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Graham Spanier (left)

Top American universities have appointed former CIA officials as their presidents. (Researching Violence, Democracy and the Rights of People - Google )

Graham Spanier "serves as Chair of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board."
(Graham B. Spanier Profile -

Graham Spanier was, until very recently, the Penn State University President.

On 15 November 2011, Thomas H Naylor, at Counter Punch, links the Penn State child abuse scandal to the 1994 Christian Children's Fund Scandal

In 1994, Spanier was Chairman of the Board of the Christian Children's Fund (CCF).

CCF is the world's largest child sponsorship organization and is located in Richmond, Virginia.

CIA HQ in Virginia

CCF is similar to World Vision, which reportedly is a front for the CIA.

Thomas H Naylor was kicked off the CCF board for being a whistleblower.

Naylor, while on the CCF audit committee, came across fraud, theft, and mismanagement in CCF projects, including ones in Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

One CCF accountant pointed out that no one really knew how much of the CCF's money was actually reaching the sponsored children.

One estimate was that it was only 50%.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch investigated and published a story on 23 May 1994.

The story referred to lavish offices and expensive travel for CCF executives and board members.

Spanier made frequent trips on behalf of CCF including at least one to China.

In 2009 the Christian Children’s Fund changed its name to Child Fund International.



Franz said...

Interesting and possibly related:

The connection between the CIA and the YMCA.

John Lennon's killer never held a real job but literally globetrotted for years working out of the YMCA whilst visiting exciting Beirut, Honolulu, and other places no real "drifter" can afford to get to.

After he killed Lennon (if indeed it was he) he became a perfect Jailhouse Christian, had his sentence commuted to life in a cosy cell with plenty of books and videos, and refused any offers to tell more than the public record already says.

The YMCA, at least in America, is thought to be the equivalent of the Lutheran churches Hitler built in Germany as recruiting posts for the SS. The CIA uses the YMCA far more successfully, it is said by some.

Anon said...

Yes, it looks like all these Christian organisations have been infiltrated by the CIA.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind that Illuminati infiltration of education/universities is only one facet of multi-focal exploitation of society/compromise social integrity attacks

University of Virginia-check out grants and private donations section

Nice chart showing dispertion of USA government health care taxpayer dollars

PS. there is lots of documentation supporting argument that CIA used YMCA operative to murder Lennon

The Realist Report said...

Anonymous said...

AOL headquarters founded in Virginia(still maintains presence) but AOL has opened offices around the world.

AOL+University of Virginia massive grants+CIA=TROUBLE


Zoompad said...

I cant go to church any more, because I cant find one where the Lord would be made welcome. I find church a creepy place. I went to St Chads and they had ugly goblins all over the place, and I didnt like it.

Anon said...

Jesus found problems with the 'religious folks' of his day.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

"found problems"

Aangirfan, you're a master of understatement. Jesus's opinion of some the "religious" folks of his day is best summarized in Matthew 23:27.

Things seem only to have got worse since.

"Go away! This is a very sacred moment."

Anonymous said...

"Yes, it looks like all these Christian organisations have been infiltrated by the CIA."

And if not infiltrated by CIA or some other organizations, u bet their activities were crystal clear. Get real...

Zoompad said...

I didn't like it, I think its really really creepy

Anonymous said...

Why on Earth should we be surprised Politics attracts these Creatures? Don't let this one get away Aang!

DeborahsSong said...

Child Trafficking ring cover-up with Penn State. Lewistown Church of Christ stealing CIA niece forced drugging, sex slave conditioning at Lewistown Church of Christ.

Proof Secret Service partnered National Missing & Expoited Children
Cover-up on behalf of Former PA Governor Edward Rendall.

Here is why Thomas Aaron Clark and his family behind running the slavery rings! His Uncle is Tim Strong who works w/ CIA Official Micke Scheuer on the Alec Station Bin Laden board.

Proof of illegal fraudulent guardianship and child trafficking court Judges from NH to CA. So who is it for PA?

See Defective warrant based on UNSIGNED void certificates.

DeborahsSong said...

More proof of CIA relationship to this "kidnapping" (i.e.) child trafficking.

Thomas used as CIA/Secret Service informant in "Operation Bubba" on behalf of Clinton Admin.

See Fox News Series "Bubba Effect"
and Anti-Defamation League Neo-Nazi Militia archives.

DeborahsSong said...

Reports of the cover-up on the Kidnapping of Aradia Marshall caused Sandusky trial to emerge while officials continue to cover-up her case. Mother alleges they have also kidnapped the other boy Isaiah(aka Dylan Prentice) under same NH Judge Richard Hampe.

Mother filed pleadings in Sacramento Eastern Division alleging CIA involvement and child sex slave rings connected to her kidnapping and fraud upon the court(i.e. child trafficking). See Marshall v. Nilram, Lewistown Church of Christ this was in December 2009.

Lewistown Church of Christ elder is Kenneth S. Babe former Corporate Controller of Penn State and on Ohio Valley University trustee board.

There is also Folsom Police report that landlord Stanley Binion to harass her and attempt to stab her death. Stan was hired by Chase Bank and using a shell charity to steal funds on behalf of Century 21 Select under Jamshed Aziz(son of former Paki minister), ReMax, Keller Williams and others.

Nilram has ties to Chase Bank board member David M. Cote CEO of Honeywell see Nilram Control Company in Tehran Iran

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