Thursday, December 01, 2011


Libyan resistance news - 29. 11. 2011.]

(1) The anti-Gaddafi rebels emptied Libyan community banks of gold backed dinar and gold bullion.

The new currency is not acceptable in neighboring Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Egypt, Chad and Mali, international branches of green banks and international banks.

(2) Aisha Al Gadaffi has spoken to television channel Al-rai, urging all Libyans to follow the path of resistance.

(3) Heavy fighting continues between the green Southern command and Misrata rebel brigades.

The Misrata rebels continue to fire missiles on civilian areas in an attempt to dislodge green resistance defenders at the Akaku oil basin, and Southern regional oil reserve base.

Many rebel brigades continue to fight amongst each other, refusing to take orders and be answerable to NTC.

(4) Many CIA agents have been spotted by green intelligence agents in Tripoli.

(5) The Green army has uncovered mass graves in Sirte.

(6) A NATO militia and mercenary convoy heading towards the oil terminal of Brega was wiped out by the green resistance

(7) The Touareg battalion of South Libya is supporting the green resistance.



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A Libyan man shooting Turkish ppl? WTF?

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Good informed is - though in German:

With machine-translation into English this is:

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Ha, ha!

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