Monday, November 21, 2011


Tunis, not Wall St.


It did not start on Wall Street.

Some months ago, the CIA organised the OCCUPATION of down town Tunis.

Tunisia now has an Islamist government.

Tunisia now has more poverty and more crime.

On 10 November 2011, we learn that Tunisia's economy is now in big trouble.

Economic Indicators Cause for Concern

Foreign currency reserves have fallen and now cover only 115 days of imports.

There has been a big drop in tourism receipts and remittances from Tunisians living abroad.

The unemployment rate has shot up to 18.3%.

GDP has fallen by 5 per cent in recent months and is not expected to be above 0-1 per cent for the year as a whole.

Cairo, 20 November 2011.

Who benefits from the CIA's Arab Spring which is leading to the destruction of North African countries?

Who benefits from the destruction of Moslem countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya...?


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Peter said...

new story this morning aang.

wv winta ( a new yorker's accented winter)

Anonymous said...

"Who benefits from the destruction of Moslem countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya...?"

The supporters of a "greater Israel".

And Globalists in general.

A fractured and ineffectual so-called "democracy" that is economically backward will leave the natural resources whether geographical (military bases and/or transit corridors) and/or mineral and hydrocarbons (oil is abiotic) to the Globalists.

These broke-back so-called "democracies" will be so desperate for money that they will end up selling at pennies on the dollar just to get some kind of money coming in.

As opposed to using the resources for internal economic development.

Anonymous said...

Occupy=constructive chaos=financial terrorism=hegelian tactic to implement hidden banking agenda

9/11=homeeland security terrorism=hegalian tactic to implement hidden government agenda to elevate mass population control via RFID chips, airport security, cyber security, etc etc etc.

Both examples illustrate the 'sheeple' participating in the hidden agenda. Occupy merely cloaks the true hidden agenda. Sheeple are supplying the rope that wwill ultimately hand themselves.

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