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William H Webster, CIA boss in 1988, at the time of the Lockerbie Bombing.

Hope for Lockerbie bombing truth

The reported capture of the man thought to be behind the Lockerbie bombing gives the UK an opportunity to discover the truth, a UK Foreign Office minister says.

Lord Howell of Guildford said that no effort should be spared in bringing the former intelligence chief to justice.

Lord Selkirk of Douglas (James Douglas-Hamilton)

At question time in the House of Lords, Lord Selkirk of Douglas, a former Scotland minister who was on the scene of the Lockerbie bombing within hours of it taking place, said the capture and intelligence archives could "finally provide the information that would assist the Lord Advocate with his ongoing inquiries".

'Spooky' Lord Selkirk of Douglas?

He married a granddaughter of John Buchan, who was once head of British intelligence,

Lord Selkirk of Douglas's father, Douglas Douglas-Hamilton Duke of Hamilton, met with Rudolf Hess when he landed in Scotland during World War II.

Douglas Douglas-Hamilton "was sympathetic to neo-fascist groups like the Nordic League and the Right Club." (Duke of Hamilton)

It was reported that he had "many Nazi contacts in this country".

(These included Archibald Ramsay, Lord Redesdale, 5th Duke of Wellington, Duke of Westminster and the Marquess of Graham.)

In 1938, Albrecht Haushofer, who worked for the German Foreign Office, stayed with Douglas-Hamilton at his home Dungavel House in Scotland.

William Casey was Director of the CIA from 1981-87. Hours before he was due to testify before Congress about Iran-Contra, he was rushed off to hospital where he died. Casey would have known about heroin being smuggled on PanAm flights. Website for this image

A total of 270 people were killed when a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, Pan Am flight 103, exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988.

The CIA's Vincent Cannistraro - deeply involved in Lockerbie.

What happened to "body DCF 12 Male, Hillside, NE of Shawhill farm" found at Lockerbie by Dr. David Fieldhouse?

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton told parliament:" At the fatal accident inquiry relating to the Lockerbie disaster, Dr. Fieldhouse gave evidence that there was no record of the body which he had labelled as DCF 12 being found by the police." (Lockerbie-Pan Am flight 103..)

"The key players have been Vincent Cannistraro, Oliver North, Michael T. Hurley, Oliver'Buck' Revell, Lester Coleman, Ahmed Jibril, Marwan Khreesat (PFLP-GC), Monsar Al Kassar, Mohammed Al-Hourani, Mohammed Jafar, Khaled Jafar." (Lockerbie-Pan Am flight 103.)

Mueller, of the FBI, would not want to mention any possible CIA drug smuggling?

1. Was the Lockerbie bomber a US spy?

In 2008, Scotland's top legal expert, professor Robert Black, urged the UK government to answer reports that there is evidence that Abu Nidal was a US agent.

Black believes Abu Nidal was responsible for co-ordinating the bomb that blew up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie

In 1993, Margaret Thatcher, in her memoirs, wrote that after she backed the US bombing of Tripoli in 1986, “There was a marked decline in Libyan-sponsored terrorism in succeeding years.”

The Lockerbie bombing took place in 1988. - Was Lockerbie suspect working for US? - News

2. Apparently, both the US ambassador to Lebanon, John McCarthy, and the South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha had their travel plans altered at the last minute in order to avoid PanAm 103.

Others, including Charles McKee, a US Army Special Forces Major, and Matthew Gannon, the CIA's Beirut deputy station chief, uniquely amongst US officials, changed their plans at the last minute to fly on PanAm 103. - LOCKERBIE BALONEY UNRAVELS - Mombu the Culture Forum

3. Minutes before PanAm flight 103 took off from London's Heathrow airport, FBI Assistant Director Oliver 'Buck' Revell took his son and daughter-in-law off the plane. [1001]

Revell was an associate of Lt. Colonel Oliver North who was linked to Iran-Contra. .[1002]

North ‘was a business associate of Syrian arms and drug runner Monzer al-Kassar.’ [1003] - Lockerbie - Constitution Society

Monzer al Kassar, allegedly worked for Oliver North and allegedly was part of Operation Corea.

4. The Herald newspaper was told that the CIA offered $2m (£1m) to the key witness in the Lockerbie trial and his brother.

"Recently discovered papers" show that Scottish police officers were aware the US intelligence service had discussed financial terms with Tony Gauci and his brother, Paul.

Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother

5. On 17 April 1999, Russell Warren Howe, in the Guardian, explained how Israeli intelligence was among those that had a motive for blowing up Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie. (What if they are innocent? UK news

According to Howe:

In 1986 a bomb exploded at Berlin's La belle disco club. Libya was blamed, on false evidence, and Reagan bombed Tripoli.

German TV exposed how the CIA and Mossad had links to the 1986 Berlin disco bombing.

Victor Ostrovsky is a Canadian who worked for Mossad.

According to Ostrovsky, Mossad tried to frame Libya by transmitting a fake message.

Ostrovsky testified that it was Mossad who set up a transmitter in Tripoli that generated a false signal about the "success" of the Berlin bomb.

There was a similar 'fake' message about Lockerbie, which may be the work of Mossad.

In one of his books, the author Gordon Thomas argues that the tagging and smuggling aboard of the lethal Lockerbie suitcase was organised by Mossad.

Gordon Thomas recounts how a Mossad officer from the London station turned up in Lockerbie just after the crash, and arranged for the removal of a suitcase belonging to a US intelligence officer in the US Defence Intelligence Agency , Charles McKee.

McKee's case was found after the crash by Jim Wilson of Tundergarth Mains farm, and contained what looked to Wilson like cocaine or heroin samples.

Within hours the Lockerbie bombing, two planeloads of 'US intelligence people' arrived at the site, and a Scottish radio reporter, David Johnston, soon heard that the bomb's target had been a group of US intelligence officials travelling back from Beirut.

McKee's suitcase "presumably contained his files on the CIA-Hizbullah-Mossad drugs ring" which McKee had discovered.

"Defence sources in Washington agree ... that McKee's group had been frustrated by the cover-up of the CIA drugs scheme (OPERATION COREA), and was returning home to insist that it be exposed."

What about Iran?

It is unlikely that Iran would use "a secular, even Marxist, Arab nationalist" member of a Palestinian cell to attack the USA.

It is entirely possible that Megrahi ... is being framed.

6. In 2007, Phillip Marlowe wrote an article entitled: The COREA Connection? Part I …

From this we learn:

Amiran Nir worked as Israel’s terrorism consultant to PM Shimon Peres.

Nir worked with the US on the Iran-Contra, Arms for Hostages deal; jointly run by the US and Israel.

Nir teaming up with Col. Oliver North in these efforts.

Nir is thought to have had incriminating evidence on Bush.

Nir was lured to Mexico to die in a mysterious plane accident.

A US Navy commander has claimed that George H. W. Bush, Sr. and Amiran Nir met at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel on July 29, 1986 to brief him on the Arms for Hostages deal.

According to Joel Bainerman: “Nir was secretly taping the entire conversation. And this provided evidence linking Bush to the Arms for Hostages deal. At the meeting were McKee and Gannon, who would die in the Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.”

Nir may have had evidence of Bush’s involvement in Iran-Contra and even in the COREA drug smuggling group?

7. In 1988, the FBI's Robert Mueller supervised the Lockerbie Bombing investigation.

"He successfully kept the CIA's connection to the bombing from becoming public.

"The CIA and FBI took control of the crash scene for the first day (keeping Scottish police at bay), searching through and removing numerous pieces of evidence and luggage from the wreckage to obscure the connections of the bombing to the CIA special team that was on board the aircraft.

"One CIA defector has said that the team had been returning to the states against orders to blow the whistle on CIA drug and terrorist connections in the Middle East." - FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION ·


Anonymous said...

Spooky Anne Applebaum (now wife of CIA puppet Polish FM Sikorsky) also mysteriously rebooked that day "to stay a few more days with friends"

Rascasse said...

Truly an Amazing story. The full team of intels who just had discovered the Iran Contra connection, seemingly even having gathered crucial evidence, also having briefed Busch Sr. First they advertise their intention to expose the whole story with great consequence for GW, then they all jump on the same flight with all their evidence, seems also, a flight loaded with CIA-Mossad-Hizbolla drugs. And, then, when they all get killed, apart from Nir there seems to be no copies of the evidence left, hidden away just in case, for someone to make public and by that be able to punish the perps. The truth have to rely on the puzzlsovers. Sorry, I’ve probably missed some strange explanation.

Anonymous said...

If George Herbert Walker Bush had never been born, JFK would not have been assassinated and the attack on the World Trade Center would never have occurred. Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

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