusky is out on unsecured bail. The blogger response is one of outrage, particularly at the sports sites (those folks are the foot soldiers who will not let this story die). One said, "guy is looking at 461 years in prison and doesn't have to pay a dime to get out of jail. this is how you can cover up rape and child trafficking for decades. It takes a village to raise a child and to run a sex ring apparently." They are quite serious.

Were Sandusky in police custody, he would be protected, isolated. Allowing him in the general population for an "incident" would be beyond the pale. So, one wonders, is it easiest to let him out where he's exposed to a "lone nut"?

Thank you for this exposition of the sad state of affairs in Pennsylvania. This is not what William Penn had in mind.

Final note - Jack Raykovitz, PhD, is still he president of the Second Mile. He was twice informed, on the record, about Sandusky. He certainly knows much more. I wouldn't fly commercial with either of them.

Nice presentation of the article cited earlier

Zoompad said...

" School children should be taught 'to report' and 'how to report"

People don't listen when they do, because the bad guys just invent another syndrome, to cover it all up, ie Parental Alienation Syndrome (invented by a frienf of the Freuds and Ralph Underwager, Richard Gardner) Any kid, or grown up victim who tries to say anything is ganged up on ly a big pack of them.

Ludwig Lowenstein is involved in all this, and the Lowensteins are a Jewish banking family. The British False Memory Society discredited the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal in Jersey Channel Islands, and the good man who blew the whistle was persecuted by them all, and now he is in prison, Senator Stuart Syvret, they have ganged up on him and got him in prison, them and Jersey politicians who were educated in De La Salle colleges.

Anonymous said...

Blue Ribbon support child abuse victims

Nebraska to wear Blue Ribbons at upcoming Penn State game

nobody said...

Hey Aang, good round-up mate, nice digging. This thing stank of 'huge' from the moment I read of it.

Piling in on the FMSF thing, I thought you'd be curious to know that a blog you linked to in your piece about the Children of God called the x spot, run by a bloke calling himself 'x-dell', is doing a remarkably good impression of an FMS shill.

Right from that first visit I wondered at it and had a good wander. McMartin is there but only as a witch-hunt with the Buckeys as innocent victims. And it's all on it's Pat Malone. No other scandals anywhere in sight. No McGowan. No presidio. No finders. No nothing. But tons of FSM all dressed up, but sadly, nowhere to go. Nowhere that makes sense that is. Which is to say, what is he on about, if he's not pushing an FSM meme?

Me, I'm thinking it's the best sheep's clothing I've ever seen a wolf dressed in. Quite convincing. And I don't know if it's just me being paranoid but I have a feeling his half dozen regular commenters are not the full quid. I admit it could be my imagination.

Anyway, I'm about to climb into his comments and asked some pointed questions. And you never know! A front-paging could be in the offing.

And of course, I take every step except the last one...

Anonymous said...

Pimped out to rich donors-Second Mile used as Cover!

Anonymous said... chatter is that Penn State/Second Mile pedophile ring connected to Larry King/Franklin(1987 ?)pedophile ring. The King/Franklin pedo ring was tied to White House VIPs...US presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr....and Bohemian Grove.

Anonymous said...

Franklin case was in Nebraska-Bohemian Grove ties.

Anonymous said...

The Honorary Board of Trustees, state, and three regional board links are down at the Second Mile Foundation. But this annual report, 2010, is still up as a pdf Grab it now if you are researching this.

From that report, here are firms and individuals listed as giving the foundation over $50,000

$50,000 and Above
Blake and Linda Gall
Bruce and Susan Heim and Keystone
Real Estate Group
The Hershey Company
Highmark Foundation
Maier Family Foundation and Wilheim
and Peggy Maier
Robert and Marilyn Mayer
Bob and Sandra Poole and The Poole
The Schreyer Foundation
Shaner Hotel Group and Lance and
Ellen Shaner
Clyde and Nancy Shuman and
Precision Medical, Inc.
Turner Construction Company
Warnaco Foundation
Ferguson Foundation
First Community Foundation of PA
Gilbane Building Company
Graystone Bank
Jack and Nancy Hewes
Benjamin and Genevieve Hulburt
Keystone Real Estate Group
and Mick Trombley
Kohl Building Products
Di and Dallas Krapf
Leonard S. Fiore, Inc
M&T Bank
Matt and Patricia Millen
David and Carol Nevins
Ollie’s Bargain Outlet
Poole Anderson Construction
D.C. Goodman & Sons, Inc.
JoAnn DeRose and Heritage
Hills Golf Resort
Dominion Foundation
The Family Clothesline
Michael and Barb Fiore
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
The Gamber Foundation
Giorgio Foods, Inc.
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
The Graham Group
The Hall Foundation
Harry K. Sickler Associates
D. Michael and Melissa Hawbaker
Benjamin and Robin Heim
Heim Family, LP
Hoffman Ford
Dorothy and J. Lloyd Huck
Jack Infield
The Jerlyn Foundation
O.J. Johnston
Kicks 4 Kids
Thomas and Sara Songer
Linda Strumpf
The Struthers Family Foundation
Sweetland Engineering & Associates
and David Sweetland
Kenneth and Patti Sweigart
Three Rivers Marine & Rail Terminals
United Concordia Companies, Inc.
Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Walmart #1640
Walmart #2230
Charles and Patricia Wilcox
David and Hollie Woodle
World Marketing of America

Here is the lawyer retained by Paterno (a real heavy hitter). Does quite a lot of plaintiff's work for big pharma firms (Pennsylvania has quite a few of those).

J. Sedwick Sollers of the firm of King & Spalding, Washington DC

Anonymous said...

Banned Documentary on VIP pedophile ring 'Conspiracy of Silence'

Anonymous said...

Dirty Judge. Judge at Sandusky Bail hearing was volunteer at Second Mile where Sandusky preyed for victims.

Anonymous said...

Sandusky lawyer impregnated a teen.

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