Thursday, December 01, 2011


They tell us lies about the economy.

One moment the economy is 'sound'; the next moment it is 'in a mess'.

1. In 2010, Andreas Georgiou, from the IMF, became the head of Greece’s statistics agency.

Now he is facing an official criminal investigation for allegedly exaggerating the scale of the Greece’s financial crisis and acting against the Greek national interest.

Greece's statistics chief faces criminal probe -

Reportedly, Greece's deficit was exaggerated.

2. In the mid 1990s, we were told that the economy of Indonesia was sound.

In 1997-8, we were told that everything was in a mess; money fled the country; the economy collapsed.

Eventually, people like Rothschild and Soros arrived.

3. Around 2005, we were told that the UK economy was sound.

"Growth was high, unemployment low. Boom and bust had been abolished. Productivity showed no sign of the stagnation afflicting Europe. Inequality was stable and poverty rates were declining."

Today we are told that the UK economy is in a mess.

4. We are told that when it comes to their economies, Venezuela is bad, Colombia is good.

But, the GDP per person in Colombia is $7,650; the GDP per person in Venezuela is $10,360.

5. We are told that Gaddafi's Libya was bad; Morocco is better.

Morocco's gross national income per capita is $2,770 and the literacy rate is 56%.

Libya's gross national income per capita, under Gaddafi, was around $17,000.


Anonymous said...

Junis said...

The conclusion is simple: you cannot trust the western mainstream media with important points.

nina said...

Its telling that the retailers have had record "holiday" sales, Black and cyber, when jobs to pay the coming card bills are so scarce.

...U.S. retail sales during the Thanksgiving weekend increased 16 percent to $52.4 billion, the National Retail Federation said, citing a survey conducted by BIGresearch. The average shopper spent $398.62, up from $365.34 a year earlier. Consumer spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of the economy, grew at a 2.3 percent annual rate in the third quarter, the fastest pace in 2011, the Commerce Department said Nov. 22. ... Businessweek

What this is telling us is contradictory to what we experience. The NWO is already in full swing, but its unrecognizable because it changes according to what it wants to sell and what it predicts we are willing dump onto future generations. It has no responsibility to itself. It is all language rearranged to suit the dealers' intent and remain within the smokey realm of legality.

Anonymous said...

These economic problems are typically not accidental.

Read up on the CFR's Project 1980s.

How the brilliant elite think deindustrializing, offshoring and destroying the economies of the West will permit them to dominate the planet is beyond me. I'll check a B-2 Spirit to see if it has a "Made in China" label yet.

Perhaps they didn't really think it through.

Attributable to the Insiders' blind faith in financial legerdemain, I suppose.

"You think that makes the ecomony suck?"

Fungus the Photo! said...

The NWO means that America must lose many layers of wealth while the rest of the world gains.

This has been agreed! Your problem is that the Khazar media is enabling the 0.1% to take more than their fair share.

Just endure a couple of decades of austerity and pandemonium and things will get better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Lies have gone mainstream; see Nandos' 'Dictor Ads' in link below!!! No-brainer and just about sums it up. Nandos has restarants in 35 countries and is known for its spicy chicken and racy ads.

Anonymous said...

Nandos on 'economic change'

Anonymous said...

see who is listed as the diredtor of the advert. Jew

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